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GeekPulse: The Best customer experience I had!

Dec 7, 2013 5:53AM PST

I recently bought a gaming rig from and I have to say, I've been flabergasted by their awesome customer service. Here's why.

-Their website is extremly fancy is easy to use. It sorts the products depending on the use you're planning for your future computer.

-They offer a total personnalisation service. From the website, you can choose which CPU is going to be in the computer, how much HDD space you want, an extra SSD maybe? It also have it. Plus, if you want to add special things (like a artist design or a flashy set of LED under the hood), you can! Just send them a message!

-The customer service is amazing! They didn't had the CPU in stock, so they called me to tell me there was going to be a one-day delay (Big deal.) I asked if they had anything else they could gear me with to replace the missing part, and they told me yes, but it was against their policy to suggess their customers to upgrade to a better specs sheets if they're not going to use it anyway. He explained me he would need to upgrade the cooling system and a couple of other things I can't remember and added it would cost about 250$ more, and it wouldn't be such a big upgrade for the price: honest guy.

-They gave me Batman Arkam City.

-They sent me pictures of work in progress, which is really cool (and unexpected!)

Anyways, I think everyone who read this should totally have a look at their website! It is truly a good experience to browse it, and a life-time experience to buy from them!

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