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Format mp3/mp4 player memory loss


I brought mp3/mp4 player in china. It have 2 GB memoey, firmware version ACTS16D_13 2005/06/01 WS-3.2.16 2005/07/28, device name : S! Mp3 Player, Prosuctor : Wilson Co.Ltd.

I formatted it. The memory went down to 109 MB. I try format in FAT and FAT32 it's not work.


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Reporting: Format mp3/mp4 player memory loss
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Me too

I have a problem same as you.. if u have the way.. please tell me at

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same to

i also have same proble as like you, if you know the way please inform me to

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sony 4gb format

The same problem for my mp3-4 after format from win xp only 109mb if somethig new to solve mail to me please

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same too

i have same problem as like you. if you know the way please send to

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unable to delete files

my mp4 player LSD_91N18V_A1

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sounds like we bought the same item

help if you have been given the answer to our problem please forward to my email thank you.

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one question

Did your player allow youto use more that 109mb orignaly

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can u pls show me how to format the china mp4
with cgs

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mp4 memory format feedback

same here, and it "looked" like there was the 2 gig capacity when viewing properties through windows explorer. when i put about 1.6 gig of files on there, it said that most of them were corrupt! only about 100 mb i am guessing were actually readable, and there was small tag files located in its memory that could not be opened or deleted, therefore i reformatted as per original posting above...either there is new technology to download to encode the files to make use of a psuedo 2 gig, or it only ever had the 100 mb capacity and whatever the small tag files were that i deleted, made it appear to have more memory. i will do some more research and see how it goes.

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same problem

i've got the exact same problem.....with my mp3 player...could someone please help email is

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Format mp3/mp4 player memory loss

My clone 4Gbyte MP4 also has the same problem. That is the total memory capacity reduced to 109Mbytes after reformat. I took the machine apart and found the Flash Memory module inside is a Samsung K9F1G08U0A. From Samsung web site, this Flash Memory module has only Memory Cell Array : (128M + 4,096K)bit x 8bit. This means that the Module can hold only 1GBits of data. The Chinese merchants must have some kind of smarts to program the MP4 so that it shows 4Gbytes of Memory Capacity with 1GBite flash memory in it.

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(NT) (NT) I second this.
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Format mp3/mp4 player memory loss


I am Visha from India there is one solution for a such problems a utility TESTDISK is most useful to recover the lossed space of mp3/mp4 players. It will find on It actually rewrite MBR of player & we want to locate original cylinder size of player. So do it carefully it is dengarous.

Vishal Ranmale.

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went from 4 G to 1 G when I reformatted

I had disk errors, so I used the cgsecurity software to recover, but came up with only 1 gig. Is there truly only 1 gig or 4 gigs available?

How do I get back to 4 gigs?

If there is only 1 gig available, do they get by by the software they use to down load to the player, that actually compresses and/or saves it at a lower bit rate to save room?

If this is the case, How do I get the AVI or whatever program they use to compress the music reinstalled on my MP3/4 player?

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same problem

I m thanislas from india. I m too facing the same memory in my sony mp4 player after formatting it. I had 2gb before that but after formatting it was reduced to 241mb. i don't know how to retrieve that previous memory. pls guide me to my mail id:

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same problem here

if u get the firmware please send it to my email.

thank you.

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firmware site
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Ok guys; my question.

Why do you have to format it. Is this a harddrive or is it ram? Did the instruction said to format it? Could you still load any music in there without formating first?

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This is what I know...

Well, the mp3 players are designed so that there is no need to defrag the drive, so in this sense a format is really not necessary for a low-capacity player.

FYI, All mp3 players should be able to load music onto it w/o format.

This problem should only happen on no-brand or counterfeit mp3 players with flash memory. There are many ways to make the capacity look bigger than what it actually can hold (this happens to USB memory sticks too).
One and only solution to avoid this is stop buying these no-brand or counterfeit products! the money you save is not worth the trouble. Just be more cautious next time.

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you are wrong...

shut up,mp4 from china is like 200-400 bucks,but 200 bucks from china is actually 25 bucks in canada,so i say it worth it,this problem only happens is because people accidently selected fat32 when formatting,whiches the same problem i have,i lost 8 meg from a 975 meg mp4 and now its 967 meg. but other then that, buying mp4 from china is worth it if you have a average-paying job in canada or USA,i mean if in USA then that even better!

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well hate to break it to ya mate
but I purchased one of these confounded things from ebay and formatted it in fat let me repeat fat not fat32 but... fat low and behold 4gb became 962MB hmm interesting isn't it?

The funny thing is that before formatting it when I tried to put more than 1GB worth of information on it displayed numerous error messages and at one stage even deleted every single music file stored on it. so basically what we have here is a very interesting method that is being used to trick windows into reading the disk memory falsely.
I've done a bit of research and so many people have reported this error and have even gone to the trouble of identifying the real capacity of the chips in their player. although my player still functions I am disappointed that it is not really 4 GB and as for AMV playback don't get me started!

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4GB Samsung flash memory MP4 MP3 Media USB player

WOW! I just purchased 2 on Ebay (X-Mas presents for my kids),I thought I would check out what others thought of this product. Maybe I should complain to Ebay and Paypal - I purchased these players from Ebay ID: e-britain from Hong Kong,


Item Specifics - MP3 Players
Brand: -- Storage Capacity: 1-9 GB
Product Line: -- Color: Pink
Condition: New

Durable colored aluminum metal case stylish body design
4GB Samsung flash memory
1.5 inch 65536 true color OLED screen
ID3 tag Support: Lyric display allows Karaoke
With E-book and Telephone book function
Support MP3, WMA, WMV, ASF, WAV, ASF, ACT formats
Convert WMV, MPG, MPEG I, MPEG II and AVI to new Advanced MTV format by included software
Covert JPEG, GIF, SWF picture files to PIC files to be viewed by Advanced MTV by included software

Its stating Storage Capacity: 1-9 GB, but the heading for this listing states: FREE SHIPPING 4GB MP4 MP3 Media USB player Case I814

What is the 4GB Samsung flash memory supposed to make this player do?

I think I should request a stop payment with paypal!!!!!

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I just bought it as well

Hi I just the same player from the same seller, and I have not received mines yet. Have you gotten yours and tried it out yet, if so let me know what I can expect.


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i can fixed it

dont try to format your mp4 player using windows xp
try to download the amv converter ita has a disctool meaning to say it can format your mp4 player, download it tru

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I purchased a 4GB ipod from china about 3 months ago. Then all of a sudden today I started getting "format errors". Then I tried to go to forums to find the answer to my problem and nobody had any info for my huge ipod trouble. Then I found a chinese friend from america in a forum, that I had just joined, and he gave me an address to go to fix my ipod. So I downloaded the software and kaboom my ipod works as good as new. The e-mail address is <>
My ipod doesnt freeze or "format error" anymore at all so go on over there and try it. And please e-mail me back or give a yes or no if it works for you.
Good luck and have a nice day!!!!!!!!! <Grin

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faulty mp4 player it worked for me ;)

hi i have tried the website:
that our friend suggested i've installed it and YES!! it worked.
I couldnt do anything with my mp4, and like a lot of you i bought the item from ugoole from ebay, at first worked fine then when i downloaded alot of songs it kept telling me files were corrupted, and then it wouldn't worked at all well the radio only, i was desperate 'cos i didn't know what to do, and today i've found the forum and a great help thank you so much!!!!

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i have the firmaware but i dont know how to install it

I bought me an mp4/mp3 player model: IKO, TOP technology, HM 1135. And I have experiance some momory lose and some files errors with this player so I decided to format it. But is this program: Anapod Reinitializer would format my firmware as well.??
If it would I have a file " HM-1135 upgrade software.rfw " well I understand that this is the upgrade for the firmware but how can I open this format RTW ? how to use this software ?

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mp4 ipod

my probs is my mp4 ipod doesnt loading up and shutoff..when i turn on it display press any key to restart then auto off..when iput usb in pc i could not format but i could not open" appear users disk only'...when i go to the website they told ">" it is already remove or the page does not exist..pls help i need it now the solution....thank you

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answer for the memory problem

Hi i went on the site u told me,, but the software cannot detect my player... can u tell me wat to do...


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Hi when you use the anapod go to FAT32 instead of FAT. Then it will scan and find your ipod with no problem. E-mail me back and let me know if it works if not I'll try to help you find your ipod software to fix it.

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