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Free site to fix computer problems

I want a place where I can get rundll32 free and what is the best way to fix problems on the computer? I get all these sites where supposedly I can get free programs to fix my computer problems and none are free. If I need to pay what is the best program to buy and what is the cost factor. Thanks in advance

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No site required.

rundll32 is on your OS CD so it seems odd to need that.

These forums are very helpful about finding answers to problems. But you do need to present the problem for discussion.


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Try getting a friend to send you his version

If you're actually missing rundll32 then I doubt your computer is working very well, but try and get somebody to send you their version, find somebody with the same operating system, maybe a friend from school/work or even a good friend from MSN.

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Runn DLL

How do you know if you are missing Runn DLL? I was trying to find a discussion on which computer to purchase as I had a power surge and my monitor has lost the color red and is dull and the computer is acting weird so I am going to need to purchase a new system. If you can direct me to the correct site, I would greatly appreciate the help. Jen

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Why don't you simply use one of these

CNET forums??? This one for general computer, the Hardware forum for mainly hardware. Numrerous other forums here at CNET. All have knowledeable people waiting to help you. And it's totally free!!

A decision that one needs a new computer because the present one is acting up is only valid crutch if one is looking for an excuse to buy a new computer.

Why not create a new discussion in the forum of your choice here at CNET, give the details of the present things that your system is doing and don't be surprised if you find how to fix it for less than a new computer.

Looking for an item of software, free or pay, that will troubleshoot your computer is a waste. For every possible help one provides it will give you grief on others.

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I am sorry if I didn'r explain my problem in a more detailed way. My computer when I started it up I would do a ctrl, alt and delete. I would see alot of programs open and I deleted rundell32. I now find out that i need it to open programs on my computer. I have run the free version of debug and it tells me I have 234 problems. I can't find my ani virus program on my computer, I thought I had one. I have a spybot program that a computer tech installed but it keeps telling me I don't have any problems. I am experiencing a slow computer ande programs half missing. I am also misssing something from my Outlook Express, so it doesn't work properly either.

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Gpadilla, Well, We Need A Lot More Information..

Which operating system are you using? (Windows 98, 2000, XP, etc.) Antivirus and spyware removal tools should be updated at least weekly..Have you done that???

Have you downloaded and replaced the "Rundll32.exe" file using the link I provided earlier? If not, please do...It should help substatially.

Next, because there may be viruses and spyware on the machine, please follow the steps in the links below. Running the scans below will take quite a long time but it is necessary to make sure the computer is clean.:

First, click on either, or both of the links below and run the free virus scans they provide:

Housecall Online Scanner

Panda Online Scanner

Next, download, install, update, then run ALL of the free spyware removal tools from the links below. (Since you already have Spybot installed on the machine, make sure to update it from within it's user interface, then run it.)


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I have windows 98

I will try to do all the things you have told me. I am using my daughters computer right now because i couldn't even get a webpage on mine.I was able to get on the internet, but that is all. My son has recently downloaded limeware and I notice that I have more problems. I can't burn CD's anylonger or print from my printer. Thanks in advance for all your help.

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Gpadilla, Limewire Can Cause The Issue..

Because many of the files downloaded contain malware of some type, the computer may be infected..

Another thought that may be easier for you. You'll to check if the computer came with Recovery CDs..IF the computer came with "Recovery CDs", it may be easier to completely reformat and reinstall everything using them..ONE IMPORTANT NOTE: When you use the Recovery CD's to reformat and reinstall everything the drive will be WIPED of all files..Everything will be gone..Make sure to make backups of your important documents BEFORE using the Recovery CD's. To run them, simply place the first Recovery CD in the CD-Rom, then restart the computer..It should boot from the CD and give you options to do a "Full" recovery which formats the drive and reinstalls everything back to the factory configuration...OR...a "repair" or "partial" recovery which installs the programs "over the top" of the current installation..Since you want to fix all those problems, I recommend doing a complete reformat and reinstall.

Hope this helps.


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Gpadilla, Free Download Site For Rundll32.exe

Here's the link. Follow the instructions for replacement with your operating system. You'll need an Unzipper program to unzip the downloaded .zip file.:

Hope this helps.


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Unzip program for downloading rundll32exe.?

I have a program on my computer called winrar and when I downloaded rundll32 it goes to winrar and I can't open or extract it or maybe I just don't know how.I am thinking that it is easier to put a recovery CD (os-cd is this the same as a recovery CD?) As you can tell I don't know much about computers. Thank you for being patient with me.

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Gpadilla, Unzipper Program..

Here is a small, free Unzipper program called "CAM Unzip" that you can download. Once it's downloaded to the desktop, install the program. After it's installed, the .zip file will look like a folder with a "Z" on it. Double click on the "Z folder" and the program will open. Choose "Extract" button and a second, normal folder will be placed in the same directory as the .zip file..Opening that folder will allow you to see and use the "Rundll32.exe" file.

The operating system CD will allow you to reinstall the operating system only..In order to get back to the original factory condition, you'll also need a driver CD (or a backup copy made by you of all the hardware drivers on the computer) PLUS an installation CD of EVERY program that originally came with the computer. If you don't have those other programs, then you'll need to get them before running a full format and reinstall.

A "true" Recovery CD will reinstall everything in one process.. The operating system, all hardware drivers and all programs are installed.

Hope this helps.


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Recovery CD Windows 98

Thank you all for your help. Thanks for the zip program. Grif if I find my recovery CD and use it. Will that fix all my problems on my computer? I ran a free Registry Mechanic and found 568 problems. Is this program a good buy to fix my computer? I want to fix all the bad things the least expensive way. My Outlook Express doesn't work either I am missing a component in it also. I want to find a way to save all my files before I do a Recovery CD, is there an easy way of doing this? I have a jumpdrive can that be used on my computer and where do I put it.

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I am still experiencing lots of problems the following error

message keeps coming up when I try to open up any program 'C:/WINDOWS/rundll32exe." the computer keeps telling me I am missing it. I download and can't open the zip file of rundell32exe. My computer is telling me I have no memory to even defragment my computer.

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Gpadilla, Please Don't Make Mistakes In Spelling

You've now typed the name of the file as a number of different things. You have typed the name as "rundell32.exe" on a number of different occasions. I thought you were referring to a file named "rundll32.exe". Which one is it?

Yes, the jump drive is a good place to back up your personal documents and files. It should work correctly when you're ready to replace those files back on the computer after recovering it.

In regards to the "will a recovery fix all my problems", I've already answered that. Please see the second paragraph of my earlier response in the link below:

At this point, if you have all the appropriate reinstall CD's, I would reformat and reinstall everything..Unfortunately, the only thing you're told us about is the Windows 98 CD..You'll need a "Windows 98 boot floppy", then Windows 98 CD, a driver CD so you can install the drivers for every piece of hardware on the computer, and all of the program installation CDs. Do you have those? If so, the instructions in the links below should help you get it done:

How to Install Windows 98 on a Computer with No Operating System (Q221829)

How to Use the Fdisk Tool and the Format Tool to Partition or Repartition a Hard Disk (Q255867)

Hope this helps.


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I have a wWindows 98 Boot Disk and

Dell Hard Drive Installation Tool Vesion 10.01 Disks (2). I don't have any CD's. Where can I can the Cd's I need? Thanks in advance for all your help.

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(NT) (NT) Contact Dell

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