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Form letter for persons detained in Australia and elswhere

Ref: DIMIA 12345

17 February 2005

Mr. Stateless Person of Interest
Suite 4
Red Wing
Baxter Resort
South Australia

Dear Stateless Person of Interest

This communication with you conforms to the Australian Cabinet approved Book of Synonyms and Antonyms, as edited by Smokey Mirrors, for use in telling anyone about anything.

Thanks for your letter of 4 September 2001 relating to your request for special consideration for compassion and release.

I was surprised to receive your letter, because I was not aware that people such as you could write. I hope that you have not been undertaking schooling whilst in your special place, because that is not allowed. If you were to tell me confidentiality who wrote the letter for you I might look upon your case more favourably. Here I should state, that the fact you are twelve years old cuts no ice and it is time someone pointed out to you, and all the other `illegal? types like you, in the world, the reality, at the end of the day.

Under authority, conferred upon me by the Queen of England, and endorsed by the Cabinet of the Australian government with the acquiescence of the Australian people and the guidance of Smokey Mirrors, the Director of Communications of the Australian Liberal Party and coincidentally of the White House, you are to be placed under contribution.

As an extra benefit, the High Court of Australia has ruled that we are in charge of your life and can detain you at our, and especially my, pleasure, for as long as I/we like. It may not yet be clear to you that we, in Canberra, the government, and autocracy of this great nation, do like to and as the Australian refugee group says, you should Chilout (

I want you to be fully aware of our rights as specified under the unilateral provisions for the War on Diversity and Culture, adopted by Australia, in complementary and unquestioning acceptance from our supreme political church leader, George Bush, President, of the United States, in whom we trust.

As an incarcerated non-citizen, here in Australia, in Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan, Cuba or anywhere else we and our associates may choose, you are subject to being watched, inspected, and spied upon, directed, law-driven, numbered, regulated, enrolled, indoctrinated, preached at, and controlled. You can be checked, estimated, valued, censured, and commanded. This is public pretext of general interest and we do this, on behalf of the superior people of the great nations of Australia and the United States in whom we trust, hallelujah and the representative of God on earth be praised and no it is not the Pope I am referring to!

I may require, and I do, that you be drilled, fleeced, exploited, monpolilised, extorted from, squeezed, hoaxed and be robbed of your liberty. If you show the slightest resistance, the private police, military and media advisers, psychiatrists on our payroll and any others we deem qualified, regardless of mental agility and intelligence quotient may interview and interrogate you. In doing so they may carry guns, work with dogs and other unspecified animals, feel you up, pull down your panties, snigger and take pictures etc. You may be subject to harassment, be hunted, be abused through torture or other device, without recourse to any rule of law or justice for you are a non citizen, a persona non gratis and a low life by comparison to us.

If we choose, and we do, you may be vilified and condemned, without proof, for throwing your children over board, for surviving the sinking of Siev ? X or for being deemed to be in possession of weapons of mass destruction and for consorting with known or suspected terrorists at school, which we know was really a training camp.

You may be held on suspicion of being person of a particular unacceptable descent, or belief, who has no regard for God?s chosen nation, the United States of America, and the President, in whom we trust.

You, or your family or countrymen, may be bombed and there is no requirement upon us, or the Americans with whom we travel, to count the numbers of how many we kill. You may be clubbed, disarmed, shot at and killed, stripped naked, be made to simulate sex or any other activity that we of the `coalition of the willing? and the divine of right may decide. You may be bound, checked, imprisoned (in your own country or here), judged, condemned, deported, sacrificed, sold, and betrayed.

That is the system of government here in Australia and in places where the United States has neat technology, lots of hardly educated soldiers and likely commercial interests. That is justice and that is morality, and you have no recourse according to Proudhon, in Nozick, 1974.

You might like to console yourself that we are not biased. Officers from the department lock up Australians, French visitors on holidays and passing Koreans and anyone else we find wandering on the streets that do not speak or look Australian. In Egypt, Iraq and Afghanistan, Pakistan, Cuba and anywhere we are we may if we desire do similar stuff and we don?t have to tell what we are doing and no one cares much anyway.

We are in search of the elusive Bin 29 and I hope for your sake that you do not know where he is. We may come and search your suite at Baxter soon and if not satisfied may send you to another facility, overseas, for mental reclamation and restructure, where we may put electric wires on your genitals to see if we can make your eyes glow.

It is fruitless to consider petitioning the Australian parliament, for we have what we term a ?bipartisan policy? and it is the right of the liberal, national and labor parties that make up the majority of the House of Representatives and the Senate to decide how you may be incarcerated and treated.

In any event the coalition of the John Howard government and the Republican Party of the USA, under the blessed President, George Bush, shall be in charge of the Australian Senate, come mid 2005. The proposition that representatives, Greens, Democrats and Independents, should have any influence is laughable and a fantasy.

There are still pockets of resistance that are putting it about that that this action is perpetrated by creatures who have neither the right or the wisdom, nor the virtue to do so, but that is not our view.

Therefore, based on our compelling rights over yours, your request for special consideration on the grounds of clemency, humanity, morality, conscious regard, decency, religion, fear of loss of life, pending insanity, inhumane treatment, the rules of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, international law and covenants, Geneva Convention, United Nations crap, the Bible and the Koran or any other book in publication or not, is hereby denied.

We, me and others in this nation, know that this is disappointing, but we will keep your details on file should another position in Australia come up and please do not hesitate to apply again.

Please note, children of the age of twelve are not allowed to smoke in Australia and definitely not in a government building. Do you not know that smoking is a health hazard?

As an aside if by chance, at the time of next federal election, you should have relatives, living in Australia, in regional national party and liberal party electorates, or in a remote possibility you have been released on a `permit?, you or they may be eligible for a grant up to $400,000, and a free mobile phone, to open a caf

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Reporting: Form letter for persons detained in Australia and elswhere
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