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Firefox 57 is awful

My Firefox was updated to it yesterday. It froze when I tried to use it and froze the computer to where I had to use the power button to get out of it. I tried Firefox in safe mode and it still froze. I see messages in Mozilla Zine saying the same thing.

I uninstalled it and went with Comodo Ice Dragon which gives the Firefox experience and it works. Hopefully Firefox will correct this.

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Reporting: Firefox 57 is awful
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I had that update yesterday also.

I haven't had any problems with it.

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Re: Firefox 57

I saw that 100% of the add-ons I have installed in Firefox 56 is legacy (so doesn't work anymore in 57). That's enough for me to block automatic updates for a while.

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auto updates

I had "auto updates" turned off. FF updated itself anyway. Pissed me off.

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auto updates

Was that in windows, or the preferences in Firefox?

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I hate FF 57

Yep, that's what happened to me. None of my add-ons worked in 57. I went to FF settings and stopped auto updates, and then reinstalled FF 56 (which I am very happy with). I have too many add-ons that I use every day for Mozilla to pull this crap. I will be sticking with FF 56 until 1. Developers update my add-ons, or 2. I can find some replacement add-ons for FF 57.

Here is a link at FileHippo to download FF 56 if anyone is interested.

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(NT) Firefox 57 is incredibly buggy and ads many disfeatures
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I'm on it now. Seems great.

It will cause some sites to fail but sites will catch up as well as new addons.

If you think this is bad, just wait for 2018 when REDIRECTS DIE!!!

Die redirect, die! Pretty amazing changes ahead.

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there goes the speccy reports then

Ever notice they are all "redirects"?

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Redirects are absolutely essential for things such as gmail.

I wish I could just keep the setting that allows all redirects (and even automatic reloads) enabled -- ALL OF THE TIME. But it seems that MozDevs, in their infinite lack of concern for their userbases, think they ought to reset settings users have specifically changed.

Another think that bugs the heck out of me is the way addons keep changing their position in the toolbar. Surely even a junior programmer could let the user define their positional order?!? Other nuisances such as sidebars keep popping up --it would be nice to disable ALL sidebars, period.

Firefox 57 has the potention to be very cool since it is quite fast, but somebody with more of a clue ought to be put in charge of the overall UI for new versions of Firefox.


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Redirects are dying in 2018 anyway.
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But, CNET forums...

...use redirects too.

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awful - having same problems - was okay for an hour then back to not responding, hanging, freezing, etc

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It's been working great here

But I'm running it in Linux instead of Windows.

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no good for me

I also have it in linux, lost all my add-ons, need three clicks to find bookmarks, I went back to ubuntu 12.04 to get away from it.

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Support for Ubuntu 12.04 ended in April this year. Time to upgrade.

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I bet it has missing fixes.

Shellshock and the list goes on. I've never found a reason to run an old distro.


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Hi,James, in UBUNTU firefox is the default browser,as soon as I upgrade to 14.04, it comes with the new firefox which is awful, I will take my chances with 12.04, I am sorry but the new firefox is not an upgrade for me. Tried chrome but its not for me.

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Waterfox is Old Firefox but secure and allows legacy addons
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Not sure on Ubuntu

but figure they have similar update manager like Mint and I can take it offline to be sure, install the latest version of it, then boot to it, and in it's Update Manager under the header "Ignore Updates" all I have to do is put "firefox" and it won't even show that as a possible update again.

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check here

The latest ubuntu comes with FF56, so if you can install it offline and then set to ignore firefox updates in it, and I mean in the system, not just in FF itself, then you will NOT get FF57 installed unexpectedly.
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Firefox 57 big problems

I got updated to Firefox 57, a major redesign, only to find that it no longer supports most of the must-have extensions that I relied on FFox for. Such as TabMix Plus (espec Session Manager), Go Parent Folder (for bookmarks), Copy URL's, and others. A major hassle, and there arent any good replacements. I've seen stuff on Firefox ESR, but it sounds risky to switch to that. Can ESR & Quantum coexist? It seems that FFox 57 is slightly diff than FFox Quantum. Maybe some other older version? I would need to create a new FFox profile, which sounds tricky. Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.

Later: I tried various combo's of installs/uninstalls and diff profiles, and I've only succeeded in making things worse. Am limping along with the latestversion, tho It seems that FFox 57 is slightly diff than FFox Quantum. I think I have Quantum active right now. Any help/advice now even more greatly appreciated!

PS: how can I reply to everyone who posted on this topic?

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You just did reply to all.


The problem of security in add ons means a new day and old add ons may indeed fail. If you feel the add on is needed, find and message its author.

As to coexist, my choice on this was to have Opera, Quantum and Chrome ready to roll when I need them. I find folk that try to use only one browser to be very upset and bruised.

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Can ESR & Quantum coexist?

Yes, but you have to download it from firefox, unzip into it's old folder and then create links to it using the "firefox -P "yourprofile" -no-remote" command line. Mozilla does have some ways on how to do that in Windows, the same method developers use to do it. I'd hit their community pages to find it.

How in Linux

How in Windows

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that will only be on the old browser engine till version 59 and then it also changes to follow 57.

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unzip into it's old folder should be unzip into it's own folder

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Could not go back to 56 fast enough

If, and only if, my numerous add ons become usable with Firefox 57 will I give it another try. I am trying to use Chrome more in an effort to get used to it should I feel the need to dump Firefox for good. It's a shame because Firefox used to be the best browser out there.

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F57 awful

I reverted to R56 and turned off auto updates. I still haven't gotten an explanation as to why the upgrade was virtually useless -

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FF57 is a waste of time but FF56 is getting VERY sluggish

Couldn't revert from FF57 fast enough - the speed was fine, it was the lack of all the very necessary add-ons (the whole point of firefox IMHO) that moved me back to 56. Now 56 is getting more and more sluggish as it's started opening 2 windows for every 1 click I make on a link. I'm doing more on Chrome, (which is great at loading and I get to see more of the page than I do in FF about 25% of the time) but... still no add-ons. Have turned off updates until I hear they've sorted it all out.

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Defected to Chrome

I finally bit the bullet the other day and made Chrome my default browser with FF56 as my backup, instead of the other way round. I'm zooming through stuff again with all pages loading - bliss! Sorry Mozilla, but you've scored an own-goal with FF57.

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I agree

Same here! And FF56 is my last FF version I'll ever use. If they try to force us off FF56 I'm done with desktop FF forever.

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