Can you even FIND a TL with a manual transmission? I was helping a friend shop for a UA6-UA7 (3rd gen) TL a while back and all we could find were autobox trannys, except for the couple of Type S models with the 6-speed manual that we tested (the second of which she bought). Standard TLs seem rife with automatics. I'm not saying that they're impossible to find, but most new TL buyers then and now tend to like the car to shift for them and not have it the other way around.

The G35 is really a superb car; I've tested both new and used models over the years and thoroughly enjoyed those cars. The few people I know who own them (both coupe and sedan versions) seem to love their cars and generally don't seem to have much bad to say about them. That said, it doesn't snow all that much in Seattle, so how it would fare in icy conditions is a concern. But I believe most if not all of those cars from that vintage came with traction control so at least you have that working for you.

As for the Accord coupe...well, it's a Honda. It's really up to the buyer on what they think of Hondas; unfortunately I'm not the one to ask since I tend to view most of them as appliances on wheels. They do have the characteristic of being utterly dependable, but at least for me they score extremely low on the personality index. I've owned them in the past but I really don't feel any desire to relive that again, despite their faithful service.