Aaah, the age old question...better to build or buy a gaming PC

The reasons for people wanting to build their own system; is that they know exactly what components they want in their system, they don't want an " off the shelf " system where many times the components are of inferior grade or quality, and/ or they have money to burn (not always the case).

The reasons I have found for many that buy " of the shelf " systems; they don't want the hassle of having to troubleshoot any (unforeseen) problems that can (and usually do) arise from a home-build, they want a warranty on the whole unit, don't have the time (and/ or money) to invest in building their own, or don't have the knowledge to build their own system.

If you want to buy a gaming system; look for reputable dealers (I'm not talking about the Dell, IBuyPower, or CyberPower people here) that hand-build each computer from the chassis up, here are a few links for some great 'custom' builders:

If you're now considering that buying from one of these dealers might be a little out of your price range; and want to consider building your own system, then here's a couple of links about building your own system:,2469.html

If you have more questions, we're here to help