I use Maxthon and FireFox. Maxthon is really not a browser, it uses MS IE as its core. It is however easily the best thing to date for me. I love the features. Maxthon hasn't simply just prettied up MS IE they have improved it vastly. I would recommend it. I have it installed on ally my systems.

I have removed all links to MS IE on ally my systems home and office. It's stilled installed but the users cannot find a icon to start it, instead they have Maxthon and/or FireFox.

FireFox is great, fast, but not as feature rich. Opera is another browser I have loaded. I use it rarely as a number of sites don't load well in it, for whatever reason, not always the browsers fault. Opera is supposed to be more secure than all the above, but there is a trade off, and I am webaware enough I think that I prefer a feature rich browser that protects from, or warns me of, the main assaults from the www.