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flash Video Player for Web

Nov 22, 2007 10:47PM PST

Hi All,

I'm thinking to have a video player with a playlist on my website to show some videos but I can't really design it and don't want to pay for it...
Does anyone know if there's some nice free players or templates or something?


Paolo Legnetti

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Search on
Nov 23, 2007 5:48AM PST

FLV Player.


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Recommended player
Apr 24, 2009 6:46AM PDT
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try this
Apr 30, 2009 2:26AM PDT

1. create a FLV video
2. upload to your server
3. go to the above site and enter the info asked, it will then generate a HTML code which you can copy & paste on your website, process takes 2minutes
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May 17, 2009 10:06AM PDT

Wow this is so easy, very good example and contribution.

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best part is
May 17, 2009 10:08AM PDT

It's open source and customizable and $0.00 , I was looking for a player like this, I may twist this for my alpha needs..

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FLV Player
Sep 3, 2009 9:51AM PDT

You can try free player at:


you can generate your embed code online and paste it on your site.
Very easy.

There is also more advanced player but it is commercial version so it is not free.

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Sep 3, 2009 9:53AM PDT