I know this one. In fact it was when I learned a little more about Microsoft's view on bugs.

Story time: It was over a decade ago and I was going to an ODM seminar in Redmond so I had two things I wanted to take with me to see if Microsoft could address and maybe fix.

1. A file that when placed on the user's desktop would lock up that account.
2. A file that when you browsed to that folder would cause the PC to lock up or reboot.

In neither case the file was opened. It was just some picture with a jpg extension and the problem happened on new installed Windows or any Windows so it was very annoying.

I waited in line to meet with Microsoft Engineers and offered these files on CD along with the story.

The answer came back: "Don't do that."

So Microsoft knows this can happen and leaves it to us to find what file/image causes it. So such crashes are not a bug to Microsoft.

---> Also, in your case shares do disconnect after a time. That is also discussed on the web.