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For graphics pros and students

What programs & versions do you use most often? (I know Kevin has said he works with Quark a lot)

What programs & versions do you like the best? Why?

What projects (web pages, publishing layouts, art/logo, etc) do you find yourself doing most often?

What jobs are you employed in (advertising, clothing, publishing, photography, etc)?

Are you self employed or work for others?

Do you supplement your regular job with outside work and if so do you worry about conflict of interest?

What makes the most money? What is most personally satisfying?

I'm both a older student and partner in a small business and am just curious as to what other folks are doing.

Thanks for any and all input.


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I use the Adobe CS2 Suite for all photo related work.

In reply to: For graphics pros and students

I've recently added noise ninja which I am quite pleased with. I use pro level Sony Vegas 6 for video, and pro level Sound Forge 8 for audio. I run Windows XP Pro, and have Office XP. Photos are printed on an Epson 2200 although I'm on the verge of upgrading to either a 2400 or a 4800. Those are my workhorses.

I retired from a systems job about two years ago, and now attend a local college where I'm stuying digital media. My main camera right now is a Canon 20D for stills, and a used XL1s for video. I've just added two XLR mics for video use. I might have gotten an XL2, but I'm waiting for HD camera prices to come down a bit. I'm sure that by the time I finish accessories, etc. for the XL1s, it will probably have cost me more than a new XL2.

The story of my life.

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Adobe CS2 Suite

In reply to: I use the Adobe CS2 Suite for all photo related work.

Kidpeat. I would like to use that Adobe CS2 Suite also.

It really is amazing the number of us that are going back to college or wish to. My wife went back to a local college and received a degree in business and science together. Was *** Laude and just two points from a Magna *** Lade at a later age also.

Good luck at school.


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In reply to: Adobe CS2 Suite

My wife graduated Magna *** Laude and two points away from Suma *** Laude. She is the one with the brains in my family. No one is ever too old to learn more.


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The word police won't allow you to use that word.

In reply to: Oops

Perhaps Magna C*um Lauda will work.

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Word Police

In reply to: The word police won't allow you to use that word.

Kiddpeat, That is wild to hear and view on the screen.
Wonder why? Simply amazing! I had looked at my past post to you and viewed these strange ** marks.
Thanks for the info. Will you make Magna C*m Laude also?
That is not the word police at the present post doing this. I typed it that way.
Thanks for the post concerning the word police.
Here is a test: what if I type it as all caps? MAGNA *** LAUDA.
See what happens?and we will see. Also spell-check:
cannot find *** laude or *** lauda on spell check or in Webster's.
Help me on this one because I do not want to wake up my wife and ask her right now. I will ask her later in the morning. :

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Looks like it still converted it to ***

In reply to: Word Police

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Converted to ***

In reply to: Looks like it still converted it to ***

I'll be darned. Isn't that weird!


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Some nice tools Kiddpeat

In reply to: I use the Adobe CS2 Suite for all photo related work.

Very heavy on the A/V side. Are you integrating all this into multimedia or are you leaning more towards DVD and Video production? Is industrial video in your future?

My shop concentrates more on art production for t-shirts, logo design, CD covers, publicity art for hard copy and web sites... consequently we don't have any of the video heavy equipment you have. We have concentrated more on screen printing equipment and recently purchased a dye sublimation capable digital printer with die cutter built into it. We can do printing on conventional materials along with self adhesive vinyl as well.

My end of the biz is sales mostly. We have found a niche market with bands and net models mostly (no hard core please-tattoo, pin up mostly). Have a lot of web masters approaching us for art so we are looking at the web authoring end of that business as well.

I just finished my first semester back at college with a 4.0 (took the fun classes first to ease back into it) in electronic & internet publishing.


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I haven't decided what I want to do when I grow up yet.

In reply to: Some nice tools Kiddpeat

I like all the technical sides of this stuff, and I do have a strong interest in both audio and video. Naturally, you cannot have really good video without good audio. One thing I do have in mind is trying to put together some historical videos while the people who know the material are still alive. Time permitting, there's a local guy who loves Scottish history, and knows a lot about the Scots in Chicago. I'm planning on capturing some of his talks. I don't know yet if it will have any value to anyone.

I have visited with a local guy who does signs in his basement. He's doing some of the same stuff you are including cut outs of self adhesive vinyl. Intersting guy with a lot of ability, and some nice equipment. He has a background in, as I recall, commercial illustration.

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Graphic Pros and Students

In reply to: For graphics pros and students

Programs, Versions and Tools:
? XpanceX for publishing management, which for me is brand spanking new for me this week. Very nice and an amazing program. Takes a learning curve that is kind of mind-boggling with all its bells and whistles going for it. Really started yesterday using it for the first time. Rather nervous starting the first job with it.
Today, it is easier to use after a full days experience working with it.

? Quark V6.5. Just started working with this yesterday also. The first four tools on the toolbar are the same in all versions. Resizing multiple images and text that are grouped together is a flawless snap. It is easy to use. Now all I have to do is to learn all the extra bells and whistles on this version. Quark Extensions are endless and are good tools to use.
Quark offers a full version to try-out if anyone is interested. Also some great tips on their web site There is a monthly newsletter that is available free.
We will be going to the new V7 this coming July when it is introduced. It will be a totally new Quark from the ground up. Looking forward to using it.

? Adobe Photoshop V6. Love it and really in my way of thinking the best professional tool that anyone can and should use for photo management and for the printing industry.
I would like to try V7.2CS and see what it will do for publishing and for the web. Right now, V6 is fine for what we do in publishing.
The learning curves are ENDLESS, no matter what version you have.
Just awesome! Use it daily.

? Adobe Illustrator V6 at work and V8 at home. My choice of Vector effects that was invented by Adobe. I was lucky enough to meet the originator of Adobe and Vector effects at a seminar in Boston a long time ago. His wife was a graphic designer and needed something special for her work. This man designed/programmed it for her and that was the beginning of Adobe.
Simply amazing that Adobe is the largest Graphic Software Company in the world.
I use Adobe Illustrator daily. The learning curve is endless also with many ways to design and to integrate with other Adobe programs such as Photoshop. Visa versa also. It is so neat to use.
Most of my work with Illustrator is with typography. I also do a lot of work utilizing the plug-ins with Illustrator. Plug-ins are wonderful with all of the Adobe products. Nice tools to use.
Vector effects is the one that I use the most often.

? Adobe Acrobat V7. PDF files (portable document file that can be read be anyone, regardless of the original format) are just wonderful to use and are the standard to use everywhere in the world. Our clients send a PDF file that is converted to an EPS (encapsulated postscript file) file that is used in publishing.
The file is used by the various printers in CMYK (Cyan, blue - Magenta, red - Yellow - K, black). Quark Express, also produces PDF files on the fly to change a page-making program into a PDF that can be read by anyone.
Adobe Acrobat is used daily. Its use and versatility is growing in leaps and bounds. Easy to learn and use. Used daily.

? I also use Microsoft Office X. Not all of it. Mostly Word as a great tool. Not for graphics, however. Kind of a bridge between formatting using Quark.

All of the Adobe products can be vied at
Their entire program has a try-out version in case you want to try them out first. Full versions. You cannot save a file with them or print out your file. Really neat. Ready to try out InDesign?

Well, that is just a start to Grim?s question.
I am not a technical writer. I am a graphic artist and designer.
Presently a rather nice publishing group employs me.

I do wish I made gobs of money. That way I could afford to use all the graphic programs that are out there. Updates as well.

My post is just about what graphic programs I use professionally on a day-to-day basis.

I wish Grim the best at going further in his schooling with Adobe InDesign. I?ll bet that Grim would be able to add some insight to his prof as well as his fellow students that are his daughter?s age.
I wish I were a student with Grim!

Thanks Grim,


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I wish sometimes...

In reply to: Graphic Pros and Students

that I worked for someone else Kevin. It would take so many worries away! LOL

The XpanceX program looks very interesting (I've been looking up and bookmarking any products mentioned). Google only produced a handful of hits for it, is it just out? I saw mention of XpanceNet as well. I will keep an eye on it although it looks more like a news paper business tool so doubt I'll ever use it.

I am curious about Quark... I've seen it mentioned for years but never had the opportunity to use it. Adobe InDesign is it's competitor of course. My experience with InDesign so far leads me to say it's actually fun to use (I like layout and design jobs myself so maybe that explains why I say this). Of course the seamless integration with the CS suite makes it a powerful force. I did run into an issue though with trying to import a Photoshop 6 illustration from an apple into it. I did not have Photoshop 6 on the PC computer I had the InDesign on and it wouldn't open it... very frustrating as I was working on a deadline. I have yet to figure out if it was a PC vs Apple issue, a time between versions issue or if you need the whole suite on the same computer to have that integration work. I just went back and made it a jpeg to meet the deadline.

Photoshop is great of course and I have been a photo buff for years (thanks again for the Hagia Sophia pics). I'm jealous of the toys Kiddpeat has on the a/v end but I doubt he has a full screen press set up like we do... moral of the story is you can't have it all!

Since we use mostly Mac OS 10.3 + with its native support of PDF files we don't use acrobat. Don't do enough web business to warrant it yet.

I have bits and pieces of different software suites. I qualify for a student version of Adobe CS2 at a very steep discount. I've been meaning to contact Adobe to find out if I can use it for professional jobs as well as school use (don't want a problem with licensing). Paying over 2 grand a semester in tuition (plus fees) so the discount for software would go far to make life less painful right now. I get to use CS2 at school... man it has some cool features. Photoshop allows you to pick a constant perspective point so if your cutting and pasting widows on a building they will automatically align themselves with the point! Don't know if I'll use this much but it is a neat feature.

I've been playing with a friends Macromedia suite. Flash is so cool for 2D animation! Dream Weaver is a powerful tool as well. I haven't looked into it yet but I wonder what its fate will be since Adobe bought out Macromedia? Adobe keeps this up and they will become the Ma Bell of multimedia software!


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I have the Macromedia package as well. I had an

In reply to: I wish sometimes...

animation class that used Flash last semester, and the full package was substantially discounted at the book store. I thought Flash was OK, but has some pretty severe limitations. It's idea of shape changing is pretty primitive. The result is kind of funky, but not what I was really looking for which was more like a morph. I do love how it blows things up! They must have specifically programmed that feature.

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I wish sometines?

In reply to: I wish sometimes...

?Grim, thanks for the info.
Concerning Photoshop in PC or Mac. You can save all the files for any platform. You probably did the right thing saving the file as a jpeg. Your printer then would convert the file to a tiff or as an eps in CMYK in order to process the plates.

Quark is very good right now. What I really am looking forward to is Quark V7. A totally new product. Will go on sale this July. Quick peeks at it by the various trade magazines is impressive.

ExpanceX for the Mac is used by newspaper and other publishing groups. Not for your use at all. Kind of nice to use and I am getting used to the interface and all that it does.

Adobe has plans for Macromedia. I do not subscribe to the the trade publications. Looks like integration for the engineers of both companies.
Seems like that is the way to go these days. Integration with Apple and other giants in the industry such as Microsoft OfficeX writing brand new programs together. Steve Jobs mentioned this development recently at Mac World.
Keep up the good work,


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Can I be a student?

In reply to: For graphics pros and students

Can I be a student? I am always willing to learn.

I am a cheap website keeper.

I use Photo Studio 2000, Paint, and Microsoft GIF animator(Windows ME).

Is that cheap egnough?

You guys ar way out of my league, especially Kevin.

But I do have a question.

My question is

It I take a jpeg(picture) and convert it to a gif, I lose color using this on Windows ME, using paint.

It I take a jpeg(picture) and convert it to a gif, using Windows 2000 using NT technology and convert it using paint it converts without any color changes.

My question


I would like to do this at home.



P.S. See what you got me into Kevin.

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We are all students at some time

In reply to: Can I be a student?

I say that while I'm sitting here between classes Wink

You got me stumped but I've never used ME or 2000... Just 98SE and XP along with Mac...

Same jpeg? same version of Paint? Same computer and monitor???

Do the colors look different if you print the gifs you created (although gifs are a lousy format to print anyway)?

Web site Keeper? You keep them locked up in the basement? Do you make a living at it?

I have all these questions and more but can't help you with yours! Grin Sorry. Anyway, sure! Stay and ask questions. I've been trying to figure out what works and what dosn't when it comes to making a living at this gig so anyone with a clue is welcome to input/output here.


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We are all students

In reply to: We are all students at some time

even now?Depends on what you want to do in life.

I asked Rick, who is a professional, to post to your forum post and he did a great job responding to you, Grim.

Rick is just asking if he can become a student along with you and to attend college? I am right behind him and kiddpeat.
Rick is just another Lampie the clown in disguise.

Rick asked a question about saving certain photoshop EPS or JPEG files to GIFFS. Why would you want to do that except for the internet or for a web site?
The quality is really low and only RGB (Red, Green, Blue) for the internet.
Grim, I know that you have a web site and I have visited before.
Want others to view it?
Send Rick and kiddpeat and others email to view it. They will love it!!
Other than that, they could look at your profile and figure it out for themselves.

Rick, see what you have got me into!
Only kidding. :

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First, I wanted

In reply to: We are all students

First I wanted to make a cursor follower for the website. I made my first one in a hurry,(website was down and lost all graphics,OUCH), using a picture. The picture if turned into a gif could then be alter to restore the backgroung behing the image or in other words make the background transparent. It would also come in handy to have various pictures of your product blink above the buttons showing smaller versions of your products.

Please remember I do this for FREE and my wife gets products from the person for a discount. It is a prefabricated website and you can upload images and add html code. I use mostly jpeg for the pictures and gif for buttons and mixed ones for banners. I can sit here and use Photo Studio 2000 to type my banner items and I save them as jpegs. I then open them with paint and save them as gifs. I then open Microsoft gif animator and add the gifs and make the banner. I can control the time each one is there and make it loop forever or do it just once. I can tell it to restore the background for each image making it transparent to the eye. That way it blends into the website.

Am I doing something wrong?

Is there a FREE program I can use?

Why did Kevin get me into this?

Lots of Questions!

I work for a local newspaper. Their computer has Windows 2000 Professional built with NT technology. This computer can convert a jpeg to a gif without color loss. My home computer (using the same jpeg) can not convert the jpeg to a gif without color loss.


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I wanted?

In reply to: First, I wanted

?you to become a student along with Grim and Kiddpeat.
I think what these two are doing is exceptional.

Rick, I cannot help you with anything to do with a website. I have no experience at all with it.
On the other hand, Grim can help you. All you have to do is wait for him to get out of class and to read your post.
As I posted to Kiddpeat, my wife wants me pursue taking a college course in our state of Taxachusetts.
Would be kind of neat to enroll in a State College program.

Were you able to open the screen shot that I sent you showing even more weirdness that I am viewing lately? Stranger and different views appearing.
I sent one to our Mod, John, also.
Today I tried to open the file again to view the screen from last evening. Couldn't open it. The file must have gone corrupt on me. Oh, well, I am sure that these images will appear again.


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(NT) (NT) The joys of a Mac?

In reply to: I wanted?

Collapse -
Joys of a Mac

In reply to: (NT) The joys of a Mac?

Got ya! My Mac is the same is yours and Grims. All files are downloaded the same and nothing is lost between certain file formats and to GIFF translation.
Kiddpeat, keep this info confidential. Otherwise everyone will be looking for the new dual-core Mac. There will be a stampede. :

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I don't want to fly under false colors.

In reply to: Joys of a Mac

I don't have a Mac. I have a PC. Sorry, but I don't particularly like Macs, and I have yet to see anything superior about their performance. I use Macs at school, and am definitely unimpressed. That hopeless one button mouse without scroll wheel, and they hang more frequently than my Win XP machine does (which is rarely). I know that some love them. I think in some cases that they do so because their familiarity with a PC comes from the Mac community.

If Rick is using Photoshop, it will save any image in a gif format. It does not matter what the source format is. The problem, apparently, lies in the software that subsequently uses the file. If that software can read a tiff file, then the quality would definitely increase as long as its not converted to gif. If it is converted with poor results, the problem lies in the software.

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Do not tell?

In reply to: I don't want to fly under false colors.

Mrmacfixit that. :

Collapse -

In reply to: I wanted?

Correction. I emailed myself at work. It was recieved as a bitmap. I opened it with paint and saved it as a jpeg. I then opened it and it was opened with Microsoft Photo Editor and saved as a gif. It never told me that there would be a color loss or not. I will email the gifs to Kevin so he can compare them. He may email them to all of you if he has your email addresses. This is just an experiment.

Other people (including Bob) said it cannot be done. The program seems to do it but with less color loss than any other program that I've seen.

Maybe some year Kevin will buy me a MAC.


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Pod people say...

In reply to: Correction

once you go mac you never go back! Really, I do think too many people take the debate too seriously. Both platforms have their uses... I just enjoy using the mac in my leisure time more than a PC.

Anyway... are you using a mail program or are you using a mail service like Yahoo mail, google mail, etc to send the photos ? May not make a difference, I don't know.

What about using a FTP storage space or a photograph storage site rather than email? The extra space they have on their servers may allow you to keep the files like you want them and have them available for download to where ever you are when you need them.

Then again there is always the handy USB thumb drive... I nick named my little half gig unit "American Express"... never leave home without it! Wink


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In reply to: Correction

Rick, thanks for the info and how you received the images.
Yes I did receive the images that you emailed me.
Can you do one of your magic tricks and have a click here sort of thing?

The Mac mini can be purchased for as little as $499.
You will have to have a monitor, and a keyboard that is USB compatible. Has two USB2 ports and one firewire that you can daisy-chain down the line, (Learned that info from Mrmacfixit.)

I will buy you and Kiddpeat one for Christmas when I win the MA Megabucks Lottery. Don't hold your breath. I am not either.


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Too much credit Kevin

In reply to: I wanted?

but I appreciate the vote of confidence.

I don't use paint so I'm not sure of how to solve your problem. Have you tried using other programs? Won't IrfanView convert one image file into another?

Still in class, throwing spit wads Wink


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Spit Wads?

In reply to: Too much credit Kevin

?you little Devil, you! Where is the icon for a devil??

I was thinking that Paint Pro could do that maybe. Don't know.


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Re: convert the jpeg to a gif without color loss

In reply to: First, I wanted

Since a GIF can only have a maximum of 256 colors, and usually a JPG would be expected to have in excess of 256 color (not mandatory, of course, but it is a format usually used for photographs) I am not surprised that you would have color loss when converting JPG to GIF.

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Color loss?

In reply to: Re: convert the jpeg to a gif without color loss

?right on!!! Nice info.


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I used to play

In reply to: For graphics pros and students

with Streamliner and Aldus Freehand, back in the day. I'm not even sure they are still around anymore.
Now it's just the odd job with PhotoShop Elements and the very, very occasional use of Photoshop

P, the artistically challenged

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