Fresh Install of W10 Fails

Got a Sony Viao with W7 Home on it (protect vpcek26fg, model pcg-61b11w). I have tried to do a clean install of W10. First I upgraded the OS, which went okay, so it can be activated.

I downloaded this tool and downloaded the W10 ISO. Burned the ISO. Changed BIOS to boot from USB. I get to do these options like this guy on does but when it gets to formatting, mine will not go further.

After the format, clicking next gives me the error:
Error: "We couldn't create a new partition or locate an existing one. For more information, see the Setup log files."

I tried deleting it and making it new, but still no go. I fiddled a bit but got no results. I was able to get into the recovery partition to reload 7. So, I tried again but no go. Then I tried:
Type LIST DISK and identify your SSD disk number (from 0 to n disks).
Type SELECT DISK <n> where <n> is your SSD disk number.
Type EXIT twice (one to get out of DiskPart, the other to exit the command line tool)

Still, same error on the drive.

Twice in the past couple of months "fsck/r/f" have been run. It did fix some errors, OS related, and bad sectors (so there are a few lingering). It re-loads 7 fine, but wiping out the drive has this setback.

BIOS has nothing about UEFI or EFI, etc. There is nothing in BIOS for legacy or standard. There is nothing in BIOS doing anything to the hard drive but its boot order.

But then, have found that after doing the procedure above again, the recovery partitions are gone. So therefore, no more reloading W7 again. All I can do now is find a way to boot install W10. I tried the default hard drive drivers but no go. I read some articles that Sony's hard drives can not handle W10?? I found this out originally the day after I did the upgrade. Trying to figure what to do with an empty laptop now. I tried to reload from one of my XP CDs, no go. Failed. It is an empty partition at this point and will not allow itself to take XP or 10 (which was registered) and the W7 recovery options are wiped. Sony wants money (which I not have) for a reload disk (and they assume it "will work").

I have tried the Ultimate Boot CD, via USB, and it can not even detect the hard drive in there to re-partition.

I connected an external CD drive to try and load XP Pro SP3 slipstream CD I made ages ago. It started to load and sees a hard drive of 350G, but then crashes with BSOD.

At the moment, I got a nonworking laptop!
I keep trying to find a way to get some sort of Windows on it. All I have are my floppies of 3.1 and 95. XP Pro CD, Vista Upgrade, and the W10 Home files after the laptop was registered with it on install.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

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Reporting: Fresh Install of W10 Fails
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Yes. When I clean install Windows I start

Without any partitions or that can trip up the install (of Windows XP to 10.)

XP does indeed BSOD today. It's very hard to install for most folk. Even I no longer write how. But it's on the web so there's that. But so few can do this with the 6 or so floppy disks required. It's dead Jim.

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Did you check w/Sony for drivers? Also see link for d/l.

I thought I heard a news report last week quoting Sony as having said users of their PCs should wait a few months until they get the Windows 10 compatible drivers ready. Did you check with them?
Also I don't know about where you said you downloaded Windows 10. The place to get it is here . That's the official MS site for getting it, and I can vouch that it works for me.
Good luck.

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I Did...

Yes, I did get it from MS' site. As for Sony, they told me that they were sorry but nothing they can do but sell me a restore DVD.

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This do not look good.

Install win10 won't do you much good at this point because there's no way you can activate it. You have to worry about putting win7 back, if we are going the "upgrade" route, clean or otherwise. How? I don't know.

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This looks good to me.

There are now many articles about how to clean install the free upgrade of 10. The top post does meet the criteria so I think they are messing up the driver install. That is, driver detectives and such are not very good. I continue to do this the old fashioned way with nearly 100% success.

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Ok, that's interesting.

So how does go about activating it. There's no key on that computer to tie this computer to win10. MS got to have the win7 key for reference, doesn't it? I hope you're right.

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There are prior articles how it changed.

Once you successfully upgrade to 10 a hash is made of your PC and is then marked as good for 10 up in Microsoft's servers. No more product key is required. You can wipe the drive and clean install but have to skip the activation or key entry step. This is all out there on many articles so I'll keep it this short.

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Like Bob says, once 10's activated once, forget keys.

Keys are obsolete with Windows 10 after it's been installed and activated once. So after that forget about keys with Windows foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

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I heard you guy but...

my logic says how could that be. I would love it more if it was like the old activation period. I will test this out later on for my own satisfaction. This just don't sound right.

However, in this case, OP's have not had win10 in this computer activated yet, or did I missed that little information.

Personally I have reinstall win10 on one of my computer. But in my case I did enter the key when they ask. So next time I won't enter a key and I'll see what will happen.

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You've always had to activate

Windows. This new way is so you don't have to worry about entering a key. They did it to make it easier to do clean installs.

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As I have said, for the sake of OP,

I hope you guys are right. Actually I have just started an experiment this morning about win10. I am starting with a computer with a blank Hdd. and a usb with win10 created back in Sept. Win10 was successfully installed but some interesting info. came up also. It said win10 hasn't been activate but yet for some reason a win10 key which belong to another computer was "note". (what, why, or how) for later experiment.

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Windows 10 doesn't use keys.

When you install Windows 10 as an upgrade Windows 10 is activated on that machine. I believe they call Digital Entitlement. It takes a snapshot of you hardware and creates a hash number ans stores it on a MS server. Then when you do the clean install it checks the MS server to see if the machine was activated and it proceeds with the clean install. Keys are used for the people that aren't eligible for the free upgrade and have to purchase the retail or OEM versions of Windows 10.

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It Is

Maybe my post did not say it clearly, but it ran W10 find for a couple of days after installing over W7. Got activated fine. Doing the clean install is what messed things up.

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It was..

It was activated when it was installed over W7. Worked for two days. It was the clean install that caused issues and not nothing I can get will load.

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As long as you are creating partitions before the install.

I see failures when folk do that. While I've written about that for years I'm unsure why folk want that to work.

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Why don't we try what Robert suggest.

Delete the partition on that harddrive and try again. But since win10 was installed on that computer then I want to tell you you have nothing to worry about. I have just proved to myself what everyone is correct. MS will remember that computer. Not to go against Robert but I always partition my Hdd. first (that's just me). I know win10 installer will ask where I want to put it..and if it can't be done, it will tell me so.

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