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going from DSL to cable with 3 computers*

* Otherwise known as snatching yourself bald-headed in frustration

I have one computer hooked to cable (Comcast) with no problems. But when I try to network two computers together neither one will connect; each one will connect when by itself - one to cable, one to DSL.

All the hardware is reported to be working properly, and I have tried setting up a network, using Windows XP on these first 2 computers (the third one uses Windows 9Cool.

I have an installation cd that the cable guy left but the menu on it says nothing about linking computers, just installing drivers and stuff like that. I also have a usb cable that came with the cd. And I have a Linksys router.

So my question is this: how the heck do I get three computers networked and if I need to use the usb cable how do I hook up the third computer when the router has no usb port?

Please speak in very small English words when replying; I'm just a sweet old lady that is quickly losing it.


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Reporting: going from DSL to cable with 3 computers*
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Re: going from DSL to cable with 3 computers*

Well, if you computer connects to the cable modem through usb, that will be a problem for you network. You need an ethernet cable that runs from your cable modem to the "internet" port on your linksys router. Then an additional Ethernet cable to each computer on the network. All of your computers must have "network interface cards" (a port that looks like a phone jack, but bigger). Once you have all the supplies you need it should be very easy with the linksys provided software.

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Re: going from DSL to cable with 3 computers*

I do have ethernet cables for all three computers; the usb cable was just comfusing me (even more).

So I don't use the Comcast cd that the installer left? I use the cd that came with my router - correct?


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Re: going from DSL to cable with 3 computers*

No, you don't need the CD. You will need to configure the router from one of the PCs. Cable connections are fairly standard. The router setup should have a Wizard that will find each PC. You WILL need to supply the Comcast connection information to the router.

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Re: going from DSL to cable with 3 computers*

I assume the router has a built in switch...? It has more thatn 2 ports on it?

the cable modem connects to the 'wan' or internet connection on the switch.

the 3 pc's connect to 3 of the other ports on the router
You don't need either of the cd's you have.
make sure that each PC is setup to 'obtain an IP address automatically'

it should all just work at this point.

Is the router new? if so, then by default DHCP will be on.. if it was used , then DHCP MAY be turned off and youll have to turn it back on..
do you know the IP address of the router?

if all else fails.. on the back of the router is a small hole... with the router on, put a paperclip end into the hole and hold it for a few seconds. This will reset the router to factory defaults.

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Re: going from DSL to cable with 3 computers*

I have a question is wireless cheaper? If not how much are the cables and whats the maximum length you can buy???

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Re: cheaper

Cheaper than what?
If you already have a multi-port router and ethernet cards in each of your PCs and if all of your PCs are in one central location, central to the router, then all you need is some cheap cat5 (or 4 or 6) cable.

Cable is cheap. Cable can be bought (with RJ45 ends, you really don't want to go through the expense and hassle of puttting your own ends on) for a few dollars, to about a dozen dollars. It really all depends upon how long and at what quality you want to buy. But generally, cables are cheaper than the wireless parts.

If you have to run cable through walls and floors, then wireless might be cheaper, if it works. It might cost you a couple hundred dollars for the wireless parts to find out it doesn't work, or it might work.

I went out and bought more wireless (802.11B) parts for my existing wireless home setup. I wanted to expand. So after going through the expense, I found that the few walls and about 25 feet I needed to get a signal through ... couldn't. Like, next to no signal. Drat!

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