file loss upon reboot

Good day.

I have a rather obnoxious problem with my computer and I wanted to ask on this forum for help before going to get the computer repaired.

Firstly, my computer is an Acer notebook. I have an i7 processor, geforce GTX 960m video card and the model is an Aspire V7.
I have a C: drive with 117 GB available in total and a D: drive with 912GB available.

The problem I have is with my C: drive. Whenever my computer shuts down or restarts it reverts back to an old version. This is hard to explain for me in English but I'll try. For example if I make a new file or delete a file on my C: drive, but then my computer restarts, the new file will be gone and the file i deleted will be back. It's like it restored itself at an earlier backup point.

However my D: drive does not reset.

My computer sometimes crashes giving me a Sad smiley and a MEMORY_MANAGEMENT error, so I lose my files when that happens.
Recently I tried to fix the problem by using the windows settings and backup up all my files, then using the refresh setting to reset my computer completely, however when I reboot my computer it just has all the files back and doesn't reset it. I tried using the media tool to make a bootable USB drive for a new windows install but this doesn't work either. giving me a security failure error.

I'm at my wits end.

additional: my charger broke a few months ago and I bought a new one, but it's not completely the same, this might be an issue or not, I just thought I'd add it in here

If there's nothing that seems obvious I'll just go and buy a new computer or see if Acer can fix this, but if I'm missing something obvious or this happened before please help me.

thanks for your time

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Reporting: file loss upon reboot
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Re: file loss on reboot

Looks like somebody installed a program like 'deep freeze'. That can be used on public computers (like in schools or internet cafes) to reset the computer to it's old state automatically, to undo any change (and harm) done by unsupervised users. Great for that purpose, but not really suitable for home PC's.

Could be solved, most likely, by removing the whole c-partition from Linux, then reinstalling Windows on the free space. That's all free, in principle, if the machine ran an official version of Windows 10.

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deep freeze

Hello Kees_B
I am fairly certain no such program has been installed, I am the only person that has access to my laptop and I only install trusted programs.
Also I didn't understand your last paragraph, because I don't understand a whole lot about these kinds of things, but I have never used linux, are you suggesting that would fix it?
I do have an official version of windows 10 so there is no issue there

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Re: Linux

Since you can't delete the partition Windows runs from within that Windows, you either need to boot to another OS (like Linux from disc or stick, or Windows to go) or move the disk out of the PC and into an other PC (or connected as external to it).
Then the whole Windows is gone, and you can install a totally new and fresh one without this issue.

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Could be a few things.

From a profile that didn't load and you get a new or other profile. Windows and profiles are sometimes new to folk so here's a primer: and I did not tell you to do anything written there.

I can't tell how old this laptop is but a common trouble is the laptop has never had canned air to the vents so a deep cleaning is required. Here's a discussion on this.

Your story is a little light as in missing model numbers, age and how it was maintained.

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More info

this has nothing to do with windows profiles I'm fairly certain

I will clean my laptop soon, but would dusty vents make a computer unable to reset/restart properly?
my computer was pretty poorly maintained but I thought this was a software problem so I didn't really mention any of that, it does have Acer Dustdefender though so maybe that means it needs to be cleaned less frequently. my computer is about 2 years old and I've cleaned it about 3/4 times. I have been using it quite intensively though.

I can help you with any information you want but I don't know what information is useful to you

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As to dusty vents.

It leads to many problems, so I'm going with yes, can lead to that issue. is a nice touch but does not remove the need to clean every few months to ensure years of performance.
My schedule is the 1st of the month every month so if I forget a month, no big deal.

Back to the memory error and why that fault could cause files to revert. Since Windows caches writes in RAM any memory fault and Windows halts writes to the HDD since it might corrupt the HDD and result in a total wipe out.

Since we know heat can cause MEMORY_MANAGEMENT and other errors, the story is inline with "older machine" and what I wrote above.

Now there is some malware and more that can cause all this but given the story I'd do the equivilant million mile cleaning and replace the heatsink compound under all heatsinks in the laptop.
I would have offered a tutorial or video on your model if I could find it but no model number means I can't try.

-> Be sure what you can't lose is on backups before you begin the work or have it done.

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I will try this tomorrow

I will clean my computer tomorrow as I have to go soon, and I'll tell you if that helped at all. As for my model number it's an Acer Aspire VN7, I forgot the rest, I'll look this up tomorrow too, thanks for your help so far

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It's likely this is a Acer Aspire V15 Nitro Black Edition VN

"Acer Aspire V15 Nitro Black Edition VN7-591G Notebook" as reviewed at

I noted what Windows does on a memory error about writes to the HDD and such so let's check out the temps when new at the review. Under Temperature we see it throttles under load and exterior temp get into the low 50C range. As the machine ages and collects dust this may get worse to the point you see the usual heat related BSODs.

While we can't rule out malware, the age and story do point to a deep clean and heatsink job since it's cheap and likely to help.

Be sure to use this machine on a cooling pad if you can and at least a passive device like this one:

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I think it's this, yes

I am using something like the product you last mentioned so there is about an inch or 2 of air below my laptop after some initial heat problems.
Do you know how I can completely clean the computer in a responsible way? It seems like it's pretty hard to take this model apart. Well if you don't reply I'm just going to search for a guide on this tomorrow but you sound like you know how to do it properly.

I will try this regardless and get back to you, thanks for your help so far

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First I have write

Stay inside your comfort zone. While there are disassembly videos on this or similar models you have to stay comfortable with doing such work. If it's your first time, you may want to have it done.

Desktops are where I like new techs to do this first. Later we move to laptops because laptops can be a bit fragile and if your prospective tech is a gorilla you don't put them on laptop repair benches.

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I cleaned my laptop

Today I opened and cleaned my laptop, there was a lot of dust everywhere and I feel like I've cleaned a lot. But upon booting the computer again and trying the 'reset this pc' function, it didn't work again, so I don't think this fixed the problem.

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