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First PC Build

Jul 1, 2017 5:46PM PDT

I finally decided its time to build a pc and need some help with everything in general. After looking up some some videos, guides, etc it seems fairly simple and easy to do.

However I'm not quite sure what to get for what I'll be using it for. I want a build for gaming, video editing, editing/mixing music, and creating games at some point.

My main concerns are mostly gaming and using it for my music. I have a case, keyboard, and mouse picked out already, but that's about it lol. Everything else is almost overwhelming! I'd prefer a build with a budget of $600-$900 that can run the latest games with ease on the highest settings if possible!

If it's not possible with music editing/mixing and gaming the main focus will be for gaming.

So far my total with the case, mouse, and keyboard is $305.98 this can easily be adjusted to fit a build in my budget though, not a deal breaker if I have to change it up a bit!

If you're curious I got my eye on a Phantek Enthoo Luxe, Razer Ornata Chroma keyboard, and a Razer Diamondback mouse (that was just to match the keyboard)

I just think the rgb is pretty cool and for the price it isn't bad at all!

Most likely being distracted by pretty lights but gotta admit it's a pretty attractive gimmick lol

Thanks for reading and any help you can offer Happy

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Jul 1, 2017 6:59PM PDT
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Jul 2, 2017 6:15AM PDT
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Thanks for the links!
Jul 2, 2017 4:11PM PDT

I appreciate it, this definitely helped! I was looking at the one you suggested and "The End-All" I might see what I can do for an in between of the 2 builds.

Also gonna look at the power supply I had picked out and the one you linked me to, if it helps with cable management I'll definitely go with yours!

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Jul 1, 2017 8:06PM PDT

get an intel i-7 CPU and a strong GPU and a powerful PSU that will support the system. Those are the most important for a gaming computer.

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I'll give it a look up!
Jul 2, 2017 4:21PM PDT

The one in looking at is an Intel i5-7600k, depending on the i7 price I may stick with what I've got picked out. I know this time of the year isn't great for buying pc parts due to the price, pcpartpicker has found quite a few good deals that gave me a good price for "The End-All" build that's the highest end build in the links above though.

Figured I'd see what I'd pay for that then work my way down if it was too expensive but it came out (with my case, keyboard, and mouse) to roughly $650 or so.

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I'm sorry pricing was wrong lol
Jul 2, 2017 4:25PM PDT

It came out to about $891.65