The S1000fd appears to be the little brother to the S8100fd.

The S1000fd does not have image stabilization and has less optical zoom than the S8100fd.
But the S1000fd is about $140 less cost.

Not having image stabilization means that you will have to be resourceful when using all that zoom.
That means, use the viewfinder instead of the LCD for those long shots.
A camera pressed against your face/head is much steadier than a camera held with extended arms (while using LCD).
Leaning your shoulder against a tree, pole, wall, etc helps even more when using the viewfinder.
A tripod is the best solution.

The S1000fd has the important manual controls, which appeals to the photographer who wants more control of the camera at times.

The S1000fd looks like it may be the replacement for the year old S700/S5700. The S700 has been very popular and gets very good reports.