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Firefox 57 is awful

My Firefox was updated to it yesterday. It froze when I tried to use it and froze the computer to where I had to use the power button to get out of it. I tried Firefox in safe mode and it still froze. I see messages in Mozilla Zine saying the same thing.

I uninstalled it and went with Comodo Ice Dragon which gives the Firefox experience and it works. Hopefully Firefox will correct this.

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Reporting: Firefox 57 is awful
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Here it's all good. But I did read why Legacy had to die.

Old Firefox had a deep limitation of not being able to tap more CPU cores plus the old addon system was in short, creaking along. The developers warned add-on authors long ago about the change. No betrayal at all. The day came and went. If the apps were popular, they'll get fixed for the new system.

It's that simple.

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(NT) Screw 57
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How to regain the old FF56 and earlier desktop browser

In spite of growing obvious resentment from loyal FF fans, the developer team still kept making more updates to try and rival chrome on their dominant field of play > neglecting app fans and app developers popular programs - as a result desktop FF went from 2nd most popular desktop browser crashing down currently to number 4 spot. If desktop FF developers want to save themselves they need to rebrand and re-develop FF 56 or even back to FF52, as 'Classic Firefox' so that app developers and FF app fans will return while the faltering FF57 crowd can have their own attempted speed-based browser 'project'. Come on FF developers - think realistic; don't lose your remaining pre-FF 57 fans entirely - give us back a Classic desktop FF and their popular app developers that made it great.

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Firefox 57 Alternative

I've switched to Waterfox.

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dear Mozilla

dear Mozilla,

I have to change this F* operative system to go back to the FF +addons i need.


(* F = Fire, F = Fox )

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i successfully removed the malware called Mozilla Quantum and my Firefox is back with all its features Happy (y)

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Re: quantum

You might like this new version 57 of Firefox or not (for how it looks or a certain lack of add-ons), but I see no need to call it 'malware'. Why do you?

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their "comfort zone" is affected.

It's like being asleep in bed on a cold morning and then someone rudely rips the covers off, LOL.

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FF 57

User have been told for months that some add-ons would not work with FF 57.

They chose to ignore that.

They upgraded to FF 57 and stuff came up they want to rant about it.

I gave FF 57 a test drive and I did not see anything bad about it.

Some of my add-ons came up busted so I made a choice to go back to FF 56 and locked it.

If my add-ons get updated I'll give FF 57 another test drive.

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Just save yourself the headaches and switch to Palemoon.

Yup..nothing but problems from the new FF.

Switched back to Palemoon and now everything is fine again. Palemoon is improving with every version. People need to use it and support Moonchild so we have a future on the internet.

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Firefox Sucks Now, and now it is unusable!

Firefox has been painfully slow ever since the last update, and I followed Mozilla's advice and tried refreshing Firefox--BAD ADVICE! Mozilla promised me that doing this would fix things, and that all of my login info would be saved, etc., but now I can no longer log into Firefox. The old email address that I have been using to login and sync with on Firefox is no longer available to me, and yet Mozilla/Firefox insists on attempting to verify my "new" login (from the same machine!) by sending me a verification email to my old email address, which is unavailable to me now. I am so annoyed that I'm ready to switch to either Edge or Chrome as my new internet browser. Mozilla and Firefox both totally suck.

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Load of BS

I can't believe how many people are still whining about the new Firefox. I did not like it at first, but all my extensions have either been updated or I replaced them with new ones. I have gone through both of the new updates without incident. I have the newest FF running on all three of my computers with no problems at all. All my bookmarks, settings, and tabs are syncing as usual. I love the speed and performance of FF Quantum and hope Mozilla keeps up the good work. For all the people that are complaining about about Mozilla making FF a better browser, I suggest you either move on to another browser or find out what it is about your machine that is making FF behave in a way you don't like. Thumbs up to Mozilla for the great work on the new FF Quantum.

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reply to why

That's good you like FF57.
Here's why there's an uproar against.
For several years FF developers took a direction against its former very popular path which based its strength on a highly customizable browser with every manner of creative add-ons at ones disposal to choose from. The idea of top speed was not the priority. Other browsers had that claim but nonetheless FF pre version 52 was 2nd most popular browser. From/ just before version 52 the new path developers took was spurning its customization/addon prowess in order to focus presumably just to try and catch chrome; they ignored the obvious start of desertion from FF by many users who were losing their favourite add-ons with each new rapid update; MANY were leaving FF forever. FF developers apparently kept ignoring that sign of trouble and now it's the 4th popular browser with no obvious and perhaps realistic chance of trying to match Chrome even.
So its nice you like FF57 but much of what I explained above is why you're seeing the big blowback. FF is lucky that those of us are still around on the desktop version sticking with FF56 and the last excellent addons it can still use or earlier versions, because definitely we're never going to FF57 in its skeletal speed-only emphasis format.

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I guess I still don't understand

I have been using FF exclusively since its infancy, so I am not just a FF newbie.....but a real long time user. Heck, I go back all the way to FF3 in 2008, almost 10 years ago. I also came to rely on the many add-ons that became available over the years. When FF57 installed itself on my computers, I about panicked. Not only because it looked so different, but because 90% of my add-ons broke. I was pissed at first and started to explore MS Edge and Google Chrome, both of which are fine browsers with available add-ons that closely matched what I was used to with FF. But then I thought to myself, shoot....I've been using FF for so long that I couldn't imagine myself using any other internet browser. So, after the initial shock of doing without some of my long time favorite add-ons, I went in search for some replacements and thankfully found some that replaced the ones I had lost. I also was happy to see that some of the others I was used to had been updated, and I hadn't lost them after all. I am happy to say, that I am back to pretty much the FF I have been used to for so long now. It was a transition for me, but not nearly as tough as some people are making it out to be on this forum. There is still a healthy community of developers creating FF add-ons, and I am sure if people would just be patient, Mozilla will not let them down. Been using Windows PC's since the old IBM 8086 and Win 3.1 and have seen a lot of software programs have their ups and downs. Some continue to develop better software, and some eventually die. I believe Mozilla is trying to do the right thing and will continue to give us a browser that not only performs better, but gives us a safer internet browsing experience. Unfortunately, they will not be able to please everyone, but hey....fortunately for those that just can't deal with the new FF, the market is chock full of all different flavors of browsers.

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solution 2

Go back to FF56. Only thing is have FF56 installation on hand for those moments FF may force 57 to install anyway; only takes 2 minutes to reinstall FF56

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Possible solutions

Took one look at FF57; couldn't switch back to 56 fast enough. Fortunately, there was still an installer in my downloads directory. FF57 had too many changes for the sake of changes and too many broken add-ons. It's *my* computer, Mozzie. *I'll* decide how it works, thank you very much.

Currently switched to Waterfox as my default browser. This seems like a solid browser, and I'm very happy with it.

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Updated version of Firefox really sucks - am seriously thinking of uninstalling it and trying another search engine. Pity, because I have been using it for the last 10 years or so.

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Wait a moment. I already changed to another search engine.

I already changed mine. Top post if you can't figure out how to change the search engine.

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Re: homepage

I fail to see the relationship between the home page of a browser and the search engine you visit with it or the search engine it uses by default if you use the search box or address bar.
Can you explain?

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Yes,FF 58 IS awful....but 57 wasn't when you posted this.

I feel you man, FF 57 is pretty bad....but so is 56 and anything going back 3 years or more. 57 is actually much faster and cleaner than it's predecessors. "froze the computer to where I had to use the power button to get out of it" sounds a lot more like some sort of hardware issue than a problem with a web browser. I have been a support tech for 7 years and in my experience, software "locking up a computer" has rarely turned out to be actually caused by the software in question. It's just what the customer happened to be doing when the CPU overheated or the hard drive failed.

But going forward, we are on to FF 58+ now, and YES, Mozilla still has their heads up their assess just as much as (and possibly more than) they did before. FF Quantum is no longer the snappy little ****** it was in October and only a handful of my most heavily used extensions have been updated for it. Add to that, FF is showing signs of becoming less compatible with websites. AND worse of all, Quantum has failed to boost FF popularity as was expected, and instead, market shares have continued to fall. IE is now more popular than FF. Mozilla is doomed, there's no way out of this pit they've dug for themselves. 57 was their last chance at a hail mary, and they lost it.

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(NT) My god, the word bugg-er (without the hyphen) was bleeped. H
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Giving up

I finally threw in the towel with FF and moved to exclusive use of Chrome. So far, everything is working great and am rebuilding on Chrome what I was using on FF.

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Firefox 56 Is The Best
I understand your feelings completely. I switched back to Firefox 56.02 esr. You can still use legacy extensions in that version. (Here's the link:

I set it to 'never check for updates' under Options. I also uninstalled Mozilla Maintenance from the Control Panel. I believe Maintenance is considered a background service and may cause it to update to version 57 automatically so you have to uninstall it for version 56 not to update to 57.

I've been using 56.02 for the past 2 days with no issues and was able to revive one of my favorite extensions that had become a 'legacy.' God bless the developers but Quantum is not a good idea for those who love our legacies.

Love I was forced to use FVD Speed Dial after OM New Tab was killed and it made Quantum very slow. Now I'm able to use OM New Tab again! Happy girl Happy Love
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Good development teams first see what real users want and expect in upgraded versions of a service. The failings of this FF quantum upgrade is a common gross misjudgment when the worst led development teams are too sure of themselves and assume too much without doing wise groundwork first - in this case it seems the developers were solely interested in browser-speed contest with Chrome instead of being content with its strong second-best popular uniqueness > very excellent customizable extension options for pre-Quantum FF users ...... In essence, they destroyed FF's loyal base of fans in trying to appeal only to a new base of the 'need-for-speed' browser users.

Hopefully any other developer teams out there learn from this failure and those of other software failures where arrogance shunned a product's main reason of popularity - and in so doing, fatally collapse the existing impressive base of fans - making them disperse to other rivals' products.

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Amen Happy

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Sorry about that link.

Sorry. Looks like they made that link unavailable. If you want to switch back to Firefox 56.02 just google 'I hate firefox quantum' and you can find the right link to do so in some of the Mozilla forum discussions Happy

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Firefox (Not Responding) Big Searches malware

61.0.0 (Not Responding): While searching for a Realtek USB WiFi adapter driver download (to use in place of the disk that refuses to install), acquired the BigSearches virus. Can't access Google, and Firefox (Not Responding) Add-Ons manager is disabled. Malwarebytes can't find the bug. Hitman can't find it. No, installing an older version of Firefox (Not Responding) doesn't solve the issue. No, re-installing 61.0.0 (Not Responding) doesn't solve the issue. Until the issue is solved, I can't access Google on Firefox (Not Responding). But I can access Google on Chrome. Can some one give me one good reason for not junking Firefox (Not Responding) and using Chrome all the time? (Oooops, my error, the thing crashes so often that I thought "Not Responding" was part of its name!)

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Re: Firefox

Common ways to solve this are:
1. Reset to Firefox to defaults
2. Delete the Firefox-profile. It will make a new clean one.

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Have you seen the latest update?

The newest version is even worse, they've made it so inconvenient. I've switched back to chrome.

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CAUTION! Add-ons disabled for old versions of Firefox too !
ALERT: AS OF THIS WEEK, Firefox seems to have disabled addons for its older versions as well. Up to now, I used to boot from bootable Linux DVDs with early Firefox versions,install FEBE immediately and then restore one of my favourite profiles/configurations. Yesterday, while attempting this, I realised that ever old Firefox versions refuse to install either FEBE, or any other classic add-ons like ChatZilla. The reason seems to be that all Firefox versions refer to a specific Mozilla URL that blacklists any add-on they wish, and they probably imposed recently a total ban on anything that used to function until now on older versions. I tried to bypass all the "XPI" limitations through "about:config", but this didn't work either.
So, it looks as if the only remaining solution for the problems described herein is to employ Firefox clones that have broken entirely off the original product and ignore any black-listings Mozilla has imposed.
Needless to say, chrome is no solution either, it sucks equally

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