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Facebook Privacy Question

If a Facebook friend's comments appear in my news feed and I respond to it, do my comments automatically get sent out to all my other Facebook friends? I know they can control what they receive. However, I want to make sure at least certain people don't see my comments I make on another friend's comments. Basically, I want some control of the audience. I have broken down friends into groups and changed settings so not everyone sees friends comments on my wall. I just don't know if my comments on a news feed will show up to all my friends. I've been very confused about this - finding it difficult to get my question answered. Please help. Thank you

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As Bob said

(Coming a bit late to the party but) As Bob said... When Facebook is involved, there is no privacy. Period. The end. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. The entire business model of Facebook is built around selling people's information, private or otherwise. Do not post anything there that you wouldn't want potentially shared with the entire world. Also make sure to look into how much information you're giving up every time you "like" something.

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Thank You

I wish there was a good alternative to FB. I never fully trusted it to begin with and now more certain that it's best just to post pics and stupid/benign stuff for friends and family to see. Thanks

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I don't want to upset you.

But the folk I talk to about FaceBook and privacy agree that you forget about that if you use FaceBook. If you want something to not get out, then you never post it anywhere.

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I steer clear of news feeds
My setttings is for my friends only when I post a comment or a picture.
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(NT) And they share it and then?
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Facebook privacy when responding to a newsfeed

My understanding was that you could forget about privacy too when putting out any comments on FB unless done through a private message directly to that person. I know my comments will be out there. However, I just wasn't sure if FB was set up so my friends would, I guess by default, get my comments I make on a newsfeed sent to them - if that person was not the originator of the newsfeed or involved with it in anyway. I hope I'm explaining myself correctly. I make political comments with groups that share my belief but have friends that don't share the same beliefs and want them out of the conversation or at least not subjected to political comments I make. I like Facebook's ability to share among groups of people but due have my privacy concerns. I guess this presents a dilemma. Thanks for your quick response.

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Remember FB is not about privacy.

So if you want something private, we don't involve FB at any time. If you want to grill FB about this, go right ahead but for now, I would not trust it.

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Facebook Comments

I think you may have misunderstood. I know comments I make on a news feed is NOT private. I just wanted to know whether all my friends receive my comments on a news feed they had nothing to do with. Thanks though for your help.

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Let me be clear.

If I want anything private, it will never involve facebook. This company has made it clear that you can never be sure what will leak or show even with all your settings just so.

If you feel they earned your trust, why not go ahead with your plan?

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