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I am using Windows 98 with Outlook Express. I just received an email, from my son, "inviting me to open a free Gmail Account" I have absolutely no idea as to what this GMail account is all about except for the fact that it is via Google. I live in Canada and he has just moved to the U.K. I have not been able to contact him so I am left with this "invitation" with no further info. about it! Can anyone help me? I would love to know if this is good, bad, or ??. Any info. on this GMail account would be really appreciated. Thanks..J

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Gmail is a free, search-based webmail service that combines the best features of traditional email with Google's search technology. Gmail makes locating messages so easy that you?ll never need to shuffle mail in your inbox again. Besides this entirely new way of reading and tracking messages, Gmail includes 1,000 megabytes of storage space -- an entire gigabyte, quite probably more than you'll ever need. Best of all, it?s free. I hope this help you out, I have a gmail account and it is ok. Look at it this way it don't cost anything to sign up and use it and if you don't like it don't use it after so many months if the account is dormant they will do away with the account. Your son must have an gmail account, because you can only get this gmail though an invite from someone.

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Thanks josk41

Thank you for this info. as after reading your description of GMail, I can see why my son would have sent this invite to me--He always calls me an "email junkee" as I hate to delete mail in case i need it for future reference and then I find myself spending hours trying to find a certain email! I gather it must be a special project or trial of some kind? I dont quite understand how and or why an "invite" is required? One other question! Does GMail require any special computer knowledge or is it self explanatory? Thanks ever so much for your help and info.

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Re: gmail tells more about the product.

I wouldn't take the trouble to test this service if you are on dial-up. You really need connection to gmail to profit from it. After all, it's webbased.

1000 Mb isn't so much, really. It's just 1 Gb. If you regularly send or receive mails with 1 Mb attachements, it's only 1000 mails. So 'never delete email' won't be true in the long run. It's a lot compared with the default free 2 Mb of hotmail (another web-based service), but that's about all.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Gmail

Thanks for the link. I will definately check it out. I have a cable connection, not dial up, so that part of it should be fine. Your info. that Gmail is a "web based service" like Hotmail, makes this a lot easier for me to understand as I wasnt sure how this Gmail account could and or if it would affect my Outlook Express. I am familiar with Hotmail but never quite understood the term " web based" and really had no reason to research it! Now I see that if I was to try this Gmail, I wont lose anything and I would still have my regular email account to go back to should I not like Gmail.
Thanks ever so much for your time and info......J

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RE: GMAIL--Help!!

Sorry to be such a pest! I just checked out the link you gave me and see that I need to be using IE 5.5 or above to be able to access GMAIL. I am currently using IE5, If I update to IE6, do I lose any content that I have on my computer at the present time? I would like to try the GMail but I am not too sure of what happens if I upgrade to IE6. Thanks for any info. you can pass my way.............J

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I never lost any info in IE when uprading - so don't worry.

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This is really good to know as I was afraid to try it in case I lost things, or had everything change on me!!Thanks for your input and reassurance........J

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Sambos don't be afraid to upgrade IE and go get that gmail account, nothing will change that you can't master or understand. Put a little zip in your life and give it a try. If you don't like what you get you can always uninstall it. G-mail won't have any effect on your present e-mail account no matter how many or what they might be they will still work. Let me know how you make out.

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Thanks for the encouragement.You just gave me the "final push" that I needed!! I'm always so afraid I will mess things up as everything I do know, I have basically learned via trial and error. I will definately tackle GMail, tomorrow, and you can be sure that I will let you know how it went!
Thanks so much............J

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my friend has dialup i gave him a gmail

and nps why would there be as webs the web?

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Re: dialup


Here in Holland dial-up is payed by the minute, so premiarily meant for people who don't connect much and long. With a pop3-based email-client (like Outlook Express, and a lot of others) all your mail is in a folder on your own computer, so you only connect to receive it and to send it.
With webmail you must be online to read the mail. And as the main advantages of gmail seems to be the organizing capability of the program and it's big store of data, I expect a user to be online rather long to fully profit from it.

And, of course, opening an attachment (especially repeatedly) is 'free' when it's on your hard disk, it's fast enough when on broadband, but it's annoying on dialup. It's much easier then to open Outlook Express and read the first messages while a big one is coming in in the background.

So, indeed, no technical problems at all. Just somewhat inconvenient and possibly expensive. That's what I meant. But I don't mind if you disagree. It's a personal opinion.


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Hello Kees...

Just a quick comment here as I am well aware of the problems (including cost) of dialup in Europe. GMAIL would be a good benefit for you.

In addition to its webmail interface, GMAIL also allows POP3 and SMTPS access through your favorite email client to the account after it has been set up to do so. It also allows email forwarding if desired (all through the settings pages).

If you want to try it out drop me a note as I have an invite YOU are welcome to. edodaniel at gmail dot com

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Thanks, Edward , but ...

Using gmail as a pop3-mail server doesn't seem to have any real advantages above any other one, including my current one at my ISP.

Gmail might be very nice as a hotmail-replacement for my son or daughter, but personally I'm happy with the current setup of my own email. We're on ADSL, so there wouldn't be any problems. I'll ask my son if he is interested. It would be interesting to see what (inobtrusive) advertisements gmail would add to Dutch mails, that generally won't contain the English language triggers. Alas, my son (14 years, nearly 15) won't let me read his mails, I'm sure.



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Interestingly enough I haven't seen any advertising within any of the GMAIL I access through POP client.

Either you or your son are welcome to experiment with it and it also allows you to discontinue and delete the account at any time.

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gmail_good or bad?

I would definitely say yes to the gmail invite. I have a gmail acct. and like it very much. I know what it's like to be seperated from fam. & loved ones. If I were you I would accept that invite and hurry up and send an email saying thank you, I love you, and I miss you so much.A very good thing bout gmail is that you store all online, never have to delete anything. And, in your circumstance, it would be absolutely perfect! It will keep all related convo's 2gether. What I mean is that if you and your son send a series of emails back and forth, gmail will keep them all together for you and when you want to look back at what you said yesterday, or three weeks ago, just look under conversation with son.....and all correspondence with him will be in a neat little(or big!)stack for you to flip thru!
Go for it, man! Stay in touch with that boy. Gmail was made for you. Also, you can swap and store online, photos!
I use gmail to stay in touch with my 7 kids and 12 g-babies all across the country. I love it!
Hope this will help you to stay in touch. Happy "gmailing".

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Gmail's Conversation View is tooooo convenient

I totally agree with "loricj".

GMAILs conversation type folder view is just too convenient. I mean getting all mails under the same subject line all at one go & that too one beneath the other really helps maintain the flow of mail from 1st to last mail esp. across a large no. of replies for a particular subject.

Further, if one is not interested in reading one mail all he needs is to check mark that mail in inbox or, open it & click "Move to Trash" & the whole conversation is moved to trash.

No need to explicitly find all related mails & delete them one by one. DELETE THEM ALL AT ONE CLICK.

According to me the gmail account is best suited for persons who get a lot of mails from a whole lot of persons something like yahoogroups.

I myself am using it in a best possible manner by subscribing all yahogroups with my gmail ID. Advantages being....the conversation view helps me get all mails of interest & same topic one under another. Secondly, non-useful mails & their replies can be easily deleted in inbox & suddenly logically 10s n 20s of mails are not disturbing your view of subject lines in inbox. Thirdly, POP access makes it even more friendly for some die-hard outlook express users.

Disadvantages......Though a bit hard to find really, one thing I would want to change perhaps is its address book. Every replied mail address gets an entry into address book & there's no way to delete the unncessary entries. Further, while composing a message esp. fwds> most users (including me) are still inclined to checkmarking all reqd entries from ur address book in the new window that opens up in yahoo mail. There's a very good possibility that u may miss out some names while just typing & getting addresses. That new window concept for all address book entries at one place & checkmarking all the reqd. entries is something I really am looking forward to in GMAIL. Till then for fwds> yahoo mail is still my favourite.

WHOOPS!!!!! I actually have become a gmail fan. Just saw I wrote a pretty big reply. Must close now.

Have a nice day all....

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