Knowing the basic criteria of interview question answer, is the sign that you are perfactly ready for the interview and there is no sign of skittishness and worry in the interview room. as every one know that hw thier behavior affect your career, so go confidently with a sweet smile and 1 give a short description of you;
1. express yourself
This question is not elementary or casual as it seems and don't behave like chatterbox and start mumbling. simply give nesscery information like your acoholds, grade,superiorty and eminence that the company can take the decision that are you really a proper or best canditate for them.
2. share your idea about the company or what you think about the company
by this company want to know how you can contribute with company and what labour and attainment you can do for the company and raise company's position. show them how dedicated you are with the position. Just give energetic passinating answer for joining the orgnization.
3. do you care about you position and where you want to go with this position
Through this the company want to know about your dream project .than you can say that this job leads you to your desired position and dreams and you have the leadership nature to do some thing big as i want. if this job is not apart of your dream job or goals than be straight forward and give a answer which connect this job with your dream.
4. Explain your tonicity
Tell them that tonicity which the company want in you to raise their company value in market. your tonicity is your leadership. you know how to converge . by this i can be able to take your company at top of the world. you can touch the sky.
5. reason to have this job opportunity
position of the company and its name and fame forcing me to have this opportunity. interview through this want to know what is going in your mind abou the company and its reputation value.
6. what kind of salary are your expecting;
by knowing your skkitishness and company value you can suggest a range .
7. do you think there is a need to improvement in the company or every thing is good or ok with you.
be honest and share your ideas what you feel . some silly question are also asked to know you can handle the basic or critical problem.
8. what things make you voilent
9. give example of your skills and art
10. your ideal in life
11. do yuo have any clashes or conflicts
12. define victory in your words
13. what kind of clashes you faced in your prevoius job

such question are just formality to read your mind and to know your behaviour with colleuge. - See more at:

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check your spelling.

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Re: spelling

That's more a tip for writing your application letter. If that is as bad as the post above, you won't even be invited for an interview.

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Not a word I am familiar with, "tonicity".

But Google offered me a Wikipedia page at

"Tonicity is a measure of the effective osmotic pressure gradient, as defined by the water potential of two solutions separated by a semipermeable membrane. In other words, tonicity is the relative concentration of solutions that determine the direction and extent of diffusion".

So, in any interview, we have to explain our osmosis pressure gradient?

Hmm, thank you for that tip but I think my expectation of salary level may have taken a dive.


PS, skkitishness??

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Tenacity perhaps?


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0 All-Time NON-Technical Interview Questions and Answers for

10 All-Time NON-Technical Interview Questions and Answers for a Fresher Job
which will help to fresher .
1. Question: Tell Me Something About Yourself? – This is the first that you will encounter. The Human Resource Manager would ask you to give an introduction about yourself. They would like to know about yourself as much as possible. This question is not just for fresher but even for experienced candidate.
Answer: I think you know the answer. You have to give best possible introduction of yourself. Please keep in mind, the longer the introduction the better it is. You must answer in such a way that there is nothing left to ask. Take your time while introducing yourself.
2. Question: Why do You Want to Apply for this Job? – This would be the next question from HR. He/she would like to know why you are interested in this particular job. Why not some other job? HR wants to the answer of this question.

Answer: You could tell him the reason that working for this particular was my dream. I prepared myself to be able to work for this job. You must give an answer that is convincing. Do not tell that you want this job just to make some money.

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