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For those who haven't yet caught on.

I am very sorry that my contributions to this forum are upsetting certain individuals. It seems that they have not grasped why I have suggested changes and tried to get everyone to conform to certain ways of posting.

My initial suggestions were due to two factors.

Firstly, at that time it was taking 5 minutes to access the forum, and because all the alerts, updates and news items were strewn over two or three pages (again taking a long time to access) it seemed sensible to place them all in their own threads.

Secondly, and in general, the site is so badly designed that we had to work round its shortcomings so as to make it a little more user friendly.

Having suggested and had the changes accepted by the moderators, the casual approach of a few individual required that the system needed a little tweaking.

In other forums the messages are laid out in full, in a linear way, so you know that the last post is at the bottom. Some have the updates in single thread monthly chunks. (They only change the thread each year, while we have to change each day or so due to the site design) This means, for them, there is a coherent timeline, everything is easy to follow and duplications are rare. In our forum, especially as we tend to comment and ask questions about updates, the thing is chaotically branched ( I did suggest that we had one thread for updates and one for update discussions, but perhaps that was asking too much) and we have to look for the time of posting to decide which message to read and how it relates in a time frame to other relevant messages.

If somebody only accesses the forum once a day, and is in a completely different time zone, it is hard to work out how long ago the last message was posted. If people are posting outside the single day thread it complicates matters further as there are two parallel threads on the go, which is not only confusing, but makes duplication more likely. It seems to me that the individuals who are complaining are only seeing the thing from their own perspectives and missing the wider picture.

As I have said, the only sensible method is to use the forum timeline, which is especially important for the changeover from day to day. If you post before 12 midnight, forum time, it goes in today?s thread, after 12 midnight, forum time, and it goes in the next days thread.

Except for the night-owls, and because most members are in the USA, there should be no problem as most of you will be in bed at the changeover.

Although I was trained in science, I am a published poet and visual artist, with a very individualistic personality. I am, therefore, all for a bit of anarchy, and revolt against silly ideas and the imposition of pointless rules and regulations. However, I readily accept and follow sensible rules that clarify situations and make things easier for EVERYONE.

If anyone believe my efforts have been a waste of time, and are of no help, please ignore my suggestions. I do not intend to bully, I am merely trying to make a badly designed site a little more user friendly.


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Re: For those who haven't yet caught on.

basil i have np with you but that ladys post didnt hurt anything all u had to do was ask mods to move it Happy

and ive posted in wrong places allso and i dont get my feelings hurt but that lady does im sorry if i offended you

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Re: For those who haven't yet caught on.

Mark, I did not view your comments as offensive and certainly my reminders to julea and others were statements of fact , not offensive, nor meant to be so.


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Re: For those who haven't yet caught on.

Well, I like the following methods that Mods Marianna and Donna have devised for each particular day:

UPDATES - September__, 2004

VIRUS ALERTS - September ___, 2004

VULNERABILITIES - September ___, 2004

NEWS - September ___, 2000

then other people add on their info to those already posted regardless of the time of day. It seem awkward to me to have to go to more than one of those above post by someone else. It also seems to me as being unnecessary in all of a sudden discovering a update and trying to beat Marianna or Donna in posting the main daily above posts. They can be added on to Marianna/Donna's main posts already posted, just show a time element if necessary. A few hours should make no difference, and the time element for the CNet forums is Pacific USA (California) time.

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For those who haven't yet caught on.
' am very sorry that my contributions to this forum are upsetting certain individuals'

sorry I do not see it this way.

what I see is a valid concern about a forum that simply does not appease everyone.

that being said, I am not concerned about the rest of the forums as much as I am concerned about this one which, if nothing else serves to remind me to update the relevant security software I have installed, e.g Ad-Aware.

clearly the time is not important to me, as much as the fact that there is an update which I may have forgotten.

I am reminded of a friend of mine who called me from Melbourne AU when RPC attacked his PC despite the fact that I had sent him an advisory.

I think if we all come here when we become aware of an update, to ensure that it has been posted and post if it has not been, then we truly will accomplish somethig in terms of Net safety, using of course the headers that are done on a once a day basis.
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Re: For those who haven't yet caught on.

Well David, you have some good points, guess I'm just that type of individual that doesn't need up-to-the minute notifications. Once a day is plenty for me and besides I never worry about the updates being up to the minute as I always go on line and just click on for updates/definitions to AVG, Nortons, AdAware, SpyBot, and ZoneAlarm (the ones I use). In fact I rarely read the noticies of "updates" because I always check before using, it only takes a minute.


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Re: For those who haven't yet caught on.


your suggestions are fine, it's the tone that lacks a certain delicateness that would ensure you not step on someones toes/feelings...

say hi to Taupo if you drive through there one day...



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Re: For those who haven't yet caught on.

Jonah, my directness is probably due to the fact I am a Pom and not a sensitive Kiwi. As the Tui billboards say, Yeah, right!

I was in Taupo a week ago.


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Your suggested 'posting-style' (all updates/new/virus alerts/vulnerabilities in particular day in one thread) is great! that is why the VS&A mods and forum regulars implemented it. We thank you for that good idea Happy

There are times, I posts in the wrong date because of time-zone and failing to check the forum date while the message is in 'preview state' (I'm using GMT+8 which means I'm ahead by 14 or 15 hours from California) and if that happens, I have to post it again in the existing thread then delete the other. It's an extra work but I do not mind at all as long as the mod delete tool is there.

With regards to others who posted "early" because of the same issue (time-zone and failing to see the forum date while the message is in preview), it can be sorted by mods by re-posting it in the existing topic (with credit who originally posted it) then delete the original post. That is easy to do if there are mods around and quickly noticed it.

Suggestion only: If no action is taken (by the mods) yet and then you or others noticed it kindly do any of following:

1. Please hit the "report offensive post" button to alert/request the mods to copy the original posters' message to the other thread which is in the correct forum date/time.

2. Open the profile page of the forum mod then hit "Email this member" (if available) to send the alert/request to copy the original posters' message to the other thread which is in the correct forum date/time.

There are times we don't delete the posted message because there is a "discussion going on" and its better to keep it so we are reminded that it has been discussed. In case it will happen again, no need to re-discuss it IMHO. Just alert the mod (by means of the any above of methods).

Note: Available mod tools are delete and lock/unlock only. We can't edit or move yet.

Thanks. Hope the above helps.


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Re: Basil

Thanks Donna. If the forum "clock" is posted each day, as I suggested, so that members can click on it to check that they are still within the forum day when they post, there will be no problem. Perhaps, if it is not too much trouble, you could daily copy and paste the forum clock, under FORUM TIME, into the new updates?


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You're welcome Basil. With regards to your request...

Not a problem to do that but in my opinion only, it's not necessary to daily copy it. How about let's just bump it? This will allow us to show your post Forum Time in the first page and should be useful to users who are in different time zone. I've bookmarked the and add Los Angeles in my personal world clock to hopefully "be always aware" of the Cnet forum date Grin

How about posting to the feedback forum to request a forum date on all pages? Maybe Lee Koo could add it to the "to do list" if the board has extra resources Happy

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Re: You're welcome Basil. With regards to your request...

If we bumb it it will mean searching about and possibly having to come out othe the thread to find it. I can't see that it would be much trouble to copy it and have it as the first entry of each new day. I will do it now . What do you think?


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Nice one Basil

It will let anyone see the current date/time for the forum but I think that will not solve the other issue.

The other issue I'm referring is the link to the existing topic was not noticed or can't be found (yet). See sample in Julea's reply on the issue

It could be because of any reasons below:
1. The time that both posts were made is almost the same. This is true if while a person is viewing it the first page of the VS&A forum, it's not there yet so the person decides to start a new topic but after posting the topic there's another one posted by another person. We can determine it by looking into the timestamp. If the difference is only minutes then it can happen.

2. Overlooked the existing topic.

3. Search result is 0. If the member use the search function and got 0 result using the keyword update or date (example: September 1, 2004 or September or Sept), it is maybe because the search engine hasn't indexed yet the newly posted messages which is likely to happen if the topic was posted a minute or couple of minutes ago only.

4. Failure to refresh the browser to view new posts or the browser failed to show the new postings.

As I wrote earlier that it is not a problem to copy and paste it but IMHO doing it daily is not necessary but if majority want to do that then again, it's not a problem at all.

I hope you'll consider the following:

I thought what we want is to remind every visitors/members of the current forum date? Bumping will do the trick right?

What if the members who want to post an update can't find again the existing topic? Will it solve the issue? Wink

If you want and if most members here agree or prefer to see the Forum Time topic to appear in every page then we can go ahead and bump it. If other members agreed to copy and paste the link before posting an update then we can go ahead. Poll Grin

For now, it is locked until everyone agreed in one thing Happy

Again, if ever there is a duplicate topic or post, please hit the "report this offensive post" button or alert the mods by email (if available).

Thanks and yes, cheers Wink

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Re: have it as the first entry of each new day

i'm curious....

which 'new day' are we talking about? GMT, forum -CA- time, NZ time..

as of right now, 04:34 CA time, there are 48 hours worth of posts on the opening page, logically you could say "if it ain't on the front page, it ain't news"


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Hey all, let's cut this crap!

I sure didn't mean to start a revolt. Can't we just remember what the forum is all about to begin with ---- notification and keeping people safe. Sounds like sex doesn't it! Believe me, it's not!


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(NT) (NT) I forgot to add learning and helping others too!

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