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RE:Finally.....someone who sees the whole picture


There is no whole picture YET...Even the Judge has to do some more reading....

After being informed that a subsequent memo by Rosenstein gave Mueller the authority to pursue charges on Manafort that occurred before the 2016 election, the Judge pointed out the memo turned over to him was highly redacted, and demanded an unredacted version be submitted to him. When Dreeban attempted to tell the Judge the redacted portions did not apply Manafort, the Judge retorted "I'll be the judge of that."

While the decision to dismiss the charges against Manafort brought by team Mueller has not be made by Judge Ellis yet, and it could go either way

Judge Ellis has not ruled on Manafort's motion to dismiss and has given the special counsel's office two weeks to provide the unredacted "scope memo" from August.

As skeptical as Ellis appeared regarding the government’s arguments, he also had questions for Manafort’s lawyer that suggested he hadn’t made up his mind

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Do you agree

that Mueller is attempting to pin a crime on Trump and that it doesn't matter WHAT it might be by not only raiding Manafort's home in the middle of the night on July 26th and didn't have the authority to do that, given by Rosenstein, on AUGUST 3rd? THAT, all by itself, is illegal search and seizure because the crime against Manafort was pulled out of the archives by Mueller and wasn't part of the scope of a RUSSIA investigation. Supposedly the argument given for the raid is that they were afraid Manafort would destroy evidence (shades of the LIAR), but they still had no authorization for that raid or investigation beyond the original mandate of Russia interfering with the election. This is why the judge is insisting on getting the unredacted scope memo that Rosenstein issued AFTER the raid took place. The charges against Manafort was about something he was investigated for in 2005 with NO ACTION taking place by prosecutors in 13 years.

This is the SECOND judge that is insisting on more information from Mueller's team....the first judge was already familiar with Weinstein's (sp) and Mueller's tactics from before and doesn't trust their word for why Flynn was charged.

Michael Caputo, a former Trump aide, has had to sell his house to pay attorneys to fight this same team.....and his fight is still going on.

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Are YOU suggesting

Are YOU suggesting that Manafort would LIE about Trump in order to save his own skin?

Let's just say...the Judge throws the case out.....

What's to stop some other branch of DOJ from laying the same charge in the proper court with a charge that IS under THEIR jurisdiction?

Is there a statute of limitations on the crime Manafort was charged with?

There is no such charge/crime?

He's charged with a crime that can't be laid BECAUSE the prosecutor is "after him" to give up info?

Not much of a "defense".

Michael Caputo, a former Trump aide, has had to sell his house to pay attorneys to fight this same team.....and his fight is still going on.

Same as Cohen? Is TheRUMP's slush fund empty? TheRUMP is TOXIC.....If HE wants to be your friend....HE's after something from you....graciously refuse?

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As usual, you got nothing....just more babble

Are you actually DEFENDING an unlawful raid on Manafort's home?

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RE:just more babble

It appears YOUR Judge that "see the whole picture" agrees with ME (my babble)

I said...What's to stop some other branch of DOJ from laying the same charge in the proper court with a charge that IS under THEIR jurisdiction?

YOUR friend, The Judge, said to simply hand the case back to regular federal prosecutors.

We're both "right" or we're both "babbling"?

Manafort's lawyer, Kevin Downing, has argued that a special counsel should be tightly constrained in how it operates. He noted that the law authorizing the special counsel was passed to replace the old independent counsel law, which was derided for allowing overbroad, yearslong investigations during the Reagan and Clinton administrations.

Downing has argued that the charges should be dismissed if Mueller lacked authority to bring them. Ellis, though, suggested another remedy would be to simply hand the case back to regular federal prosecutors.

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(NT) The sounds of silence....
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Not silence, JP....

I had things to do here, like a garden and other yard work, and install a new mailbox since some snowflake jerks went on a rampage and 'killed' about 40 mailboxes on my road alone. Unlike you, I actually HAVE a life that requires more than sitting around waiting for a response to a post I made. to your link. He didn't agree with you at all.....what he said was that MUELLER and his team didn't have the AUTHORITY to bring charges against Manafort 13 YEARS after the fact just because he had a three month stint with Trump and had never even met him before....and that they were ONLY bringing UNRELATED TO RUSSIA charges HOPING to get Manafort to say ANYTHING that MIGHT incriminate Trump so that Mueller could bring a case of impeachment since that would be the ONLY way (other than death or resignation) that would take Trump out of office. A president CANNOT be indicted or prosecuted while in office BY LAW.

IF the prosecutors in NY hadn't bothered to bring charges against Manafort in 13 years, Mueller could have ONLY referred it to an FBI NY office for action if he had deliberately pulled Manafort's file out of the dead archives as a means to build a case against Trump since he already has NO case to bring on his own and he knows it. As for Manafort being recharged by NY prosecutors and NOT by Mueller's team of prosecutors, that's still to be seen and may still happen, but Mueller will definitely lose this round because every case they have brought all have the same theme....'we can't show you the SCOPE MEMO of WHY we are bringing these charges' which prevents the defense from getting what they are required to have by's called EVIDENCE.

Do you remember BO's own words of "reward your friends and punish your enemies"? Every single case that Mueller has brought against Trump's supporters has been a joke....NONE have been charged with anything connected to Russian involvement of the election and NONE have had ANYTHING to do with Trump, and ALL of them are being challenged in court not only by the attorneys for these people, but by the JUDGES themselves now.

Our laws REQUIRE that you have a defined CRIME to investigate. You don't investigate a PERSON SEARCHING FOR A CRIME......and that's exactly what Mueller and his team are doing.

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Let's start here
A president CANNOT be indicted or prosecuted while in office BY LAW.

Then what's HIS problem?....WHY is HE raving about Mueller?...What do you know that he doesn't? HE should be relaxing with you doing some gardening and mailbox repairs...

Perhaps HE knows that

A president CAN be "impeached" which is

Impeachment is the process by which a legislative body formally levels charges against a high official of government. Impeachment does not necessarily mean removal from office; it is only a formal statement of charges, akin to an indictment in criminal law, and is thus only the first step towards removal.

Indictment? impeachment?...What's in a name?

He can't be indicted BUT he can be impeached?

It's the first step in a process....towards removal......

Small comfort....start packing to leave office?

Lose support of his buddies...and he's on his own?

That was shooting fish in a barrel....

No comment on statements/babble by YOUR Judge and MY statements being similar?

I'll be shooting some more fish in the barrel later...I have things to do...

I thought you had your mailbox destroyed last year...July? no mail since then?
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No, mailbox was taken

off its post nearly 8 years ago...found by one of my local sheriffs and brought back to me and used again until last Monday night. Selective memory or confusing me with someone else? Poor you....

I already DID comment on your 'similar' statement and you were wrong. I believe Ellis will throw out the case before him against Manafort brought by the Mueller team for one of two reasons....either they don't have the jurisdiction because it was authorized by Mueller in a case completely unrelated to this one OR because Mueller's team refuses to show him an unredacted SCOPE MEMO written by Rosenstein, because they already told him that they CAN'T show it to him. He gave them two weeks to produce it....I don't think they will.

Mueller has NOTHING on Trump so he is grabbing up whatever scraps he can find in order to present to the Dems in Congress a mess of crap that he HOPES will be enough to have them bring impeachment charges. It's all he's got left in HIS fish barrel and with three judges now challenging the charges he's brought against Flynn, one of the RUSSIANS, and Manafort, AND having at least two other Trump aides that he has attempted to ruin financially fighting him continue that fight via gofundme pages and public support, Mueller is crashing and burning rapidly now. And he still HAS NOTHING on Trump to the tune of $10M spent already.

Two more FBI agents have resigned over the weekend....both suspect in the investigations by Horowitz and Congress......Baker and Page (one of the lovers).

Your barrel is empty,'re out of fish or they're smaller than minnows and you can't hit them.

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RE:I already DID comment on your 'similar' statement

AND you called it babble...then I showed you that your Judge that "sees what's going on" made a similar statement....

So the Judge be babbling?

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RE:confusing me with someone else?

Please don't tell me there could be 2 of you..

I hope I do get Alzheimer

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RE:No, mailbox was taken

And I told you to fill your mailbox with cement, and pick up your mail at the post office.

If you don't want to be inconvenienced by having to go to the post office...

IF you want to really get revenge....have 3 mailboxes at the end of your driveway....put 3 mailboxes....ONE for your mail and 2 filled the cement....the cement filled mailboxes on either side of the box that will be capable of anyone putting mail in it...

The "snowflake jerks" will love you even more.

You'll be peeking through your curtains...smiling....

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Since you seem to be fixated on my mailboxes

rather than real issues, much like the media and Stormy and Russia, I'll fill you in on some more of USA laws.....what you suggest regarding the 'concrete filled' mailboxes is against the law here. We already had this conversation, remember? Oh, wait....your memory is pretty shabby now. Poor you. (And my post office is ten miles straight down a steep mountain one way.....YOU go pick up my mail in the winter for me, OK?)

Back to the topic at asked: Then what's HIS problem?....WHY is HE raving about Mueller?...

Have you considered at least TWO things? One....this bulls... "investigation" is already nearly a two year long distraction that interferes daily with the President of the US trying to get REAL work done for which he was LEGALLY ELECTED to do. Two...even HE recognizes that this bulls... "investigation" is literally destroying people's LIVES for NOTHING and it needs to stop since they haven't found a damned thing that won't eventually be overturned just as many of Mueller's and Weisman's PREVIOUS 'big media' trials have been....and NONE of it has ANYTHING to do with Trump OR Russia.

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RE:ten miles straight down a steep mountain one way..

Is this mountain steep when you are coming back up, you can come back UP the mountain can you or do you have to stay "down"

10 miles?...Straight down?....NO curves in the road?

10 * 5,280 = 52,800 ft

YOU live on a mountain 52,800 high?

I thought you lived in Virginia...

Virginia's tallest mountain, reaches 5,729 feet

Come on are prone to what TheRUMP would call "truthful hyperbole"

I was fixated on your mailboxes....

NOW I'm fixated on how "high" you are.

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Good. now you have something

else to take up your useless time.

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RE:This is why the judge is insisting on getting

This is why the judge is insisting on getting the unredacted scope memo

Hopefully when he gets the documents he doesn't do what this individual does....

Fox News host Laura Ingraham confronted Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) on Friday for allegedly not reading documents containing classified information he specifically requested from the Justice Department.

Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, fought for months to be able to read the documents, which outline the Justice Department and FBI's evidence for opening a counterintelligence probe into collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, but reportedly did not read a two-page document when allowed to by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in a meeting.

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It would be nice if you would start doing your own

homework because then you might actually realize the answers ahead of time to stupid questions....and even Laura should have known better.

"which outline the Justice Department and FBI's evidence for opening a counterintelligence probe into collusion"

Don't you think that someone FAMILIAR with FEDERAL LAW would be the expected person to read the documents and relay that information to someone who isn't but heads your committee?  Trey Gowdy was a FEDERAL PROSECUTOR prior to being in Congress.  Nunes doesn't have a law degree.

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RE:Nunes doesn't have a law degree.

That's your defense for him not reading the documents?

HE doesn't NEED a law degree to READ the documents....HE can read can't he?

The least he could do would be to read the documents BUT since he's NOT a lawyer...he can't comment on the implications of the documents.

Now you will say IF he told a lie he would spontaneously combust.

Using YOUR logic, since ONLY people with Law Degrees can interpret law, then ONLY people with Law Degrees can draft law, and VOTE for laws...SO IF you aren't a can't get elected to vote on the passage of a law.

Does TheRUMP have a Law Degree?

Rudy has NO problems commenting on laws/facts and he's not up to speed yet....

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Since the documents weren't allowed

to be taken away from the location, Nunes, who isn't familiar with Federal Law and possibly looking at CODES, might not know what they pertain to, so it actually makes sense to send someone who IS familiar with them to look at the documents and know immediately what they mean. Why go yourself, try to remember the information that you don't understand if written in terms you aren't familiar with, and then relay that information to Gowdy who, in turn, would have to rely on possible misinformation to interpret it? Get real,'re grasping and not doing a very good job at it. Even as a civilian yourself, you would hire an attorney to tell you what you are being charged with rather than you trying to figure it out on your own, right? If a cop gave you a ticket and only put down a code number, would YOU know what infraction you were being ticketed for and blindly pay the ticket and not care or would you insist that the cop tell you and write that down on the ticket as well?

Lawmakers actually don't write the fine details of laws personally. Just like with Obamacare, there are so many aspects of that law that have codes for everything individually, that it is left up to various agencies and other personnel to write them. Lawmakers usually write 'outlines' of what they want passed and then leave it to others to 'fine tune' it with those codes and such before it is signed into law by the president.

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RE: Why go yourself,

Why go yourself, try to remember the information that you don't understand?


Don't understand?

Why you ask...


Since it is ONLY 2 pages, AND someone else is going to "explain" TO ME what the document says....I'd like to know what The "brains of the outfit" are referring to when they explain what each part of the document means.

How bout you?

Do YOU have an inquiring mind?

It's a lot easier to plead ignorance IF you don't read something,

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RE: If a cop gave you a ticket

If a cop gave you a ticket and only put down a code number, would YOU know what infraction you were being ticketed for

You would be amazed at what I can find on the internet...

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RE:Since the documents weren't allowed
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And now, ladies and gents,

the Toni and Bill show!

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Stick might actually LEARN something

about our judicial system, drp......and it WON'T be from a Canadian.

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RE:and it WON'T be from a Canadian.

Even after the Canadian attends YOUR classes?

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(NT) Hitler
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(NT) Who???? Mueller? Yep.

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