General internet and game lag with 70/10 MBit AP


I've been getting a headache over a issue that has been troubling me for too long now, and I was wondering if any of you have input or help to what the issue may be.

A little background:
I live in a basement aparment, where my landlord (which lives in the upper pard of the house) owns the internet. It's a 70/10 MBit Network, which is surprisingly good compared to my earlier network speeds. Since their router is in their living room, which is through walls and floors, and for some of our rooms, the signal is not good enough. I used my router as an AP to increase the wireless range and so I had the possibility to connect my PC with a wire. My last apartment had 20/5 MBit, and I could watch youtube videos or twitch streams, at the same time as playing any game I wanted, and my girlfriend could also watch her Netflix shows without any of us getting any buffering or lag.

Now I get issues if I have chrome or firefox open while playing any game, and my gf and I cannot stream anything at the same time. I am finding this very peculiar, since the internet is over 3x as fast as the last apartment. Of course, we have the landlord on the same inet, but the face that they are not techy geeks, has a kid and the guy is also an athlete, so he travels a lot and is not home very often brings me to the thought of the AP being the issue.
I am not a internet or PC geek of any kind, but I know the basics. I've tried resetting my router, also resetting theirs through their admin panel, I've talked to ASUS support (my router is a ASUS RT-N66U) and they tried to guide me but with no avail, I still sit with huge general lag.

Since ASUS has a "AP mode", I didn't configure any more than just setting it in AP mode, then connecting my router to their router with an ethernet cable, then connecting my PC to my router through a second ethernet cable. I recently bought a brand new cable, because I thought that might be the issue, but no fix there either.

I will upload a picture of the ipconfig page, becuase it looks totally different with a lot of additional values which I never saw with my earlier networks.

Any tips is really helpful. I am going crazy. YouTube can't even buffer a 1080p video while two people are on the same network.

Please ask questions and I will answer them as thoroughly as I can with my knowledge! Thanks

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Reporting: General internet and game lag with 70/10 MBit AP
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All true.

WiFi is shared access so it really doesn't matter if 2 folk are on the WiFi. Not only that but let's say one is using mixed 802.11g and the other is 802.11n. Well, extra work on the WiFi. Not only that but we don't know about WiFi in the general area.

Did you get out your Android phone and pull up the WiFi Analyzer?

The ipconfig didn't tell me much here such as your exact setup.

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WiFi Analyzer

The problem is not really the WiFi. The problem is that I am using a wired connection, and whenever someone else is using the WiFi at the same time as I am using the wired network, and is doing streaming of any kind, the lag commences. This could be, youtube, any TV-channel stream, and I will end up with a varying ping (in game) from 20-250. If I am alone, I will have about 10-15 ping.

I do not have a android phone, but I downloaded a network analyzer on my iOS and I can upload the info of what it says. I don't know which information is benefitial for you, so I'll include it all.wifi analyzer<br>
my girlfriend just went to bed, so this is with only me (as far as i know) using the internet.
It's usually friendly and co-operative when I am the only one using the internet.
Thanks for the reply

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So again this is sharing an internet conenction.

So the moment it's shared, times increase. There's nothing wrong with that and some routers handle it better than others. I moved to a spiffy new dual core router to help my connection but here we have the usual complaint but not much to say it should not be like this.

For example the ping should double as there's a lot of traffic but the longer ping could be the router busy doing WiFi work.

Basements are usually where WiFi goes to die and I still can't see your setup.

At best you have your router as a WAP (google that if you don't know) and that means a wire from the first router to the LAN port of the second router as a WAP.

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I am sorry, it was late and I was tired when reading your reply and didn't read it thouroghly enough. I understand this is sharing a network, but am I wrong in thinking that: when we are 2 people using a network of 20/5 Mbit without ANY issues, we should be able to be 2 (maybe 3 at the most) at a 70/10 MBit Network?

The part about the basement is valid, but this shouldn't affect my wired connection?

I have no info on their router, other than it says cisco on their router admin page, but this might be old and it might be the issue.

If you asking about setup, as in how the network is set up it's like this:
They have a main router (how this is set up i don't know, I have not been in their house. They said they are not tech geeks and if we have issue with the i-net we can call them and they will call the ISP. I am pretty sure this is not an ISP issue, so I've never bothered to contact them, as they are the same ones I've used at several apartments before. someone probably set up the internet for them).

Then, from their main router, there is a cable going through their window and down to our basement apartment. This cable is connected to my ASUS RT-N66U router, which is in Access Point mode - which is basically just one button and it configures the rest. From this router, I have a second wire that goes into my computer. We also use the router as a wireless repeater, so that we have decent signal down here. So we are basically not using the same wifi they are using upstairs, since my router "creates" a new internet for us when using wireless. (so basically as you described with the WAP)
I've not been thourogh with what port i connect the cable to, but I've tried connecting it to a couple of different ones - and the internet works for both the ones I've tried, with no difference in speed.

Thanks for the time, I appreciate it.

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Let me find your questions.

1. " am I wrong in thinking that: when we are 2 people using a network of 20/5 Mbit without ANY issues, we should be able to be 2 (maybe 3 at the most) at a 70/10 MBit Network?"

An increase in ping is expected. The connection is shared so there is other traffic so pings will increase. If a pipe is full, then you will get a longer ping time as your packet is further back in the queue.

So no, it won't be as nice as having your own connection.

2. The setup.

I don't support or deploy "repeaters." These create support call backs. Now if you used your second router as a WAP then it might be OK. But you didn't so be sure it is not a repeater.

3. I'm getting mixed signals as to the WiFi. Either you are wired or you have the WiFi on. Since a router can get busy with WiFi duties I start with the WiFi off. All your posts say you are wired so for a test run, disable the router WiFi.

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