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Facebook account deleted, but still getting invites? Help!

Early in 2018 when it was revealed that Cambridge Analytica had harvested the personal data of millions of people's Facebook profiles without their consent and an estimated number of collected user profiles was around 87 million profiles, I decided to leave Facebook and I deleted my account. Yet I'm still receiving email from Facebook. Few days ago I received an email informing me that I have a few invitations and messages and 92 notifications (all not seen yet). I presume that my account is still reachable to people. I respect all these people, especially those who offer to connect with me. They may think that I have neglected them but isn't true. I don't know who they are and I don't want to connect to the Facebook social network again. How can I deactivate my deleted account? I want to prevent any correspondence with my inactive account. Are others who have deleted their Facebook accounts still experiencing this as well? Doesn't "delete" mean the account is gone? Please help.

--Submitted by Taamy A.

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Reporting: Facebook account deleted, but still getting invites? Help!
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I deleted mine at the same time, same reason

and never heard another peep after a certain amount of time (a month?) went by. My account is gone. You might want to verify.

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How to remove

I never have removed my FB profile but other than town I live in, email (which is supposed to be hidden), friends and my High School profile there is nothing for them to harvest. Oh. A couple or three pictures.
There are others, even friend contacts of mine, who post regularly about there and there family doings. Not afraid or aware of info harvesting.
I comment here and there and even click a few like and such. but most click those things like crazy.
Be aware that what was reveled years ago by Cnet that the like button allows F.B. to track what you do on the internet even after you sign off F.B. At that time Cnet also said that clicking any "Like" button on the internet allowed F.B. to track. But I think that has changed. Repeat "I Think".

So. Bottom line. Use it but be aware and limit what you put in your profile and what you post/comment about yourself or family.

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Reactivate the account and set your preferences

I am an active FB user. There are those who join thousands of groups. I only joined a few and can get hundreds of email notifications each day. Simply set the email notifications to none, no exceptions. That does the trick with an active account. Simply deactivate the account after that.

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They deleted me

The fb accounts I had were fake name and personal info. If I knew someone that I wanted to connect with, I'd give them one of my fake fb names. Somewhere along the line, just before the Cambridge Analytica news, fb started asking me to verify my personal information, but "don't send any identifying information." Well, identifying information includes name, address, phone #, birth date, ss#, picture, drivers license, etc. Didn't make sense if looked at in a literal way. Needless to say, they deleted all my accounts because I refused to verify I was a real person. I've received no further communications. They have probably kept all your information thinking that one day you will return. Try to reactivate and get them to delete you by trolling or swearing or telling them you are not a real person but a fictitious troll.

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fake facebook

I use a fake with dummy info and not had such problems. I have a complete fake person, fake everything, LOL.

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So you can't check preferences?

So reactivating isn't possible now?

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I don't know

I barely use facebook, just to check something linked at times. You'd do better to talk with someone at facebook.

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I did the same thing...fake everything. Apparently, I missed something because it didn't take long for me to see REAL info on me! FB's tentacles reach too far, so I went the whole nine yards, and COMPLETELY (I think) deleted my account, using the March 2018 article on how to delete it "once and for all". Good luck.

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Fake Facebook

Since Facebook can't protect us from hackers, I also faked my facebook profile and provided a "dummy" email address that I don't use. There are no other contacts in that faux email. My profile is all fantasy. Try it. It is really fun.

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A few CNET articles on deactivating & deleting FB
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Someone created an account for me

I created a FB account some years ago. I don't ever give them my birthday or hometown or phone number.

One time I did a search on my name and found that there was an account with my full name and hometown.

I have NEVER given my middle name or hometown. I also have never given my birthday or phone number.

I would like to know who created an account with more information than I have ever given FB.

Do motor vehicle agencies do that? Do banks do that? Do other government agencies do that? I don't like that!

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Not through Facebook

unless you happened to mention those things in posts or posting reply's.
Over the years accounts have been stolen or duplicated by trols. They find an account with a lot of friend contacts that are open for all to view and open a new account and sent all your friends a friend request. A lot will just click add friend thinking that friend had a account glitch. FB had those regularly in the beginning.
The other is with FB being so popular that someone has the exact same name as you. In searching for a certain friend found that quite often. But never in the same town

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They Want You Back

I've seen this with other social websites. Facebook keeps sending you ticklers that encourage one's curiosity and in order to find out what the ticklers are you have to re-establish your account. Many folks...not all...can't resist the temptation.

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Old CNET article

CNET published an article on March 19, 2018, authored by Sharon Profis, entitled "How to delete your Facebook account once and for all". Guessing you'll have to look into CNET'S archives, but apparently, it's the way to go. Best of luck.

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Deleting Facebook

I think that you should unfriend all of your contacts/friends then delete the account. There would be no-one to contact you.

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Deleting Facebook

When you sign up for anything on the internet, Don't put the correct info in. Make sure you have typos in your info, a number higher or lower on the date, a vowel that sounds somewhat alike, a misspelled word. Never the right DOB. Write them down and use the same mistakes on everything you sign up for. The less pertinent information out there to be stolen.

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