If the game is actually a dos based game, you would need to get the mouse drivers installed to the autoexec.bat file so it loads before windows...


Your mouse is likely packed with a diskette or CD containing drivers. If not, this can usually be obtained on the manufacturer's web site. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for installing the mouse driver, and copy the line they suggest for loading the mouse into your AUTOEXEC.BAT. It will probably read something like this: LH C:\MOUSE\MOUSE.EXE. Where LH loads the mouse driver into high memory, and the C:\MOUSE\MOUSE.EXE identifies the location of the mouse driver, along with its exact name.

Add that line to your autoexec.bat file (create the Mouse folder if you need to). Go to Find, type MOUSE.EXE and see if you already have a copy of the file on your harddrive and if so, drag a copy to that MOUSE folder).

Change won't take effect until you reboot the computer.