I got the 201 for my wife. She wants to bike all around our NEW neighborhood and find her way back (born without a good sense of direction.) Even though I have a Garmin Street Pilot in my car and a Garmin combo GPS/Sonar unit in my boat I CANNOT FIGURE OUT THIS LITTLE GADGET MOUNTED ON HER HANDLEBAR WORKS! Help.
More specifically, we are only interested in biking out there for a few miles and then coming home. Once we know how to do that, we might explore other features.
So we clear tracks and recognize that the minute we are successfully on line with the satellites, our track begins. But exactly what do we do when we get there and want to retrace our trip?!?! Anyone who can give us the proper steps - in simple English - on follwing the crumbs of bread, will earn our everlasting gratitude and a prize as well. I am staying by this computer 24/7 in hopes someone will solve our dilemma. Otherwise my Chrismas present to my wife of 44 years is a bust.
Thanks in advance,