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take my laptop apart cause it's making lots-o-noise noise.I have no idea where all the chatters are coming from but, lets have some fun figuring it out.First off , I picked up this old desktop computer a from a friend that was supposedly Jacked Up ( the old FUBAR) but after following conversations here in different forums, I was able to take apart (the Dell Inspiron 530S) and with the use of canned air and heat sink compound (and lots of Bob Proffitt's rant on folks) brought it back to life. Installed a Linux OS and we're rollin! So now that we have a desktop working, I can follow instructions on how to dissassemble my laptop (here's the website) the only problem is , once I get it apart, how do I know whats wrong with it? Can Bob look at this site and tell me if it's a good place to start? thanks....Digger

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Sorry if I push too hard on that cleaning.

If I could, I'd fault and rant to the makers for not telling folks there is a little bit of yearly work to keep your machine away from the service counters.

I'll look at that site in a few and I apologize for this reading like a rant.

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didn't mean it that way

your a Great Teacher.......Digger

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OK, looked at that one.

It's the basic to get in there and gain access to enough to clean it well. To replace a fan you usually have to go a little deeper but you'll need the fan first before you think about that.

Many of the game capable Q's do produce a lot of heat. And just like a high end sports car you get to keep up with the maintenance. The heat sink compound is work I reserve for laptops in year 3 or later of if I find a heat sink that has lost contact with it's mating surfaces.

TIP!!! Take a post-it note and cut off the non stick portion then after you unplug the keyboard (pay attention to those WHITE release things you see in the photo, COVER that connector on the mainboard with the sticky part of a post-it note. That helps keep what doesn't belong there out. I use the post-it note because most tape material will get a high static surface charge so scotch tape is not a good material for this sort of covering.

It's great to read success stories about bringing a PC back from the grave.

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Thanks Bob

for your speedy response ! I'm thinkin' maybe I should go ahead and order that fan, that'll give me a chance to buy some post-it's. Tomorrow i'm gonna hook up a 32 in. toshiba t.v to this desktop so the pics. on that web site are gonna be huge when I take the Q apart . I'll let ya know how everything turns out.....Digger

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well Bob Proffit

you created a Monster! Grin I took the laptop apart today, completely down to the bare frame, didn't buy a new fan yet cause I wanted to try cleaning everything out first. the fan was kinna nasty and full of gunk , cleaned it up , blew all the dirt out of the cooling fins,(they were loaded) and put it all back together without a hitch, didn't think I'd have to reload windows but I did. Every things working although the fan still makes a little noise so some other time I'll take it back apart and change the fan. Didn't need the heat sink compound either as that stuff was clean and shiny still maybe because I really never play any games. The web site you looked at for me was right on ! Glad I hooked up the 32 in. monitor though to see the pics, it made this little adventure a breeze. Thank you for all of your help, I'll be bothering you again some time ........Digger

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Thanks for the update.

I think you know why I push the canned air use so hard. If folk would do that yearly or as needed, they would get a lot more life from the PCs.

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another update

Look at the original post and you'll see that I mentioned an old desktop I got from a friend that was Jacked Up. Well , Sunday I thought " maybe I should try re-installing the original 32 bit Vista program " , that Linux os was working just fine and really helped out but, it's not as convenient or comfortable to me as a Windows os. So I grabs me a cuppa joe and I pop in the original Dell Re-installation DVD and booted up ! Ziiinng, we are rockin' now ! Vista was installed " Post Haste"! Now we're installing all the updates and havin' a bunch of fun...' Thinkin' I'm done now cause Windows say's I'm up to date. I than look into this box of disc's my friend gave me and Lo and Behold....I see a Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade ( this put a grin on my face) . Opened the box to see 2 disc's , a 32 bit and 64 bit ( wondering if I should try putting the 64 on my laptop) , start downloading the 32 bit and it stops! Say's I need to install Vista Service Pack 1! I looked at all my installed updates and it say's service pack 1 was installed, hmmmm, re-installed it 4 times and Windows 7 kept saying the same thing.....Need to install Vista Service Pack 1. At this point in time I was thinkin' " maybe I don't need Windows 7" but, I looked around the Vista Forum and Right On Top! There was Carol's post ..."Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is No Longer Supported and I should download Service Pack 2"... Big dummy that I am ! Didn't read the second half! and Manually downloaded SP1 and installed it and it took an hour not including updates on top of that , Than Windows started downloading SP2 which took another hour, not to mention all the other updated involved . Wow ! Took Forever! So now I start downloading Windows 7 and that was a Breeze ! Just a few updates and it was finished . Been playing with this new system for a day and wondering if it was worth all the effort because to tell you the truth I was happy with Vista. But now I'm really liking this Dell Inspiron 530S and thinkin' about making a Silk Purse Out Of A Sows Ear ! Maybe some more Ram ( it has 2, 1 GB sticks , there's 4 slots , maybe a better graphics card too. Might be some more fun......Digger

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another thought.

I'm reading a lot of posts about the hours it takes to update Windows. I encountered this at the office when a client needed an update to their app.

Preface: These apps are very specialized. And expensive. Years ago we began to assign a machine to the job. Today that means 2 laptops and backups of the work.

I check out a laptop for the project and the first thing you do is let it update. It took it all day. 100+ Windows updates.

Why do I think this matters? I'm getting the impression that "today's users", the ones that didn't use Windows prior to XP do not understand why things are the way they are. (understatement?)

While I appreciate the need for the updates, it seems to me that these updates are taking longer and longer and longer (keep repeating?) So let's hope Microsoft wises up and fixes that in Windows 8. Folk won't mind a few minute update but past 5 minutes (arbitrary I know) I think more folk will take that it is time to look for other options.

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I don't think

Windows updates are that time consuming if a person is on top of they're game and keeps up with them. It only becomes a task when we are lax and try to install months or more at one time. If we are doing a clean install of an OS , than we expect to have the updates take hours as we're doing years of them. I don't fault Microsoft for this as I think all OS's are a build in progress and Microsoft has to pull maintenance on the products to keep them safe and functional. I do understand why folks would prefer a Linux OS though, just download a OS and it works, no muss no fuss. If all you want to do is surf the net and check e-mail it's perfect. If you need more functions like say video editing or music editing Linux can be quite cumbersome. Let's face it , you can't beat photoshop ! Only MS has that or Mac. I guess I'm saying that I'm gonna keep on updating my MS system because in my book, it's the only game in town .....Digger

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I think...

These machines can be in storage for a few years. It's may sound odd to those that are not maintaining custom apps.

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Hello Bob

Here I am bugging you again ! Well this Dell 530s is running great, I went ahead and added 2 more gigs of ram and it really did make a pretty spunky computer out of it. My issue now is that my niece is trying to play this game called Torchlight and and says it's kinna choppy, I told her I'd look into a graphics card if it's not to expensive maybe we can make it a little better but, I'm not getting to involved with it. I have searched around on and Tiger Direct but I'm confused about my options. Have any advice ? Thanks .....Digger

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Please start a new post.
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Bob ...

have also used the post-it notes but often found them to be less than adequate. What I generally use is the blue painter's masking tape as it too doesn't have a high static charge and holds things better.

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Blue painters tape is great stuff.

I see you get the idea. Low static tape that doesn't leave behind a residue (no Duck Tape!)

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