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Free plastic surgery - no kidding

Nov 29, 2007 2:22PM PST

You guess it, free as in free boob job and others. I saw this on our local news coverage. It seems you can get free plastic surgery provided by patrons support of the website. I forgot the online webpage link and looked it up to find it, which in turn provided yet another interesting free surgery source, "the military". It seems as an enlistment enticement, plastic surgery is offered not only for corrective but selective surgery as well. Wasn't like that in the old Corps.

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re: elective surgery
Nov 29, 2007 10:48PM PST

I wouldn't be surprised if military surgeons pioneer techniques in reconstructive and plastic surgery, especially during and in the aftermath of war,. They could then have more experience than your average hospital resident n those specialties. I suspect they are now pretty busy using their skills on the many war wounded.

What I find surprising is that the offer as presented in the article includes dependents. That is because the active member must buy insurance for family members, at a cost comparable to the civilian sector.

Thus I wonder if the procedures are actually "free". It seems as if that insurance would be filed to pay for them.

There is still a misconception that military families get free medical care. They do not-they buy the insurance coverage. They pay for their medications. Yes, the military does negotiate with the drug companies for best prices (like other countries), so they pay less than most for the meds.

I don't know what the family coverage excludes, like elective cosmetic surgery such as breast augmentations.

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