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What do you think are some of the best games out there, what game console are they for, why do you like them so much, and what type of game are they (ex. first person shooter)? They can be for any console. I am just trying to figure out which console actually has the best games. I havent really played any of the games that are out now and im going to get a new game console so i was just trying to find out what everyone thinks are the best games to figure out which console offers the best games.

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That's not going to help much

In reply to: games

I really like games along the lines of Final Fantasy and Namco-Bandai's Tales series, but I have a friend who's much more into mindless beat 'em up type games. I like games that are essentially interactive novels or narratives, while to him generally the less plot the better.

The point I'm trying to illustrate here is that different people have different tastes in games. First you need to figure out what kind of games you like, then you can move on to asking what some good games in that genre are, and which console has the best selection of those games.

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Nice post

In reply to: That's not going to help much

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In reply to: games

The Xbox 360 right know seems to have the best games...
Though Ps3 has some of the same.
List of what I play
Gears of War ( great Co-op, online OK)
Call of Duty 4 and WAW ( great online)
Grand theft Auto
Fallout 3
Rock Band 2 ( better the guitar Hero, IMO)
Wife likes Scene it..

If your going online, 360 is an easy choice....

But what kind of games do you like ?
Some people would hate these games and go for a Wii

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havent really played any

In reply to: 360

Thats my problem, i havent really played much for video games so i dont know what types of games i like. Ive only played a few and Final Fantasy is my favorite out of the few that ive played. Sports games are ok, it just kind of depends on what sport. Shooting/war games are fun and i like them. I love guitar hero, even though i havent played it much. Other then that i havent really played any other types of games.

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If you like Final Fantasy

In reply to: havent really played any

Then you probably want to get a PlayStation 2, and I can certainly recommend some good titles in a similar fashion.

First there are the 3 PSX/PS1 Final Fantasy titles 7-9. Final Fantasy 7 is a bit difficult to obtain these days, but you can find it on places like ebay, craigslist, and some used game stores. It's a good game, but I wouldn't pay more than $50 for it total. Final Fantasy 8 and 9 are quite easy to find on ebay last time I checked. A lot of people didn't like Final Fantasy 8, but I have to say it's probably my second favorite right behind Final Fantasy X. I thought it was a rather refreshing break from the usual Final Fantasy game. There are parts that just don't really make a lot of sense, but it's a video game, so you can't expect perfection. I also believe that Final Fantasy 8 was ranked in the top 10 for best video game love stories.

Final Fantasy X is still by far and away probably the best RPG I have ever played. That game had everything. Political intrigue, love, loss, religious intolerance, a big bad monster... More than that, the script authors and visual artists did a remarkable job creating an entire world. It's too bad the follow up game Final Fantasy X-2 was such a letdown in comparison. It might even be worth skipping if you love FFX as much as I did. X-2 will take almost everything that was good about FFX and squander it.

Final Fantasy 11 was an online MMORPG, so skip that one for the PS2. Final Fantasy 12 was good, but it just wasn't FFX.

Outside of the Final Fantasy franchise is Namco Bandai's Tales series. If you can read Japanese there are quite a few more titles you can enjoy, but the only ones that ever managed to be translated into english were Tales of Legendia and Tales of the Abyss. Legendia is pretty ho-hum IMO, but Abyss is excellent. Both games have a large number of optional sidequests for you to do, some of which can only be done on a second playthrough, so there's a large amount of replay value that way.

Something else to consider is the Shin Megami Tensei series, after you double check my spelling. I've only played Persona 3: FES so far, and I hope to get to Persona 4 when I get back from visiting family. Persona 3 was surprisingly good. The premise of a bunch of high school students who fight monsters by night and have to manage school and various social functions by day, sounds like a really dumb game, but it's surprisingly good.

Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2, along with the PS2 remake of the GBA Chain of Memories are worth looking into. The concept of mixing Final Fantasy and Disney characters sounds like a recipe for disaster, but it actually works somehow. My only complaint is that the actual plot for both of the main games is rather thin, and it's propped up by levels that rehash certain Disney movies like The Little Mermaid and Nightmare Before Christmas.

The Xenosaga trilogy was excellent. I especially liked the way they wove in a large chunk of Judeo-Christian mythology into the third game. Some people complained about the rather long cut scenes, but I didn't mind them so much since they were pretty interesting on the whole. And if you get wiped out by a boss, and there's a big long cut scene before the fight, you can skip through the cut scenes.

The Jak and Daxter series was pretty good, though it wasn't really an RPG series.

If you like a lot of mindless violence and killing demonic monsters, then you can't go too wrong with God of War 1 and 2, and Castlevania Lament of Innocence is pretty good if a bit short.

The Prince of Persia trilogy was also pretty good. X-Men Legends 1 and 2 aren't too bad if you're up for a good dungeon crawler. I'm not sure if Marvel Ultimate Alliance was released for the PS2 or not, but it's another game in the same fashion as X-Men Legends.

Some people like the Devil May Cry series, but they never really managed to keep my attention for that long.

If you like strategic RPGs, then Stella Deus is a good introductory title to get you ready for the absolutely fantastic time waster that is Disgaea. Disgaea has just insane amounts of replay value, and the story is full of humor. Much of it is rather juvenile, but it's still a good bit of lighthearted fun. You could easily spend hundreds of hours on that game doing different things. There are at least 4 endings I believe, and just a staggering amount of things you can spend huge amounts of time on.

Anyway, if you like RPGs then you can't beat the PS2 right now. It really was home to the RPG during the previous console generation. The GameCube did have the very noteworthy Tales of Symphonia, and of course the Xbox had Halo 1 and 2. The Xbox 360 has Tales of Vesperia, which was a solid title, but not terribly noteworthy. Eternal Sonata for both the 360 and PS3 was a pretty good game, and I'm holding out a lot of hope that Final Fantasy 13 will live up to the hype and be worth the wait.

But you can start with a relatively inexpensive PS2, and be able to play a lot of the old PSX and PS2 games which are pretty cheap now. Then once you get a better feel for what kind of games you like, you can decide whether you want to step up to a PS3 or move over to a 360.

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only one game console

In reply to: If you like Final Fantasy

I dont know if ill be able to get the ps2 now and then get a new-gen console later on. Its kind of i get one colsole and thats it. I have really been leaning towards getting a ps3 but its really expensive, thats the one thing i like about the ps2 is because its cheaper and there still making games for it but im sure eventually theyll quite making games for the ps2 and then i wont be able to get any new games thats why i kind of want a new-gen console. I have really been looking at all three new-gen consoles and i like the ps3 best but its the most expensive, i really like the price of the wii and the xbox360 isnt to badly priced either but the xbox360 is to likely to break down and i cant really afford to have to pay to fix it all the time and the wii well its cool but there arent alot of games for it and most of them look kiddyish. I really dont know what to get anymore.

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You could get one now

In reply to: only one game console

You could get the PS2 now, and then in a year or two after you've made it through most of the back catalog and new development has largely stopped, you could look into another console. It's not like you need to buy a 360 or PS3 immediately. They will still be around in a year or two when you might be able to get another one.

Right now the PS2 has the largest selection of RPG type games that you said you liked. It also has a fair number of games from other genres. Many of those should be pretty cheap at game stores like GameStop if you buy them used.

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In reply to: You could get one now

Yeah but i would really like to get a new-gen console now because that way im garunteed that new games will come out. Im just worried that if i get a ps2 now after the ps3 is out then theyll stop making games for the ps2 and theyll only make the new games for the ps3 and then i wont be able to play the new titles. What i really wished is that i could get a ps3 that played ps2 games.

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It can be done

In reply to: new-gen

But the PS3 will use software based back compatibility and it's less than 100%, so you might find games you want to play that just won't work.

You can do what you like ultimately, but I would recommend a PS2 now, and then deciding between a PS3 and Xbox 360 in 1-2 years.

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Maybe PS2

In reply to: havent really played any

Like alakzam said...
A PS2 Has a Lot of games...your never going to run out..
And the price is right...

I would worried about xbox breaking down.
Just don't buy used.
Because the old ones did have a problem...

There is talk of a price drop for the PS3...
But its a few month away "if" they drop it ( they should, their getting beat up in the US market)
But that's rumor....

Any friends that have a console to borrow or try?

I guess at this time.. the Xbox has the best and most games.
Followed by PS3 ( the share many titles)
Last Wii

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In reply to: havent really played any


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