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GOOD for this debate audience !!!!

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Reporting: GOOD for this debate audience !!!!
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Hurray! Blame the Republican, Please!!

Loved it!

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see this audience video also

The socialist, erhem, "progressive" moderator blathers on after the Pledge about how unruly they were to over rule her, ad nauseum. The one capturing this on video is noticed and then harassed about making his video. These ACORN "progressives" disgust me!

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Ahh yes,scolding the audience......

after they dared interupt her progressive opinion of why "The Pledge" could not be recited.

Had I been in the audience,I would now be famous(and out on bail).I think I would have turned around,dropped my pants and told her "Progress This".

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one question

How can this be a "SPONTANEOUS" recitation of the Pledge... when the article goes on to state...

One man who attended the debate, an Island Lake resident and U.S. Air Force veteran named Joseph Ptak, said Friday that he had asked for the Pledge to be recited at the debate, calling it a ?proper way to begin the event that was in a high school and had student participation.?

However, the moderator was a stick in the mud. All she had to do was put the request up for a vote.

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What part of spontaneous don't you understand?

The pledge was recited WITHOUT waiting for anyone to put it to a vote - someone started and the rest followed.

If you respond to this it will be a "spontaneous" response because we aren't going to waste time "voting" on your doing so.

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what part of "spontaneous" do YOU not understand, Edward?
spon?ta?ne?ous adj.
1. Happening or arising without apparent external cause; self-generated.
2. Arising from a natural inclination or impulse and not from external incitement or constraint.
3. Unconstrained and unstudied in manner or behavior.
4. Growing without cultivation or human labor.

The article presents this as something that just happened in its title. Then goes on to mention that at least one member of the audience was taking credit for suggesting saying the Pledge.

That isn't spontaneous, no matter how much you want to believe it was.
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So let's see

Someone asks for the pledge, the moderator tries to explain that the pledge is not typically recited before a debate but she's shouted down and then the crowd takes over, interrupting the proceedings.

Sound about right?

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Older crowd

If you noticed. People who grew up when anything at school was started with Pledge of Allegiance and the Lord's Prayer. I was a bit disappointed they didn't say the Prayer too.

Our Father, who art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive those who trespass against us.
Lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
the power and the glory,
for ever and ever. Amen.

Something we did every morning at start of school, till the prayer was cut out about 8th grade due to heathen "rights". Not a coincidence that since that day the public school system has continued to degrade morally.

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6 hours a day, 8 months a year in school

Pray and Pledge

the other 18 hours/day, 8 months/year, 24 hours/day 4 months/year NOT in school

They stopped One Day and the next day all H*ll broke lose?

In another post "There is nothing new under the sun". I guess that means since you were in Grade 8 when a different sun was shining.

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Same sun, same jerks, same...

...fools that always think their way is better than God's.

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(NT) That the guy that works in mysterious ways?
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(NT) My God forgives you, James, for calling people "jerks"
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good for him

He also forgave Jesus I'm sure for calling them white washed tombs, brood of vipers, among other choice, but truthful observations. I travel in good company.

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You recited the Lord's Prayer in a public school?


I know of NO public political event that starts off with the Lord's Prayer, and that's how it should be. First Amendment and all.

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Used to be common...

I remember doing it in the early 60s in the Boston Public Schools.

Not sure how exactly it violates the First Amendment.

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And that's how it should be.

Why? Please don't give the stock "Separation..." answer.

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Yep it was common practice in schools

We had Assembly in the mornings and a short service where the Lords Prayer was recited.

I never considered my school a public political event though.


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Me to

I used to pray the teacher wouldn't ask for my homework.

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Heck Yes,we did in Jersey................

though I can't remember when it stopped.I can remember The Lord's Prayer and The Pledge being said every morning as if it were yesterday,K through 6th grade.Of course we're talking early/mid 50'

It kind of reminds me of the Star Wars quote when Obi Wan gave Luke his first Light Saber: "An elegant weapon for a more civilized time"...sigh.

I also remember having to participate in the "Duck and Cover" drills during the Trumann/Ike years.Fat lot of good it would have done my dumb little butt to curl up during a Hydrogen Bomb

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I could be wrong, but when Jimmy Crater established....

The Dept. of Education it kind of put the schools under the boot of the Federal government, so that might be the answer.

Not saying it should or shouldn't be that way. Seems to me church is the place for public praying.

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Even before that.....

....public schools received federal funding, so having a school-organized prayer is using government resources to establish a religious ceremony. And what about non-Judeo/Christian students? Muslims, Hindus and others shouldn't have to stand there and recite a prayer that isn't part of their religion. And Atheists have a right to no religion at all.

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I am sure Hindu and Athiest students...

are permanently scarred by hearing a prayer from a faith other than their own.

Of this is all kids have to worry about then they are doing pretty well.

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That's not the point, Ed

Let's flip things over a bit. Suppose the school was having all the kids bow down, face Mecca and say Muslim prayers every morning. Still OK with you?

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Recall the field trip a few weeks ago

Christian students taken to a Mosque?

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nobody was forced

I remember a Jewish boy named Joel in 3rd grade who didn't bow his head during the prayer, just stood politely by. It was class participation, but no one was FORCED to participate. If they objected they just stood silent till the others in class had bowed their head and recited it. He also got days off from school others didn't.

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Doesn't matter

If the prayer was a Muslim one and not a Judeo/Christian one, would you still think it was no big deal?

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so do you object

to the open call to prayer done 5 times daily out to the street from a mosque?

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Don't change the subject

Answer my question.

(and the "open call to prayer" is coming from a mosque, not from a government-funded institution)

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Solution is obvious...

The federal government should not be in charge of edducation.

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I don't u derstand why some pe-oe ...

get all bent out of shape about people praying. No one is requiring it. What's the harm? Where's the violation of rights? Are they bigots?

Prayers are said before every session of Congress. Maybe that's the place to get upset.

I'd be more upset by the eroding of our national culture and customs.

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