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GEICO spokesman fired for attack on "Tea Baggers"

I guess this is what politics is about nowadays. Be thankful for small victories? Turn the other cheek? Give a nipple twist? (something the perpetrator seems overly interested in), or wonder if the entire political world has gone mad?

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Reply to: GEICO spokesman fired for attack on "Tea Baggers"
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Reporting: GEICO spokesman fired for attack on "Tea Baggers"
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Who is he?
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(NT) The Gecko's voice
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(NT) Oh
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Lance Baxter
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That's his pseudonym...

or maybe Baxter is the real one and Douglas is the real one.

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He deserves it.

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(NT) Why?
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(NT) A poor representative for the company that employed him?
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It was a private call expressing a personal point of view.

The reason that they knew who it was that he left his name and his phone number. Is there no First Amendment anymore? Clearly not in any area connected with the Corporate world.

If the Tea Bag crowd believed in freedom of belief and expression, they wouldn't have made a fuss about a private call. If Geico had any sense of self respect they wouldn't have dumped a guy who has served them well over the years, and would have ignored the whole thing.

But that's not what the Tea Party is about, it's about noise and chaos and animosity and blame and anger, it's not about the expression of a true issue based political dissent, it's about stirring up a collection of unrelated troubles in the hope that the noise will drown out the Democrats in November.

I guess we just have to suffer through it, like we suffered through the McCarthy era, and equally empty of real content. I'm not saying the Soviets weren't spying, read the Mitrokhin Archive, I'm saying that McCarthy had no accurate information on anyone. The only Congressperson I know who actually caught a Communist was Richard Nixon.


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Is there a comparison with Tiger Woods?

Are company spokesmen held to a higher standard maybe? A different standard? Perhaps when being a company spokesman, as the most obvious public face, or in his case voice, of the company, you should avoid controversy when possible, not deliberately create it?

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Then again....

Tiger gets a little on the side and he gets hell from all sides while Obama's busy screwing the whole country and it goes completely unnoticed...

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If you knew anything about American law, you would know that

an employer is not required to hire you if you are making public statements that the employer considers to be detrimental to the employer's interests. That is not a first amendment issue.

I notice that you don't have any hesitation about making unsubstantiated and insulting accusations about American citizens who are exercising their political rights. What do you think gives you the right to do that?

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Yeah right! What was he thinking of?

The reason that they knew who it was that he left his name and his phone number. Is there no First Amendment anymore? Clearly not in any area connected with the Corporate world.

Say what? He left his name and number? What the hell kind of liberal tactic is that?

Doesn't he know that libs hide behind the skirt of anonymity? Hit and run under cover of darkness! lololol

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Maybe he's not fully trained yet...

...or too much in the habit of leaving name and number for his "nipple twisting" friends, and slipped up this time.

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Baxte's hoof-n-mouth

Baxter freely left his number on a public phone - no privacy expected. Tea Party angry? You bet. Have you noticed the Administration (Polise, Reid, Obama and most of the democratic party) have ignored the voice of American citizens. Perhaps that's why you hear loud voices. Guess I missed the memo outlining the way to correctly demonstrate my frustration with MY government. As I recall, everyone has a voice - soft or loud, male or female, liberal or conservative. Many of us don't "suffer through" the political process. We relish the involvement. In the past 1+ year(s) our country has changed so much, our Founding Fathers would not recognize America. I, naturally can't speak for them, but I can read what direction they wanted the country to take. I don't believe it is the current course. But I digress. Baxter was foolish, expressed himself and now has to take the heat for opening his mouth prior to engaging his brain. Typical, it's everyone else's fault but his. BOO WOO!

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Yep, exactly...

perfectly reasonable in spite of the lies and spittle and foam generated by the usual suspects.

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Now that I think of it...

it was a crank call, an act of harassment. They should have called the cops on him.

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RE: spittle and foam

"now that you have thought about it" do you also want to retract spittle and foam?

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Because his actions reflect on his employer..

in a negative way. He could cost them business.

Sadly, he will probably get enough sympathy from like-minded idiots in the advertising/media industry that he will get even more work.

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Did he mention Geico in his call?

Am I a bad reflection on my employer because I think the same of many Obama supporters? Should they fire me for what I think of them?

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If you say it in public, maybe yes...

because some might think that you are representing the company's position. But this case is probably different from what your condition would be. In a minor way, that guy is a celebrity. I think being fired is normal and right in a case like this.

Besides, he deserves to be punished for repeating the lies.

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(NT) I said it in public in my post above :)
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Then it's up to the company.I guess.

BTW, the fact that he did it in a phone call to a political organization, makes NO difference, IMO. What did he think would happen?

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RE: What did he think would happen?

They'd listen, then hangup?

Hello, I'm a Gecko...and blah, blah, blah, Click

Hello, I'm Lance/Douglas Baxter, ...and blah, blah, blah, Click

Hello, I'm the Geico Gecko...and blah, blah, blah, Click

Hello, I'm Lance/Douglas Baxter, the Geico Gecko...and blah, blah, blah, Click

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I got a good laugh from that one. Happy

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Because his actions reflect on his employer

Yes...and they also reflect on fellow Geckos.

A talking Gecko?...Come on!!!

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SIGH !!!!!!!!!

I wish you wouldn't have used the "T" word.
I consider it quite offensive and derogatory

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(NT) hit the report an offesive post button
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(NT) offensive

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