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Currently, my PC is really loud. I have 1 fan in the back, 2 on the side, and the processor fan (heatsink? I don't know the terms well). I was looking on ebay for quiet fans. Currently, my fans are multi-neon colors, so I wanted to get new fans with at least one color, because the rest of my case has lights (I didn't pick it out). Any recomendations for quiet case fans?

First of all, my 2 side fans are connected like my drives with some kind of power supplies with 4 holes. I was looking on ebay and found a couple, but the power connection was small, like a floppy drive power adaptor, and had only 3 holes. It said it had a 4 hole adaptor- would that be like mine, or just a 4 holed small version? Mine looks twice as big as the 3 hole one.

Second, how do I know the size of my fan? It doesn't say on the fan. Does the 60mm/80mm related to the size of the fan, or of the fixture it's in? I measured the whole fixture and it was about 3 inches, which would be 76.2mm. Is it 80mm, or is it measuring by the fan size?

Lastly, my processor fan (heatsink?) is loud. It always makes a high pitched noice, and gets pretty loud while doing memory intensive things, like opening apps or playing games. If I wanted a quiet one, how much would it cost me? My processor is a AMD sempron 1.66 ghz by the way.

Most important question I guess is about size and power supply.

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Processor Fans Details

i have the same question about my intel celeron 1.1 ghz system with asus motherboard. I'd like to know what i need to look into before getting a new processor fan , like whats the different models,sizes,and any other detail which should be taken into account. I'd like if some1 can point a few good canadian based processor fan producers. I'm completely newbee in hardware field so please do explain what you tell. Thx and i hope sum1 replies soon.

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No reply :(

Any replies???

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To read about fans go to and search for their articles where they test the performance of various models, icluding their noise levels.

Whether they are made in Canada is NOT likely to be one of the parameters.

Why do you expect instant answers, especially when you asked the question in someone elses thread??? When you have a question, start a new thread.
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Sites to look at for Fans

The 80mm or 8cm is a 3.2in Fan and one of the most common and most are 12volt units. The other most common fan is a 120mm or 12cm that is about 4.8in Fan and is also 12volts.
One problem with the Heatsink fan could be it is dirty or the fins of the heatsink are full of dust or a bearing is worn out in the fan it self.
You may need to get some high quality canned air such as Chemtronics UltraJet Duster or UltraJet 70 Duster and use it in short blasts. Also do not shake the can or turn it upside down when using. Blow out all dust from Heatsink and fan assy. Of course remove all power(unplug) to computer be doing the above.
It sounds like the whole inside of the case needs cleaning to remove all dust from fans and case. One other possibility could be the power supply (PSU) is showing signs of age and is being over taxed. In other words it is not producing enough current for the complete system at times of heavy use. You can also can air the power supply fan to help with it cooling.
The 4 pin plug is a power molex plug and it plugs into one of the 12volt power connections from the power supply and other fans plug into it. The smaller 3 pin plugs go to fan connections on your motherboard, but most are not used due to pulling too much power from the Mobo that can cause crashes/lock-ups.
Note: You may want to take the computer outside to clean, dust may go everywhere if it is very heavy.
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please excuse the newbie question but...

when ppl say the 'fins of the heatsink' are they referring to the tall grid-like structure?

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The total purpose of a heatsink

is to greatly increase the surface area over which the heat can be dissipated by the air from the fan moving over the surface [forced convention to Physics students. LOL].

Thus the fins and what you seem to refer to as a gridlike structure.

Some heatsinks don't use fans, thus rely on natural convection [heat rises].

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Ok thanks for the info. However, my heatsink fan has been like this since I got it. We built computers in a class, about 30 people, and there were only a couple that did this.

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