50 points for a cheap $5 remote; this feature is way more important than all the rest of the features combined. Eliminate the jigglies at the beginning and end of each video caused by hitting the start/stop switch. $30 DVD players come with fully functional remotes. Wake up CC manufacturers...

10 points for major Camcorder design changes, make it more like a flashlight. The hand strap is not a good way to shoot video.
I would have never noticed the mouse if I was watching the tiny view screen. The flashlight shooting method makes it easy to catch the action. The hand strap is a loser a wrist strap would be more useful.

10 points for files named YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.mpg AND not all in one huge file (the worlds best media players forte is mpg)

10 points for standard AA rechargable batteries. What a waste of money the batteries and the chargers are. My first backup battery was a dud so I bought a 3rd and my battery charger broke and had to be replaced. Trying to locate these items was more wasted time.

5 points for a wired remote so nothing needs to be pointed at the CC when turning it on and off. The Start/Stop recording button would no longer be needed if the CC has a Remote.

2 points for the remote censor at the rear of the camcorder. That is where I use my remote 99.9% of the time.

2 points for the mute option. Wind noise and yappy friends would be the main reason for this option. A Mini microphone cover would help as well.

2 points for the ability to attach to a spotting scope to the FRONT of the CC (digiscoping). Everybody with a spotting scope would love this one. It wouldn't be expensive either.

1 point for a detachable view screen (with 10" wire). This shouldn't be a big item cost wise.
It would have been great for curling.. Being able to turn the CC without losing sight of the view screen.

1 point for the GPS watermark option. It has it's own switch. I'd just make short-short videos or 1 pic for location then switch it off. I don't want to have to go digging for this info. Again this would be a minor software fix.

1 point for the time showing on the screen. That should be an easy software option with no cost. There are a number of far more useless options in the menu.

1 point for the ability to skip videoing at the beginning and end of each clip. A remote would make this a less needed item. If it's difficult to skip the end, then the eliminating the jigglies at the beginning is a good start. The ability to set the number of seconds to skip at the end of each video would be handy in XXX rated situations (wild wild parties etc). But not that big of a deal. Just delete those files completely.

1 point for the sighting tube / flashlight mount on the top of the CC

1 point for the zoom cover/lock. I have wrecked a dozen or more clips by inadvertently touching the zoom button. I guess I could use a small piece of electrical tape to solve the problem...

2 point for the ability to auto upload to the NET. Handy when someone is breaking in or your are videoing police wrongdoing.

1 point for a CC that can video with the view screen closed. My Hitachi can but my Sony needs this screen open. In cold weather I wrap my hands around the camcorder to keep it from freezing up in -20F temperatures.

1 point for the most important menu items listed first: 1-off load video, 2-delete old video, 3-set date and time

1 point for optical zoom of 10X or better. The best zoom is manual zoom. Get in close and circle the subject if you can

-1 point for Digital Zoom -1 point for the ability to review videos on the tiny screen. I never watch or delete any video on the camcorder; this is another worthless option. The Camcorder should be CHEAP. Otherwise you won't take it with you and what good is it then. Most of recent great video has been shot on cell phones by amateurs not by self proclaimed pros. Egypt, tsunami, police brutality etc. It's not the equipment that makes these shots great. A pro would be busy checking the lighting etc and most likely miss the action.

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