Let's start off with internet explorer and other browsers

IE: For example ie is a great and popular browser but has
it's disadvantages ie will mostly render more things then
any other browser because it supports more formats and code although it lacks protection and safety from spyware
viruses, trojans and of course vulnerable to the outside.

IE's Overall Rating: Beginner Intermediate Advance

Firefox: This is becoming one of the most popular browers
around the world now a days it has protection for spyware
ads and security three of the most important things for the internet user with a extension called NoScript firefox can render more pages quicker then before though firefox lacks rendering pages from certain websites it's still an alternative browser

FF Overall Rating: Beginner Intermediate and Advance

Avant Browser: Though this is another popular browser it supports the same thing has ie but basically sits on top of ie which means it's ie with additional features added onto it with the help of tabbed browsing for this browser and an adblocker it's pretty darn good quick and reliable renders like ie and blocks like firefox

Avant Overall Rating: Novice and Beginner

Oprea: although tried this browser out one time didnt like it much when installing it and starting it up it askes if you wanna buy the full version or use the free version with ad support meaning you'll see this ad everytime you start up opera although its pretty quick can't give detail out on this brower dont like it much

Opera Overall Rating: Novice and Beginner

Netscape: This has got to be a great browser it features an adblocker it blocks spyware it configures itself to protect you from certain website and it renders firefoxs engine and ie's engine you can switch it at anytime so basically it has the protection of both browers but has we know it we can't trust AOL

Netscapes Overall Rating: Beginner Intermediate Advance