Understand, newer monitors have alot more of electronics controls(modules) build-in to control their innards. In the old days, that meant discrete componets whose only task was on/off switch and controls for brightness, etc. were definetly more robust, just think electrical vs. electronics. As more electronics became part of the monitors for "controls" they tend to breakdown and/or grouped together where one fails, they can become flaky. The safety net is to shutdown. Overall, it maybe some scanning circuit can't hold-on to its task and causes a cascading effect is the best term I can offer. In other words some simple control has failed. If you have warranty, use it. At $400 repair, I believe you can find cheaper 19in. monitors in the $300 range if not less, KDS and Evision models come to mind. The best test is to use the monitor on another system to eliminate your own system as a cause.

good luck -----Willy Happy