I purchased a blu-ra player from Express Electronics in Brooklyn New York. When I tried to play disc it locked up. I exchanged it for another and it did not work either. What is with Samsung quality control? I tried to return it but the dealer said I would have to have Samsung repair it under the 90 day warranty. I went on line and filled out a warranty request with proof of purchase which was less than 2 weeks. It was approved and I UPS it to Samsung in New Jersy. I never heard from them so I called. I was told that it was in the repair department and it would be shipped out repaired in 5-7 days. After 10 days and nothing happening I called and was told that they were waiting on parts for the repair. After a few more days I called and was told they could not get the repair parts so I would be forwared to the replacement setction. After several days of waiting I called and was told that a replacement had been approved but they had no replacement Blu-ra players and when some came in they would send me one. After 2 weeks they still had no replacements and they said I could apply for a refund. At this point it had been over 6 weeks trying to get my player back. I was then told that they would not refund my money, repair or replace the item as Express Electronics was not an authorized Samsung Dealer. I asked why this now comes up some 6 weeks after they had accepted it for warranty repair and approved the replacement. By their stalling I had run out of time the cancel the charge to my credit card by Express Electronics. They said "They were sorry they could not do anything further and were closing my repair/replacement/rufund. Samsung is obviously having some serious quality control problems and are scamming people with their fake warranty.