Gingerbread 2.3

I have a Droid X running 2.2.1. I haven't received my update to gingerbread 2.3. Can someone tell me when I should get it, what do i have to do to get it? I will not root my phone to get it, as i do not want to void my warranty.

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Reporting: Gingerbread 2.3
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Beyond what I see on the web.

You just wait till your provider pushes it out.

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be patient (or buy a new phone in a few months)

without rooting, you're stuck with what your phone carrier provides. unfortunately, carriers are only now releasing new phones with gingerbread and they'll take their sweet (pun intended) time to upgrade older phones.

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5-24-11 News

I've read several things today that state that several droids will be getting the update this year. It stated that the X would get it by the end of the 2nd quarter and the others by the end of the 3rd quarter.

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Gingerbread DONT INSTALL IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just spent 4 hours trying to get the software to work it shut down my access to settings so im !#%*#!
have to do a master reset - which will likely take another 2 to 10 hours to get the phone running my apps and email again
there is no uninstall function and verizon tech support is only providing the usual "heres a cookie now go way" and fix and reload all of your apps on your own now

in review of some of the working functions of Gingerbread
1) the Key board in a word is not impressive just the same keyboard with less space for your fingers and a change in color no big deal ! basically unnecessary and unattractive and un modifiable
2) Little better editing capability - Very Little better might as well just say it the loaded a trojan horse on your phone
3) more support for paying for things using your phone not money - now thats a scary idea lose your phone and the chip inside will communicate with other devices allowing you to be convienantly robbed with little more than a misplaced cell phone - people usually return your phone but it its now a charge card with open access well you know the story

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Got it last night

I got the update last night and so far so good on my end. I like the differences they made in the colors of the nodification bar,how the dialer looks and several other features. I haven't messed with many other things yet,but I like it thus far.

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You appears very sublime

Well good luck with that -- Im very unhappy being an unknowing Beta Tester for Verizon without my consent!
apparently im not alone as there are over 10 websites that popped up on the internet in just 5 days since the Gingerbread release all set up to tell people how to uninstall Gingerbread from there phones - a very painful process it appears though their willing to do it, guess your just happy your phone appears to work correctly.

My Droidx would not make calls for several hours and email was not working either, three reboots and sevaral phone calls to verizon later and I can at least make calls again, but I still cannot access my settings without getting an error code, most if not all of my apps are now nonfunctional - they get the same error code and will not open, and verizons solution is to do a complete reset of my phone, Oh Yea that's fun I want to do that allright !!!!!!!!!
all for a useless and unnecessary appearance change for a key board, and background - if they want to give us something to be happy about let me pic the size of the icons on the task bar, color of the phone background in the keyboard, texting apps, hot keys in the texting app, and MOST IMPORTANTLY let me decide if I want to uninstall, upgrade or Completely bottle the upgrade preventing the upgrade from ever installing at my discression -
which buy the way I opted to not install but when I changed batteries the phone automatically upgraded Sad without my consent - but honestly this wasen't just a simple software change it shut my phone down and crashed nearly every app in the phone and now I am subjet to reloading every application and setting up my email - etc.
This change was very shallow except one small item I read about, it sets Verizon up to skim some interest payments from any purchases you will be able to make with the phone in the future - Digital Money
setting your phone chip set to now make payments for coffee at starbucks or buy things at Sears - read up on it', just wait until the day you loose your phone in a movie theater, leave it in a resturante or bathroom and you end up having a nice big bill for unwanted purchases, of course include that to replacing the phone since its probably not going to be returned to you - oh lets not forget about the people with scan devices that can hack your RFID just by walking close enough to you to get a signal - What was I thinking this was just a superfiscial Improvement to a key board?

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I don't understand where your coming from with the beta tester, without your consent. GB is not in Beta if it was it would not be pushed OTA like it was.

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So do you work for Verizon

My phone has already take over an hour to just get going agian yea great upgrade all right
Gingerbread is a crumby update - had to use the pun - Honestly for all the trouble I had for a lousy change in screen appearance on the text keyboard and dial pad and its not an improvement its an insult
I have spend hours dealing with this Joke of a release and yes I feel like an unpaid Beta Tester unfortunately so do alot of other people there are now 92,200 sites on a yahoo search to uninstall gingerbread and growing!!!!!!! google is in the 7+ millions and there are the Gingerbread Disaster people out there Begging to remove this traumped up piece of @@#@#@#$#$# so since you work for Verizon go ahead and tell them how much fun its been getting my phone working agian after having to wipe the whole thing clean and start over - oh yea so much fun
So I really hope you and everyone else with Gingerbread shoved down there throughts dosen't have the trouble I have with this useless down grade -- pardon the expression but you seem sublime

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Hmmm 2

I really don't know what your issue is, and I really think you did something wrong, I know it is not GB. I have installed it on 20+ different X's some rooted some not without issue.

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Only spent 3 calls and 2 hours with verizon no help

So you can identify the true reason the did a full release of the Gingerbread down grade
very interesting - thats why there are web sites on how to uninstall gingerbread - what was I thinking everyone loves the performance? so far its fairly apparent to be a nearly useless change in appearance that takes up more screen space and memmory provides smaller icons and the worst part is simply it does a great job of causing the phone to stop working - took 2 hours to get it to make phone calls and Verizons only assistance in the end was to wipe the phone and start over again -- so lets go over the changes to see if its worth the pain and suffering
1) 1 touch word selection - funny Froyo did that already no improvement there but they did put a highlighter on the word - useless
2) improved power management - already available on several downloads this is another Useless app and if your smart go on ebay buy a 2800mah battery with cover with shipping for around $12.00
thats what I paid so cheap I bought two
3) More application control - thats like more control for the radio stations programed for your car unless you change your stations all the time its also useless once the app is loaded its up to you to use it or not and app killer will shut down all apps not in use but of course you cannot delete any of the bloat ware they load! - but here is one of the reasons for the change "with every software change the get to sell more bloat ware to different vendors and then load it on your phone - smart trick! and you can't delete the apps!" funny how that works isnt it !!!
4) They loaded a NFC reader which sets the phone up for tracking your personnel choices and it can become a charge card

- another way to pick up profit from the sales transaction interface charge and also comming soon - interest payments' course if you loose your phone or its stolen well your looking forward to a great opportunity fixing your credit identify - hackable
--- there a some other advertised changes that are so ambigous its just funny the reason for this role out was more profit they wanted to sell bloat ware for a hefty HEFTY price and you cant delete it - then the get to sell demographs on personnel likes and dislikes gather data oh yea did you know a phone is not private so they can openly sell your information - no privacy protection for cell phones --- understand im not against phone companies I think this is a fantastic device but I am against being taken for a ride while being put thru hell trying to fix this beta version of an operating system - which cannot be uninstalled for the earlier version ever wonder why no' uninstall - so I hope you enjoy working for the softward developer that produced GB its truly a crumby program and pull it from being shoved down the throats of other unsuspecting customers

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First of you use "if you were smart" every so often and you should stop.

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Gingerbread needs to be apprased on its poor performance

First if your going to try and insult some one first learn to spell correctly! sheesh
its like reading a second grade book report,
second why do you have so much support for a product that you your self suggest bypassing returning it to its prior operating system paramiters - yet you proport to be a Gingerbread supporter - ?? honestly that shows you have some sort of personnal issue not related to the poor performance of the ginger bread downgrade issue.
I have tried to return my phone to the Froyo operating system - its not that simple, there are 92,800 references to removing Gingerbread from cell phones and it was only rammed down our throats a week ago - but from what I have read there are no quick fixs, honestly just wish I had the choice and I would not have allowed it to be installed on my phone.
so now my phone is inferior to what its performance was before the operating system change guess thats the way its going to be maybe someone will want to sell some more Bloatware so they will release yet another ficticious upgrade that turns out to be nothing more than a change in screen colors a a few low functioning mods and of course another crash of my phone requiring multiple hours to correct and of course then I will be prompted to just get another phone right

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I have this on my Nook Color.

The first version was indeed a little lacking (not by must) and where it was, I forgave it for the new features.

Today I have the latest version and it is very nice.

--> But you do bring up a good point worthy of it's own discussion. That is, you have the rabid consumer wanting the latest version before it's ready and when they get it, they complain.

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bit worried about this thread on gingerbread,i have been waiting for 2.3 update,im wondering now if i should update

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If you can wait, then do that.

I didn't want to and accepted the few oddities.

But I think a discussion about TODAY'S CONSUMERS would be a good one. After decades of failures in those other desktop operating systems you see that folk are not as forgiving when it comes to a phone.

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Honestly wouldn't upgrade to gingerbread not an improvment

I have nothing good to say about the program now that my phone works again after hours of wasted time I still can't get a alarm notice of incomming text messages, the keyboard has smaller keys and im making more bad entries during texting because of it, the battery life seems to have actually been shortened and I have a 2800mah battery, won't even make a full day now with everything optomised the way it was with froyo, the phone directory has larger spacing with - sections by letter all of it simply takes up more visual realestate on the screen not of a help to me, though some may like it - for me this has just been a giant waste of time basically an unacceptable annoyance to my already complicated and busy life -- Don't do the Upgrade unless you can stand having to reload your phone by wipeing the entire drive of your phone to reinstall the crappy program like I did basically erasing the hole thing, all so verizon can load a different set of bloatware on your phone to make money under the guise of an "upgrade" that really is no improvement of any kind - just a change in screen color, reduction in key space on the keyboard, and a half baked menue change, what can I tell you Froyo worked perfectly no hickups, oh yea every once in a while you will go to a web page like Yahoo and just get a nonfunctioning blank screen - can't say what that is, just another glitch in this beta quality upgrade - wish I could trade phones with you to get Froyo back on my phone - best of luck

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Going after my spelling.....I think we are done here.

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(NT) I like tens of thousands like me need a way to remove GB
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Don't count me as one

I like the GB update and have had no issues. I have found the touch sensitivity of my Droid X has improved.

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If Moto released a OTA update that tens of thousands of people hated or that did not work Moto would be having some serious issues right now.

Just because you google something and it gets however many hits does not mean every hit involves exactly what your searching.

Ill point you in the general direction you need to go because you messed up your phone. You will need a stock SBF file 2.3.340 a program called RSD lite 4.9.0. Then make sure you have your updated Moto drivers boot your phone into bootloader connect to computer add SBF file to RSD lite click start and you will be stock in no time.

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Pulled the update this morning

I went to Settings -> About Phone -> System Updates and pulled the update from my provider. Warning: it's about 110 megabytes, so if you can, download it using wi-fi (assuming you have a fast wi-fi connection).

As far as problems, I haven't seen anything yet -- but I use my phone mostly for listening to music, making phone calls, and simple internet access (Yelp, etc.)

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GB update

Just started the download a little while ago on my Droid X.

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You should definitely do it, there's a whole bunch of new features that you'll not believe you lived without Grin

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At first I didn't noticed any issues,but lately I've been starting to notice a light blue color over top of anything white when I move my finger. It's like the notification bar moves down,but doesn't and have also noticed a few other things,but can't think of them at the moment.

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I downloaded yesterday took all of 20 mins top both download and install and so far I love it bigger, better, bolder, Faster. My only thing I have seen that I'm missing is the green light that lets you know you have E-mail, Text message but I will probably find it with some hunting.

Love it maybe theses people that have problems had no virus protection or bad apps to begin with and now with a system upgrade have opened a can of worms......

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supposed to be tested,no bugs

i emailed samsung and they say the update has been tested and its bug free,in any case i cant get it yet,its not available to the 3 network yet,still a bit unsure tho.

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