Fresco Logic USB3 Drivers Won't Install (Windows 7)


I have a Dell XPS 13 with Windows 7 and have been plagued by the Fresco Logic USB issue since I've had it (since winter 2012). This is error code 31 if that means anything. In the past I was able to either roll back the driver update or redownload the driver from Dell's website (the one from August 22, 2012), but for some reason that isn't working anymore and hasn't for awhile (over a year). The right USB port was working on and off but is now mechanically broken so I'm trying to fix the left one.

The problems most people were facing were that when they would delete the driver and then restart their computer, the faulty updated driver would redownload. I'm not even getting to that problem--the driver won't even install:

I ran a troubleshooting thing and got this:

When I try to download the drivers from Dell directly, I get the following:
(press install)
(press ok)
(immediately goes to this)

Note that, admittedly, when I've tried to redownload the drivers, there are already drivers downloaded but not installed on here from the automatic update.

This is what comes up when I press "view log" (or at least, this is what seems to be the important part):
[11/15/15 12:43:45] <!--[if gte IE 7]><img src="logo.png" /><![endif]--><!--[if lte IE 6]><img src="logo.gif" /><![endif]-->
[11/15/15 12:43:45] (MUPXMLParser::GetResultName): *** Vendor Return Code is not found in Mup.xml
[11/15/15 12:43:45] Name of Exit Code:
[11/15/15 12:43:45] (DupAPI::GetReturnCode): *** Unable to find DUP value for:
[11/15/15 12:43:45] Exit Code set to: 1 (0x1)
[11/15/15 12:43:45] Result: FAILURE
[11/15/15 12:55:49] Open file: C:\Users\MyName\AppData\Local\Dell\UpdatePackage\Log\XPS-L321X_Chipset_Driver_R9WKR_WN_3.5.46.0_A02 (6).txt

Normally guides say to delete the .93 version and download the August 22, 2012 version from Dell, but that isn't downloading at all here so I'm kind of at a loss. It appears that the right USB port stuff downloaded correctly, but since the little thing inside the usb port fell out a few months ago, I can't check that.

Has anyone had this problem before? Is there a way to switch the usb ports around? I don't need a usb3.0 port.

I have also tried deleting the file out of the Windows32 folder, as described here: That didn't work either Sad I was still unable to download install the driver and got the same results as I did above.

Let me know if there is anything else I need to provide for help on this!

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Reporting: Fresco Logic USB3 Drivers Won't Install (Windows 7)
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Clarification Request
What I can't tell

Is if the OS supplied by Dell works or not. When I get a Dell (or such named machine) it works out of the box or it goes back. Installing Windows from scratch could result in issues like yours. I'd go back to the factory condition and if that fails, return it as a defective machine.

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The OS was supplied by Dell.

I probably got a faulty machine, but didn't realize it when I did, and I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's three years too late to return the computer. I'm not adverse to getting a new one, it's just frustrating that outside of general three-year-old computer issues, this is the only issue my computer has Sad

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Wow, 3 years.

I'm a bit surprised that you lived with dead USB ports that long. There was some models that worked but ran at USB 2.0 speeds and had warnings in the device manager but worked at least that much.

By OS supplied by Dell I mean the whole enchilada. The OS as delivered ready to use. Some don't get it that Windows the OS is one thing and the whole system delivered is what I call the factory issued OS.

Keep in mind I may skip things like how to install Windows and what to install after the OS like a motherboard chipset driver or to never install the antivirus before our drivers.

Since this is the FL1009 Series, did you try others like

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PS. Please don't take the wow wrong.

I just find it amazing that folk keep machines that arrive with defects. I've learned to return such fast.

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Well, the other USB port worked on and off until it physically broke...but yeah, it's been a little bit of a struggle.

IIRC the OS was delivered ready to use. You mean like, as opposed to purchasing the laptop, and then purchasing the OS and installing it myself? I didn't do that.

I think that I have downloaded that one previously, and it didn't work this time (did the same thing as described above).

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Wish I could try it for you but

I've fixed a few over the years by setting the BIOS to defaults (sometimes folk set something like Legacy USB, etc.) then boot up and if good I eject the antivirus and firewall along with any "protection" software since I don't want these to interfere with driver installs.

Next I make sure I'm in a new Admin account and the trials begin. Usually the motherboard chipset package then the USB chip driver package is all it takes. Be sure to look at that LOG output for clues. I can't see it here.

-> Another thing. NO registry cleaners or else these things tend to fail.

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