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get error message in control panel

Dec 5, 2008 11:15PM PST

I'm running XP home. When I open the control panel, and then open the performance and maintenance page, and select the system icon, I get the following error: An error occurred while Windows was working with the Control Panel file C:\WINNT\system32\sysdm.cpl. What gives?


Donald Brown

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Any more information?
Dec 5, 2008 11:39PM PST
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Dec 5, 2008 11:55PM PST

sorry, no GEPEDIT message. also the adjust visual effects button renders the same message. everything else works fine.


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Sorry what is the error message?
Dec 6, 2008 12:14AM PST

I see just the dll noted but what is the "error message." Also when did this start? One member found it was some XP Vista makeover package. Fix? Uninstall that.

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Dec 6, 2008 12:18AM PST

sorry, An error occurred while Windows was working with the Control Panel file C:\WINNT\system32\sysdm.cpl.

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Dec 6, 2008 12:20AM PST

i noticed the problem sunday nov 30 after returning from a 5 day thanksgiving trip

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All I can find are
Dec 6, 2008 12:27AM PST

Notes about Norton interfering with a Service Pack install.

Their claim was to disable Norton, then install SP2 again.

Does this give you any clues that you thing apply?

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no norton
Dec 6, 2008 12:31AM PST

no norton in computer

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You need to think beyond my reply.
Dec 6, 2008 12:37AM PST

Change the word Norton for "protection." Please do not make me ask if you have any one of the dozen others. Think about what these can do to interfere with a service pack updating that file.

-> In closing I see you have a discussion in computer help. To stop duplication of effort I will make this my last reply here.

In parting, if anyone was tinkering with SERVICES I suggest you put them to "stock". How? Read

PS. Continuing discussion at;forum-threads