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For thought_stazi

Nov 24, 2005 8:00AM PST

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Good work Mark.
Nov 24, 2005 9:23AM PST

You seemed to believe that he was originally Yewanchors.

Seems that he doesn't understand the purpose of these forums.

People ask questions because they don't know the answer. How can anyone criticize that?? I think that all humans ask questions quite often. LOL

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This is why I chose the moniker
Nov 24, 2005 9:46AM PST

Are you tired of thinking for yourself? No problem, just ask Furor MarkFlax! For the low low price of your freedom, he'll relieve you of that burdensome task of thinking. That's right, no more having to make decisions, no more headaches from trying to figure out a tough problem... Furor MarkFlax, and those in the Ministry of Thought, will tell you what you think! All this, for the low, low price of your freedom, but only if you act within the next ten minutes.

Sarcasm aside... It truely is a sad sight to see when someone from the Western world tries to censor people. It's even more disturbing when there's a group of cheerleaders, pom-poms in hand, acting like it's a good thing. I'm not interested in any cop-out excuses about how it's the rules, because we both know they don't hold any water. You are voluntarily enforcing policies that should go against your very upbringing.

I think I will go and silently weep for the future for awhile now. Praying to all the gods that were, are and will be, that you and your kin will rediscover common sense sooner rather than later.

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A Nazi, at least learn to
Nov 24, 2005 9:57AM PST

spell the man you seem to admire, your Fuehrer.

The huge majority of us are happy that he is dead.