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FAA issue GPS warning for Las Vegas

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Reporting: FAA issue GPS warning for Las Vegas
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The "GPS" I use in my automobile

says Rand McNally. It's old and ratty but I know how to use it. I have a compass so I know which way I'm heading. That's all I need if I start getting lost. Those folks I see programming their Garmins and Tom Toms aren't so smart. They might get to where they're going just fine but they really have no idea of where in space they are once they arrive. It ought to be fun in Vegas on the highways as well as the skyways. Hope all get home ok.

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I have to say I bought one a year ago

and while I don't use it daily, weekly, or even monthly, it's been worth it's cost to me.

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Comment about that.

My unit is one I can open it up (I use a Philips screwdriver) and can cut the battery leads, drop in the new battery and solder on the wires.

I wonder if folk consider such a small task "non-use changeable"?

Love to hear the answer to that one.

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You know that there are some automobiles with a

non-user changeable battery as well. Supposedly it's part of the anti-theft protection. I know that some audio systems lock you out if you disconnect the battery. I don't see why this would deter theft, however. So the crook gets a non-working system. Does he really care? In any event, the simple workaround is to connect another power source to the terminal leads while changing the battery. It's so simple that I wonder who wouldn't be able to figure that out.

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When my battery life gets too short

I'll be opening mine I'm sure. I have solder tools and fine solder right at hand.

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I do not use my car GPS much but it can be handy

I bought my wife a GPS abecause she has a hard time reading maps and planning routes, and it has been helpful for her. My sons inherited her map reading skills, not mine, so I ended up buying GPS units for them when they started driving. Me? I read maps just fine, and I used my biking GPS occasionally when I was traveling away from home. That all changed after a trip to Raleigh. I had printed directions to the hotel that were quite accurate but they were complex enough that I could not remember the whole route.

Once I got to Raleigh I found myself paying too much attention to the directions and not enough to the traffic and the signs. I did not have any adverse outcomes, but that weekend convinced me a GPS is extremely useful for navigating in unfamiliar cities even for people like me who are not directionally challenged. My biking GPS is not quite useful because it just beeps when there is an upcoming turn, so I still have to break my concentration on traffic and signs. I went ahead and got myself a Garmin that talks to me. I don't use it much but when I want to go anywhere unfamiliar it is wonderfully useful.

Of course, anybody who uses a GPS without paying attention to the roads and where they are at is dangerous, just as any other inattentive driver is dangerous. Also, I almost-always still carry a map (and written directions for unfamiliar destinations) even though I have the GPS. I guess I'm sometimes a belt AND suspenders guy.

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So the nationwide hand internet device is

going to wipe out our GPS reliability? I rather have the GPS.

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The FCC is being wreckless ...

I don't see how the government can justify their decision to assign that portion of the frequency to a service that is likely to mess with GPS receivers. It was a stupid decision.

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Story on the deal, Bill...

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