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Trump’s New Farm Tariffs No Match for China’s Retaliatory Duties

(Bloomberg) -- President Donald Trump’s new tariffs on Chinese agricultural products are likely to hurt the Asian nation a lot less than the retaliatory duties Beijing already imposes on the U.S.

The White House, while delaying tariffs on big-ticket consumer products until December, decided to push ahead with 10% tariffs on Chinese agricultural products as well as antiques, clothes, kitchenware and footwear from Sept. 1. The list ranges from the exotic -- live primates, whales and foxes --

Anybody planning on importing a whale? How bout a fox?...Maybe a "foxy lady"?...A Chinese Melania?

Since China was "paying the tariff"(according to DJT). What is his reasoning when HE decided to not raise them UNTIL Dec?....It would have meant more money poring into the American coffers. The coffers were overflowing with money?.......

TheRUMP is pulling in his horns?
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(NT) Easy to win.
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that's right -

and just like they say about the lottery - " ya can't win if ya don't play! " :^)

Problem is, methinks Agent Orange ( Spike Lee's moniker for DJT ) ain't playing with a full deck. His comments about Biden's mental state are pure "projection" of his own lack of mental firmness, IMO ...

Rick " in the future, politics will be illegal, just like dissent is anathema to Trump *now* " Jones

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DJT tweeted on the tariff deferral until Dec

HIS words "it actually helps China more than us",

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I'm amazed I can

still _be_ amazed at Trump. One would have thought by now I'd be jaded to his tweets, but somehow he continues to, well, almost shock me on a daily basis. (!)


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And yet

no shock response to Omar's crap tweets or the rest of the Squad's....

Why am I not surprised/amazed at the lack of response here in SE?

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The squad

A group of nutty types who can say or tweet anything they want.

I don't pay attention to them.

Nothing to comment on in SE.

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"nutty types"

Nothing to comment on and you pay no attention to them, and YET THEY ARE IN CONGRESS TO MAKE OUR LAWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing to comment on regarding government officials who were ELECTED, just as TRUMP was????????????????????

Come on, Bob....You have to actually give a crap about SOMETHING other than Trump since they are in the 'here and now' that you always spout off about.

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The squad was elected

But not by me.
They and a few other members of congress I would like to boot out but I have no control in that area.

I listen or read what they say or tweet and think they are wrong.
Not a SE type item.

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I sort of enjoy them there

and I think secretly Trump does too. He couldn't have invented a better foil to skewer the Democrats with than The Squad. He does run the risk of them becoming "comic relief" for the Democrats, but for now we all can enjoy the comedy they provide, and the stumbling blocks they keep laying down for other Democrats to trip over and look stupid also.

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Then, I'd need to presume, that you also

consider Trump to be a nutty type that can tweet what he wants and that you pay no attention to him and have nothing to comment on in SE. It would seem that should be a neutral path.

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RE:and yet no shock response to Omar's crap tweets

Perhaps when she becomes POTUS her tweets will deserve/get more attention.

Her tweets certainly get the attention of DJT...I wonder why....perhaps to divert and deflect attention away from him and his misstatements/tweets.

Post was last edited on August 17, 2019 4:41 AM PDT

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because "we are all mad here"

mad = insane. And for some people, liberal/progressive equates with insanity - it's a "natural process". :^)

Rick " happy we have "the squad" - keeps the rest guessing and honest" Jones

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OK. Here:

I've already referred to one as Hijab Girl.
Her religion has a truly omni-everything god. "If Allah wills it ..." is their mantra. (Or whatever.) No apparent free will in their theology. That would be a sign of godly weakness; not possible.

Logical conclusion: Allah can clobber any conceivable enemy without the aid, or even need, for plastique, automatic weapons, girl politicians, encoded .scr files or the like. Or anything.

Do you believe in Allah? Of course not. So relax. Take your meds. Change your ammo to birdshot. (We've been reading about vicious squirrels, right? Trump can't protect you there.)

Netanyahu likewise should show no fear in admitting Hijab Girl. Stand on the tarmac and call out to the crowd biblically, 1Kings 18:21. "How long will you be limping between two opinions? If Jehovah is the true God, follow him; but if Baal is, follow him!"

If either God is listening to either one, fireworks will follow. Verse 24.
My prediction? Nothing will happen.

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