has nothing to do with voter intimidation, but all the profit and fame that Michael Moore shall gain. Same motives he had for all his other movies.
Was listening to the radio the other day, and they had someone one who was one of the big game show hosts back in the day. He talked of an encounter with Moore when Moore was shooting Roger and Me. As much as Moore tried, the host would not say anything negative of the town they were in. Moore finally "gave up," and left the host alone, yet somehow the host showed up in the movie. How? Moore, after saying he wouldn't force the guy to appear in his movie and said he "turned his equipment off," left the equipment running and taped everyone in the area. He then used the tape in his movie.
Not the first time Moore has resulted to dishonest tactics to make a buck, and it won't be the last. Makes you kinda wonder how honest the details are in his mockumentaries.