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first ibook

Dec 8, 2005 9:04AM PST

is this a good note book for a first time mac and notebook buyer? oh and i know this sounds stupid but if i use a p2p program on can it get viruses.

ibook g4

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Dec 8, 2005 10:39AM PST

It is a decent iBook with a fair sized HD and adequate RAM.

There are currently NO virus's for Mac OS X.

P2P programs will run on the Mac. Are you planning on "borrowing" software and music?

Beware of the MS Office download from a P2P site. It has a trojan that could, potentially, damage your Documents folder.


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Dec 8, 2005 7:57PM PST

yep i will be "borrowing"..... so even if im "borrowing i will get no viruses?

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Dec 8, 2005 8:47PM PST

As I said, there are NO virus's for OS X.

So why are you stealing software? Will you be going down the "I'm a poor student who doesn't have any money to spare" route?

Enjoy the iBook, even though you intend to use it for illegal purposes


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Dec 8, 2005 11:46PM PST

Thats funny...

TSK TSK...even borrowig could land you in hot water. Wink

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Dec 9, 2005 3:02AM PST

well i donthave money for itune downloads... i was going to use yahoo or napster but then i figured out it dosent work on a mac

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Dec 9, 2005 6:05AM PST

alrighty, i have heard limewire works with macs. dont know for sure as i have never tried it.
maybe you should ask santa for some itunes cards Wink

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Dec 9, 2005 9:04AM PST

This thread is now locked. This is not subject has gone beyond the bounds of the original post

This potential software thief can go alone from here.