first computer build

I have looked up a fair amount, but im looking for tips and tricks and clarity

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Reporting: first computer build
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Clarification Request
first computer build

Cpu: intel core i5 4690k 3.5ghz quad core (maybe i7 4790k)
Motherboard: gigabyte GA z97x SUI ATX LGA 1150
Ram: G. Skill Ripjaw 2x4gb DDR3-1600
HDD: WD caviar blue 1TB
SSD: samsung 840 Evo 128gb
Graphics card: gigabyte gaforce GTX 970 4gb
Power: corsair 200R ATX mid tower (maybe NZXT S340 or H440 ATX Mid tower)
Trying to keep close to 1000 dollars and mainly want it to play any game perferably at higher or highest graphic settings.

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Folk are griping about that 970 and newer games.

For example a gamer is griping about the 970 and Arma 3. So if you want higher or highest I suggest a bump to the 980 or to the Titans.

The 128GB SSD is trouble in the future. Again it works at first then the owner starts complaining of running out of space. Given I just picked up a 240GB for under 99 bucks (sale) I would not skimp there. I might even forget the HDD and pick up a 512 SSD.

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Thankyou for the tips, on the SSD I was mainly going to use for just major programs and operating system and have hdd for everything else, I dont mind load times as long as the gameplay is smooth not sure if that changes any suggestions

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That's you heading toward the common complaint.

Now that you know the 128GB is light you won't be complaining later.

Why not recycle your old PC's case, HDD, ODD? You could save some bucks and fix what I find many complaining about.

The Arma 3 players need to pull back settings in my opinion. But some folk just won't.

You also have the K version of the CPU. That could be pulled back as we know the following:
"Our tests demonstrate fairly little difference between a $225 LGA 1155 Core i5-2500K and a $1000 LGA 2011 Core i7-3960X, even when three-way graphics card configurations are involved. It turns out that memory bandwidth and PCIe throughput don't hold back the performance of existing Sandy Bridge-based machines. ",3106-4.html

You're driving a single GPU so compare your i5 choice against the 2500K. I use for that.

How about the 4590 listed at,3106-3.html ?

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Much appreciated on the insight. I will check out the links you provided and I don't need the highest settings to play on, its just a preference I would like to have, been playing on hand-me-downs forever, big family. I do believe I will be going with the i5 over the i7 in the end, and as far as the case goes, I wish I could, it was a laptop pc lol. This will be a first of nice computers for me and I want it to function nicely and smooth. Again thank you for your experience and insight, your knowledge will be put to use, ans when I get the project finished I will post it back here. In the upcoming weeks

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Core i5-4690k still seems superior to the other options, but still unsure, as I said I am very new to the processes involved with building a computer.

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There is always a superior other part.

We know the old 2500K drives 3 GPUs so you are well beyond that. I shared what folk are running into in regards to the small SSD. If your CPU exceeds the 2500K then it's done. More won't usually give you more framerate with a single GPU.

For me the pain of a small SSD is not worth the trouble. I won't fit the 128 or smaller except for very special cases. Such as a last hurrah XP laptop we did last month. The original 60GB HDD was failing so in went a cheap 128GB SSD (picked up at Fry's for 40 bucks.) We can ignore the warnings about trim since it's a last hurrah upgrade/repair.

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I have actually decided to go with a samsung 850 evo 500gb SSD. but still need help with the rest. i just really want a computer that will run smoothly. and I don't want to mess it up by buying parts that don't work smoothly together. while staying withing my $1,000-1,500 dollarish budget.

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I'd like that machine.

You have an i5, 500GB SSD and a 970. That is very nice. The only qualm is that new games are pummeling the 970 in high settings. Easy enough for me to pull back the game settings one notch or research on google like this.

It's not about the CPU or SSD here. It's all about the settings and GPU.

Nice rig with those changes.

-> In parting, nice step up on the SSD. My office stepped up my work laptop with a cheaper SSD. This one in fact: which was on sale for 140USD at the time. Seems nice enough but the office IT are cheap so no Samsung for me.

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possible final build?

I've linked to a picture of amazon checkout, the final 'buy' I'm mainly wondering if 1.) these items will fit together accordingly and in the case? and 2.) that the said products can run any game, doesn't need to be max settings, I can deal with lower settings as long as i can play the game Happy just want to make sure that I'm maximizing my potential for my limited budget, is this good? or okay? please and thankyou once again for your experience and knowledge checkout list

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Looks like a fun PC.
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I will try and boost up the ssd some, I am working on some what of a budget because it is a rushed project, my old pc ive had for a while recently died and im bored out of my mind Silly

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graphics card

If I do boost up, would I have to worry about bottlenecking?
would I have to then update the cpu and/or motherboard?

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Clarification Request
last thing that i didn't consider

I'm not sure that it matters, but on the drive, i want something that plays both DVD and Blu-Ray. Would also like it to burn either and Cd's. I didn't research drives at all so would just like to hear from you all that are more of the experts. What is a good one to finish out the build. the "cherry on the top" if you will. Please and thank you good sir/madam.

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My tip.

Be sure your BR Player Burner is bundled with BR burning software. My USB BDR (does DVDRW too) came in at 55 bucks and has the needed player and burning software. I could have spent that much 2 times just for software.

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I recommend you look at this

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