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Fried Chip? HELP!

today i was cleaning my PC(taking out dust and the PC was off) and was trying to take out the fan on top of the processor. THe little hooks that keep the fan in place broke, with only one surviving. So the fan stayed on. I then went to turn on the pc and everything went fine. I started doing things on the PC and then all of a sudden it froze. I did a cold reboot and then i let it boot up and went away for a moment. When i came back to my amzaze, it was frozen again. I started the computer up again and i started it up in safe mode and everything went find so i restarted the PC again and then it would stop working on the load up screen. Now im thinking is that since the fan is not right on top of the chip that the chip has been fried. Now what can i do?!?!?!?!?

In need of emergency help

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Question and possible solution

What CPU?? If an Intel, not likely fried. Same for a leter model AMD, they protect themselves by turning off.

Go to http://www,

Look at items 161 0064, or 161 0070, or 161 0067. Maybe also 161 0062 or 161 0060.

They are replacement HSF holders for various CPU's.

The contact between the CPU surface and the bottom of the HSF must be very intimate, or the CPU gets too hot in seconds. Just had to get one for the same problem.

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So not fried......

so if it could be that its not fried the reason for it freezing is because of it over heating? so the fan not being in the perfect position is what is making the chip stop working? i tried putting on tape to make it the same and it still wouldnt work. Now everytime i try to turn on the PC all i get is beeps and nothing on the screen. what to do????? and its a P4 1.7GHz that i have

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Tape won't help. Buy the replacement

holder and install it so that the HSF is mounted properly.

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ok thanks

so im guessing since you guys are telling me to buy the replacement that the reason why my PC is freezeing is because of the fact that the fan is not in place. so if i were to buy the replacement my PC would not freeze?

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The replacement that I mentioned

is simply the plastic mounting base for the HSF. It only costs a few bucks [except they require a minimum order of $10 I think, so browse their catalog and pickup other stuff you may want].

I cannot guarantee you that you haven't fried or broken the CPU by fooling around with half arsed fixes. But it seems to make sense to try a $10 fix before buying a new CPU.

You never told me what type of CPU you have. The older AMD's that do not have the heat spreader are easy to crack when the HSF is put on at an angle. or backwards. The CPU is not in the center of the HSF assembly.

You can't blame "you guys" because I am the only one that has answered you. So no one to blame except me.

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not blaming anyone

I have a P4 1.7 GHz CPU. not sure from what series as it is a custom made PC and i don't have the details. The PC is about 5 years old(dont know if that helps to decide what CPU it is) and don't worry im not blaming anyone. didn't mean anything when i said 'you guys'

now which is the replacement i need. can you help me with the info i gave?

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forgot to ask

should i try turning on the PC again or should i leave it completly alone until i get the piece i need?

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DO NOt turn it on again until

you get the HSF mounted properly to the CPU. Also turn the Power Supply OFF by the switch on its rear [or unplug it]. There is still 5 volts standby voltage on the mobo with the system turned off by shutting down Windows.

You have to take a good look at the mounting bracket that is broken and then go to cyberguys and look at the pictures for each of the part numbers that I gave you.

As far as I can see there is only two to choose from. Should be easy looking at the pictures.

Good luck. Let us know how it turns out.

The fact that it is an Intel CPU gives hope that it didn't fry.

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yea i saw a picture that looks just like the ones i have. will update on what happens

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Multiple clasps

Excuse if repeated...

YES, you do need 100% contact of HSF with the cpu. The clasps only work if fully engaged, plus they help once the cpu gets hot and the grease or thermal tends to become flexible the adhesive properties will weaken and the HSF may just fall off. The meer fact the cpu is freezing is suggesting either too hot but not yet going into "reboot mode" has to be taken care. The fix is the use of multiple clasps, these have more than one hooking area, whereas the old one just used one on each side. The multiple clasp uses all the "ears" provided for this feature. Please notice that there are more than one ear to clasp where the old one broke. repeated use before the fix will cause cpu failure or just more flaky operation. It has to be addressed/fixed then full use can return. The sad news is you have to shop for such a HSF setup but cost is very reasonable.

enjoy Happy -----Willy

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