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Game consoles, causing "blood metal" conflict in Africa

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BTDT. *not what you are thinking!

In reply to: Game consoles, causing "blood metal" conflict in Africa

Years ago I was in a group designing out all tantalum capacitors from the company designs. It took months but we did succeed. It appears that Sony forgot the lesson from just a decade ago.


If you type BAD CAPS at google you learn more about this and we are still paying dearly for that fiasco.

-> More on point. You don't have to use tantalums.

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PS. PS3 or Cell phones?

In reply to: BTDT. *not what you are thinking!

Which product eats more tantalum?

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I looked into it...

In reply to: PS. PS3 or Cell phones?

I looked into that question. A business network's web site said:
"The demand for tantalum is currently in a steeply upward spiral, mainly because of the rapid proliferation of mobile telephones that use tantalum capacitators, and because production is being outstripped by demand.".
If that is true, that would seem to say cell phones. However, saying it's used for video games has more "gut action" impact when talking about the African production situation in some places. It's easy to say that video games are unnecessary, but much harder to say the same about cell phones. People who might consider giving up their video games might not be as willing to consider giving up their cell phones.

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Is this like saying fuel shortage due to lawn mowers?

In reply to: I looked into it...

And asking us to cut back on those since we must use the auto?

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Working backwards...

In reply to: Is this like saying fuel shortage due to lawn mowers?

It's an old routine to make a situation. Basically, it's working backwards. Tantalum is used to make capacitors. Electronic devices use capacitors. A video game is an electronic device. Therefore they use tantalum and someone might make a stretch with a statement like "An entire family can starve so that you will have your Xbox360.".
We end up with an accusation that if you own a video game you are starving an entire family. Some people call such a routine a "false crisis".

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(NT) Bingo.

In reply to: Working backwards...

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(NT) Excellent point !!

In reply to: Working backwards...

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Big Deal

In reply to: Game consoles, causing "blood metal" conflict in Africa

They'll go to war over there for anything that will provide monetary gain. That's not Sony's fault. Nor anyone else's. It's the fault of the local government and people. What would you have them do, overthrow the local authorities and institute their own "fair" government? When we did that before it was called "colonialism" and everyone screamed about that too. Life isn't perfect. For better or worse, at least some money flows into the country and as it spreads around, others have the benefit of obtaining it for their own use by selling products such as food to obtain it. It's an economy, even if not perfect. The alternative is less money flows into the country and they kill each other for nothing, instead of enslaving them for something.

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Conditions within the continent of Africa

In reply to: Game consoles, causing "blood metal" conflict in Africa

I don't know if you actually read news or have ever talked to anyone from Angola, Mozambique, Nigeria, or the Sudan but life there is far from being peaceful.
If you don't like the reality I am going to introduce, then you can close your mind. Women are raped by soldiers. This is how they "teach the men a lesson." Slavery is still active. Forced labor is nothing new. people from those countries come here asking for help.
There were more people killed by Idi Amin and more killed recently in Darfur than in the Middle east but no help was given to them. No oil?
Well, we surely can't let Westerners go withoput their video games. I mean what is a few lives in exchange for a PS3? An entire family can starve so that you will have your Xbox360.
It would do the United States and other top countries good to go back and rape themselves, leaving the rest of the world alone.

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Get off it!

In reply to: Conditions within the continent of Africa

Either you want them to keep killing and raping each other or you want colonialism with a strong moral rule of law to come back to Africa. Go preach to them, they're the ones doing it to themselves. The world, and certainly not the US, is responsible for their depraved behaviour. Yeah, sure, WE made them do it to their neighbors.

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Twisting the truth

In reply to: Get off it!

When was colonialism mentioned? Certainly not by me. The US has a known history of interfering with other countries.

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Well, I guess we should all refuse to purchase PS3s, and

In reply to: Conditions within the continent of Africa

Xbox360s. That way, no families in Africa will starve. Right? Let's see, they cannot sell the product they previously mined. That keeps them from starving how?

In case you missed it, the United States actively opposes all of the practices you cite. I don't think there are many countries which do the same. Also, in case you missed it, Sony is not an American company. The United States has very little power to control Sony's business practices. Also, I don't think the XBox360 is made in the United States. It's not "Westerners" doing all these things. It's Africans and "Easterners". You need to preach to Japan, China, and the powers that be in Africa.

However, if you actually preached to the guilty parties, you couldn't bash the United States could you? If Africans are denied their rights, it is Africans who need to take the steps necessary to secure their rights. No one can do that for them. People who buy their products are people that they need to reach those goals.

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Supply and demand

In reply to: Well, I guess we should all refuse to purchase PS3s, and

If there is no demand for a product, then it won't be produced. If you create a demand for a product that product will be produced. If I preached to the guilty parties, it would be to the people who own the companies. People who live in the US.

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If there is no demand for a product, there are no jobs.

In reply to: Supply and demand

Without a job, how does one feed a family?

Who owns Sony? Sony is a Japanese company, and is undoubtedly owned by the Japanese. Perhaps some Americans own some Sony stock, but that doesn't give Americans control of the company. If you know that Americans own a controlling interest, provide a link to your source of information. Until you do, your claim is totally bogus.

It seems that you want to bash Americans for things that other nations do. That's pretty ignorant.

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In reply to: If there is no demand for a product, there are no jobs.

Farming, hunting, fishing. That is how one feeds a family without working.

Who owns Sony? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sony

More than one country claims the name of "american."

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As your Wikipedia article says, Sony is a Japanese company.

In reply to: Bashing

Go complain to the Japanese.

If Africans can farm, hunt, and fish, but still starve to death, that's their fault. You can't blame the Japanese for that.

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Read the article again

In reply to: As your Wikipedia article says, Sony is a Japanese company.

You seem to have missed about 99%.

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Are we still talking about...

In reply to: Read the article again

Are we still talking about coltan and the tantalum capacitors eventually made from it? The world's largest maker of tantalum capacitors is American-based Kemet. Starting in 2003 Kemet started dealing with the situation. Using their words from their web site:
" KEMET Corporation requires all suppliers of tantalum material to provide a Letter of Certification that they do not or will not, (a)
illegally mine any tantalum material from the Congolese mines, (b) purchase any illegal material containing tantalum, including coltan, from the Congolese mines and (c) sell any illegal material to KEMET from such mines.".

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If it wasn't this, it would be something else.

In reply to: Supply and demand

Point is, the problem is not the market for the metal; it's what the people over there are willing to do to each other. In other parts of Africa people kill gorillas and each other so they can gave (illegal} access to forests to burn to make charcoal.

The guilty parties are those who commit the crimes.

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In reply to: If it wasn't this, it would be something else.

And businesses know where they can get the most for the least.
In this case the guilty parties are the businessmen- so to speak- and the corporations, the people are caught in the middle.

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In reply to: True

The guilty parties are the people committing the crimes. What you are saying is equivalent to blaming the bank President if someone get shot in a bank robbery.

I know it's very "progressive" to blame the evil capitalist businessmen. But it is bogus as all get out.

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Naughty peoples

In reply to: Conditions within the continent of Africa

To vilify the West is not the answer, afterall they are killing and maiming themselves. Sony and others ans supposedly already reducing and seeking other sources for the metal ore content. Many problems in Africa are not the result of western intervention for whatever reason on all accounts. How a company or nation conducts its business is solely reliant on its peoples and to so quickly blame the West, oil or not is folly. Africa will resolve its own problems at its own pace, however it seems gaining power rather than civil rest is more likely for now. Until their leaders can clear their own affairs will peace be at hand. There are other African nations that appear to be stable, how do explain their success, oil/minerals or not? -----Willy

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Thank you...

In reply to: Naughty peoples

For the intelligent reply. Yes other countries are more stable and they did it by building themselves up first without outside help or interference. This means no foriegn business or government.
To blame the West may be folly and I am willing to take your judgement of me; but, I am not blaming the West, I am blaming the standards and consumersim of the West.
False standards imposed by a select few individuals for them to make more money.

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