chipset's manufacturer and the # of the type you currently have in that refurbished Gateway machine.

You will have to re-power her up, go to Control Panel, Device Drivers Manager, find the drop-down menu for the LAN/Ethernet and, write down the model # of it, then double left click onto it. Now, write down the manufacturer of such chipset. Click the Driver tab at the top of same window. Write down the Date and Driver version #.

Go back to one of the machines you have that can connect to the internet and, by using any of the available browsers of that machine, type in the manufacturer's name in the search pane then, Enter. Use the one that looks like the best search for it.

Once on that home page, find their support page and choose the model # for it. Once found, download and copy to the chosen type of a medium of storage for transfer to the Gateway machine.

Copy that driver file to your personal folder called Downloads. Do the same procedure for getting to the driver information and, click onto the button 'Update Driver'. From there, chose the selection of 'you will do the manual search for the driver update file'. When asked to browse in order to find such .inf file, go to the Downloads folder and then, click open. The installation should initiate and tell you when it is fully done.

Unless the file is a self installing one, only initiate its installation from the Downloads folder directly. Then go see if it is truly installed via the Device Driver Manager window.

Hope this helps. L.J.P.