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Good for the school

Parent Stews Over Son's Islamic Assignment

A few Christian and Jewish assignments and maybe some of these kids will get a different viewpoint of others beliefs free of their parents biased teachings. I would certainly like the little Muslim kids to learn it is NOT their destiny to grow up and be a martyr. It would also be a good thing for the little Christian kids in some areas to learn they don't have to dance with rattlesnakes and drink poison to be a Christian.

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snake dancing and poison drinking

For you it's a widespread practice, isn't it? On that basis, one could conclude the biggest danger to atheist is other atheist, considering that's how Madelyn Murray O'Hare died.

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I never said that and you know it...

and I don't need you putting words in my mouth.

Is it your claim that this doesn't happen to any Christian children, period?

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It's an opportunity that could have been well used.

Just think of the opportunity to show Islam as it was during a journey to Mecca. Talk about the man who didn't like the way his food tasted and began to beat his wife. As you passed through one town you stopped in at the local Mosque to hear a lesson about how the Zionist were murderers and how all infidels were monkeys and apes, a real soul stirring experience. Passing through another village you saw women beaten in the street by the glorified forces of Islam under Taliban. At the edge of the village you sat down to view a soccer game but then realized they were kicking a head around the field from someone who had been kidnapped and beheaded for the glory of Islam. Leaving that area and coming closer to Mecca, you hoped you'd see better of Islam and you heard the sounds of a wedding, so you turned aside to go up the hill where the sounds were and there in a platia an open area, you saw men, some even in their 30's, taking part in a mass wedding. You were filled with pride at this joyous occasion till you realized the brides were very short and on inquiry learned all of the were under age 13, some as young as age 9. Finally, being fully disgusted as you'd traveled the trail of Islam you decide instead to go to Egypt, supposedly more cosmopolitan and free. There you visit a Coptic Christian area, only to see weeping and learn that the community was mourning the killing of some citizens by Islamic citizens. You ask about the police and discover there is little they will do about it, mostly sweep it under the rug. Realizing Islam's true nature you decide to leave it's area and that means the quickest route is to flee into Africa, but only to discover caravans of slaves being brought north in the Sudan, and to see paganist and Christians mutilated by the Islamic slavers. Finally, unable to deny yourself any longer, you declare yourself free of Islam, you reject it's Prophet, and you determine if you ever take a Hajj, it will only be to destroy such a system of oppression and hate.

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(NT) For you it's a widespread practice, isn't it?
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Is it your claim that ALL Muslims are like this?

Do you really believe more than 20% of the world's total population behaves the way you describe? Half of that? Half of a half of that?

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Many Muslims are like this

Many more rejoice in those who are like this.

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(NT) What about the ones that aren't?
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same problem that always exist

among any group that becomes a problem.

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the problem with that thinking

is that anyone that teaches Muslims about Christianity is guilty of prosletyzing sp? And they are to be killed!

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RE: ......And they are to be killed!

a problem with your thinking?

By all Muslims OR Extremist Muslims?

And others are/were to be killed by

all Whites OR White Aryan Race?

Every group has it's nutbars.

If I painted everyone with the same brush I'd be arguing/debating with my brother-in-law......He's an American but I have no reason to argue/debate with him.

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How many Nazis were bad?

Some of them? All of them? Few of them? Just the leaders? Just the soldiers? Adherents and sympathizers didn't count?

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How many Americans are bad?
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Where does the Quran say that?

I'd like to read it for myself.

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Did she say Quran, or Koran or any variant of it's name?

Nope, she sure didn't.

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why do you think

those Christian workers were arrested? It is illegal in any Muslim country.
And you know it. LOL

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But this isn't a Muslim country....

Let the little Muslim kids here learn that their faith does not expect them to grow up and kill people that don't believe as they do. In those countries you speak of there are parents that dress their kids up in little suicide outfits. This is a hatred passed down from parent to child, not one written anywhere in the Quran...that I know of. I have tried to find references in the Quran where these acts are called for but I haven't had any luck.

Some parents are no more qualified to teach their children religion than they are math or science. Some of them don't know any better either, they are just telling their children what their own parents told them.

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No it isn't

but how many times have we seen Muslim Fathers killing their girls for becoming too westernized? They still believe in Sharia Law no matter where they are.

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More the reason...

Those girls should learn of the twisted interpretation some parents have of the Muslim faith.

Given 2 alternatives which do you choose?

1. Do nothing and let hand-me-down hatred persist in the Muslim community in perpetuity.

2. Do something and make and effort to educate the young so that someday the tide of hatred may diminish.

I think it's pretty much guaranteed that doing nothing will not gain any ground at all. While there are no guarantees that doing something will or will not make a difference it still seems the better option to me.

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Interesting assignment....

it does seem to violate the usual "separation of church and state" hooey though.

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The Constitution doesn't say anything about separation of church and state, that was Jefferson's interpretation of the meaning of the 1st Amendment in his reply to the Danbury Baptists asking for a special favor from the President.

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I know that.

Also, there's no mandate that education be controlled by government at all.

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Here's some parent's that might not be happy

with the DARE program at their kid's school. Happy

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whoops, failed the First Commandment

Honor thy Father and thy Mother.

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They were honored. I can hear the 11 year old now

" is going to hurt me more than it's going to hurt you. Happy

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Oh well....

Their 11 year old should never have known about or been exposed to their illegal drug use. It's their fault...

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