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first letter doesn't type all of a sudden


I have recently started to notice that every so often the first letter I type into browsers-- whether in the url box or in fields I'm filling out-- doesn't register. for example, when I type "" I look up and see that I typed get "" . . . do I have some sort of bug or spyware going here? this never used to happen to me.

am running win 2000

happens mostly in mozilla, as that's my browser. --fj

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Reporting: first letter doesn't type all of a sudden
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Re: first letter doesn't type all of a sudden

try diff keyboard dont think its the problem but eliminate it that way

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Re: first letter doesn't type all of a sudden

This sets off alarm bells that a keyboard logger may have been installed.

Scan the machine with every tool you have and more.

It is not a known bug in Windows 2000.

It can be caused by keyboard drivers.... which I don't install or use.


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Re: first letter doesn't type all of a sudden
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Beyond automatic tools.

If this was my machine, I'd know when the issue started, but you didn't tell or I missed it. It's important since I ran into another misbehaving machine and... the BIOS was out of date and... it was having issues. Not yours specifically, but such can be out of date BIOS or motherboard drivers that were never installed.

BEYOND AUTOMATIC TOOLS is HIJACKTHIS. You would produce the log file and know each entry. If you don't recognise an entry then you seek help on that entry.


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Re: Beyond automatic tools.

it started maybe a month ago. I'll try hijack this, but . . . it's been 18 months since this disk was installed. but if it doesn't find anything, you spose it's time for a reformat and clean install? - fj

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And check Windows Update history.

Some install a Microsoft Driver and we all know where that leads.


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some findings

well giant antispyware found "brilliant digital" spyware so far . . . (is taking forever to scan). the software you recommended found says it found some hotbar, kazaa, istbar and other artifacts in the registry but i can't find any of them manually-- and they say i have to buy their product to remove these things that I can't find anywhere.

so, how do i check windows update history? and what will it tell me? this is a new concept for me. I just did a bunch of recent security patch updates (but NOT service pack 4). it could be the same time this started. --fj

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Re: some findings

Some of those have removal tools such as KAZAABEGONE, but each one is its own pack of demons to deal with... I've never paid for removal of what you list. Seek help in the Virus and Security Forum if you need a specific removal tool or instruction since you should get the BEST HELP you can.

As to the Windows Update, all the ones I've used have an installation history on the left side. I would look to see if the user has installed any Microsoft supplied drivers. If so, I roll those out.


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first letter does not register typing

It is very weird that the first letter doesn't register. I am on Google Chrome, so it isn't the browser.
I have win7. I hope there is a reason this is happening. i bet it has something to do with facebook.

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Same problem!

Seems to be unique to facebook. New machine with Win 7 and Chrome.

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first letter don't appear when typing

this is happening to me too. it is not facebook, it is happening on my laptop win7, and on my PC win xp not the keyboard. 2 different computers 2 different OS's i start to type in a search box EG. google type ebay and get bay, type in jeep parts and get eep parts it is not a particular letter have tried them all but always the first letter I am typing browsers not the problem happens with win live ie google foxtrot secret web on 2 dif computers. I think there is a new VICIOUS BUG going around or some F...up in windows updates i update regularly. this started i think about a month ago and it is happening on my wifes computer too also a win7 laptop.
W.T.F. is going on?

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Think I have a solution

I posted same problem lower on this page found a tool small runs in background called anti key logger shield it stops not key loggers but the things that keyloggers exploit when they run so any key logger will be INOP no matter the type or how new.. MY PROBLEM SEEMS TO HAVE DISAPPEARED ON THIS MACHINE I WILL CHECK OTHER PUTER TOMORROW SEE IF IT HELPS THAT ONE..????????????/ DONT KNOW BUT IT SEEMS TO WORK.

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first letter won't type keyboard problem solved

I have been witnessing similar issue for a while. I created a new user account and this issue was resolved. Try creating new user account in windows and log into that account and work from there. Looks like there was a registry issue.

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resolved: first letter doesn't type all of a sudden

try disconnecting any external keyboards and uninstall all 3rd part keyboard drivers. it should work.

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